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    new blog :D

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    • Haon
    • Mar 30, 2012 2:57 AM
    well peoples of the internets looks like you will get a blog and more comic info and stuff later i will have stuff like storys i wrote poems last year so you will probably see dat any way this is my blog every day new post jus like my comic -i is haon over and out
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    Uh... hello? And updates!

    Hi guys! How are you? We´ve just entered the page again, and found this! XD So... we´ll have to try it! Still have no clue on how to handle this, but... hey, it´s so cool!   Any question, suggestion, etc... on what you´d like us to write here? :D   Oh, and as you can see, we´ve just updated the chapter! Don´t forget to check it out!  
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    Hey look it's a blog!!

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    • MAD
    • Mar 30, 2012 2:26 PM
    HEY EVERYBODY!! Great to see there's a blog function now! I'm really excited to connect more with all my MangaMagazine fans (new and old, u r all precious 2 me) and to get to know all of you! Is this your first time reading Sakana? Did you pop in from one of the other sites I was running it on? Who's your favorite character so far???? :0 Just a heads up: if you're interested in more Sakana stuff (like silly doodles and answers to fan questions and other things that I'm totally into) you can h...
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    Yay Blog!!! and Youtube Stuff

    So basically this is my most recent video on youtube, I draw a full manga page under camera! Hope you guys enjoy I also have many more youtube videos where I talk about manga and being a mangaka so feel free to check out my youtube page at: Thanks everyone, I'll do updates and such all the time! -Ryan
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    I Will Not Neglect This Blog

    Well, well, well. Look how fancy this is.  Erm, I mean. Hello everyone~. How are we all on this fine night/morning/afternoon~? It is I, the shimmering Vervain, here to fill out this blog with an introduction so that I'll be able to blog in the future without having to introduce myself. I'm the artist/co-writer for We Will Draw Near, and also for another secret (not so secret if you know my DA) project I'll be bringing here soon. By soon, I mean October, which is probably not all that soon but...
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    Power Of Love Manga Teaser

    Just a sneak peak at my manga Power Of Love, hope you enjoy the video :)
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    Chapter 1 is up

    ^^ Chapter 1 is already updated and chapter 2's cover is up as well.  ^_^ if you have some spare time please check my manga out >>> Adopted Prodigies<<<<<   Thank you >_<
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    I have a blog now? Whut?

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    • Rogo
    • Mar 30, 2012 4:26 AM
    Hey guys! Just logged in to find that we have blogs now. That's a grat addition to an already pretty damn good website in my opinion. So I just wanted to make an entry, say hello and extend a huge thank you to everyone whose been reading Gravston up to this point. I've been a little busy as of late (my girlfriend is staying with me) so I haven't been able to personally thank everyone whose become a fan but I hope that everyone whose been reading has been enjoying. So I guess I can open this u...
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    I went to my 2nd editor this week with my most recently completed story, "Magic Mystery!" (which I am in the process of uploading now :) I went over to talk to an editor at Square Enix's GFantasy. I'm a fan of the magazine, and thought that maybe my story would fit.  Not sure if this is common knowledge, but in Japan, as long as you have a completed work, you can call up any magazine's editorial department and ask to talk to an editor. This is called "mochikomi." Usually they want to see a co...
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    Oh my gosh ;A;

    When I look at my MM account I was like omg.. BLOG~~ :D So I will post something here I guess...   Btw, My exams are over and I can now finally continue on Knife Brigade ;u; yey~ <3 Gonna love journals, and yeah, I'm recovered on my arm injury it's a slow recovery but I still draw. ;u;/ I'm still thinking of renaming my account but I don't know what XD I guess I have to thought for it for a while :D  Oh hey, I can post videos here *A* awesomeness~~~ Enjoy this video~~ <3   BTW, this week is a...
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    Personal notes 1

    It’s downright heartbreaking to see the dissociative nature of quality-popularity. What people find popular in the case of webcomics is (in no given order) yaoi, vampire stories, comic stories, whatever storyline similar to favourite manga. If you try to do something else entirely, it’s bound to go unnoticed, underappreciated.   Another observation is that favouring works has 25% to do with the actual value/popularity of the product and 75% with the popularity-sociability of the author. Which...
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    Manga Magazine Site Walkthrough

    Hey everyone :) I made this youtube video so that when people join MangaMangazine, they could have a guide on how to use the site and all its features. I hope its helpful to someone :)
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    Todd Allison and the Petunia Violet

    • Comic Review
    • Robozo
    • Mar 31, 2012 6:23 PM
    ​Well, I know not many people will read this, but I figured that it would be fun to write manga critiques.                                             ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ​So a little background: I'm sick today, and have been all weekend, so I've had a lot of extra time on my hands. I decided to use this time to read some manga and comics on the site. A lot of the manga I've favorited were done so in expectation of greatness, an...
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    WHOA LOOK AT THIS IMMANA WRITE ALL OVER THIS BLOG. Hi!  I'm Elaienar, and I don't always write in caps.  I start a lot of blogs and then I usually forget about them.  I also have so many accounts on so many different sites that I can't always remember my password.  Welcome to my blog/profile/comic/whatever! I'm an introvert and a homeschooler and an Anglican, and right now I'm writing a story about a nameless little girl who has a monster living under her bed.  Their relationship is a bit roc...
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    sweet we can blog now?! Lets go FLAMELESS!

      Wow  what an awesome new feature! I am totally gonna use this to talk about FLAMELESS! updates and changes haha. Speaking of which the prologue is drawing to a close,so I am about to get started with ch. one! Its going to be so epic, lots of action, new characters,the beginning of a fantastic adventure, and the appearance of our dashing hero Astar Pendragon WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Oh and there will also be a huge style change ( after recieving some great critique from fans)so expect an incre...