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    500+ Fans for the Soul Chaser! THANK YOU!!

    WOW! "The Soul Chaser" has reached  500+ fans!!!! O_O Thank you, thank you so much you all who read us! ;___; It´s been two years since we starting drawing TSC for MangaMagazine. The comic was going to be originally published in Spain in a magazine that ended up closing after a couple of issues.  Lacrymosa, Adriel and Fabrice went to sleep till MangaMagazine gave us the opportunity to tell their story; we made some changes, introduced new characters and rearranged the storyline; and so, the f...
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    Manga writers and manga writing

    I'd like to say something. Coming to this website has really opened my eyes. Especially since I normally only dealt with anime studio's in the past. But there's something that kind of needs to be taken into account. This is story presence verse magnificent art work. I think that the two can get mixed up or not seen as evenly as they should rather. You see with a story as a manga writer. The writer gives the characters' their personality and their lively hood also a self meaning. Most importan...
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    Vampires and Zombies Review

    • Comic Review
    • PiNK
    • Apr 28, 2012 7:17 PM
    ***Disclaimer: I have permission from Bhmor to post a public review of his work*** Summary from Bhmor: "In the not so distant future mythical reatur finally came out of hiding and now are finally atttending a co-ed school where they will lean about different races and cultures. and now enters violet a pure blood vampire one of the twelve noble races and she is now starting her first day at AM high (all monster). She naively thinks it will be peaceful until she meets Zeus or Z as he claims is ...
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    Whats You're Favorite Manga?

    Whats you're fav manga here on  
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    Want your comic reviewed?

    • News
    • PiNK
    • Apr 28, 2012 4:32 PM
    UPDATE, PLEASE READ 7/4/2012: I will only be selecting a few comics out of the many requests I'm getting so please do not get upset because I didn't choose yours, I simply cannot handle all of these requests.  A lot of artists on Manga Magazine ask others to review their work so they can improve on their blooming talent. This gave me an idea to start doing Manga/Comic reviews. This will give me the chance to help other artists improve and gain publicity while I get to read awesome underrated ...
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    "Badirfilay" whole chapter IV RELEASED!

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    • Ninona
    • Apr 30, 2012 10:05 AM
    As you've read in the blog title: Whole Chapter IV: The pain that I'm used to has been released!   Feel free to go to the forum and give me your opinion (and expectations for the next one) in BADIRFILAY section!   Thanks, I hope you'll enjoy it <3  
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    The Soul Chaser on tvtropes! :)

    Hi there!! Our friend&fan Lockhart665 has been so kind to open a page for The Soul Chaser on tvtropes!! We´re so excited, it´s really cool! ^0^ It´s just opened, but there are already some content, it´s worth checking it out XDDD Omg those hilarious "humans are bastards", "bathtub scene", "Berserk button"....Love them!!!! If you have suggestions, comments or new tropes to add, just feel free to add them! :D We´re so happy that somebody take their time to write down their (funny) thoughts abou...
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    [Tutorial] How to color Lineart

    Using Clipping Masks which is a very handy tool that I use almost of everything; toning, shading, highlighting and colored lineart. 1. ( of course) I always line on a new blank layer 2. Color lineart using clipping masks using one of the 2 following methods; (a) Slow: -Add New layer -Right click new Layer > pick “Create clipping mask” - Color What clipping masks does, is that is takes whatever is there on the layer it’s clipped to and use it as base for whatever is drawn on it. It adds the co...
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    [Guide] Camera Angles in Manga/Comics

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    Greetings Everyone~

    Hello everyone~ Two weeks in and I've recieved the warmest support! I'm really impressed and thankful to all your favorites and lovely comments. So let's start with a bit about myself. I'm Diana from Jordan, better known and prefer to be called dee. Been an artist for as long as I can remmeber and a dedicated manga artist since 2010. First and foremost; Grey is... is my biggest manga project and once I upload the first 21 pages of chapter 10 (11 in count) you will be up to date with al...
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    Bakuman Fanart: Marker and Ink Step by Step

    • Other
    • Omi
    • May 1, 2012 4:46 PM
    Just as a foreword: I don't usually make much traditional art. For a good part of the past decade, I've been tied to my tablet.  Since it was such a different experience to me, I did a little photo documenting of the process (for better or worse). Commentary/explanation is beneath each of the images. I first sketched a composition I liked in SAI with my tablet. It helps me to use digital at this stage since I tend to alter spacing between elements/characters until there's some sort of balance...
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    Progress Shots

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    • Chocobosh
    • Apr 28, 2012 1:22 AM
    Progress of I don't know if ppl actually like looking at progress shots. But I have a camera on my (and I was bored) First I sketch it out. I drew a thumbnail prior to this..but I didn't do as much planning as usual. I like to ink charas/bubbles/sound fx first and THEN do backgrounds. It's a lot easier that way. Then backgrounds, crazy lines Then all the parts I want black At this point I would cut...
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    Goodness Gracious!

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    • PiNK
    • Apr 29, 2012 6:46 PM
    Just want to say thanks for the sudden explode of activity on my page! I'm glad everyone is enjoying my reviews and thanks to every one who has fanned my work or my profile! Sorry if I havn't gotten to thank you personally, you guys really mean a lot! Thanks for all of the support! -PiNK
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    Fanart : Land of Lions

    My attempt to collect your LOVELY AMAZING AWESOME Land of Lions gifts to me!! Click on the images to see them bigger. Leave a comment if you have one for me to add to the list so everyone can see!  ..............................................................................................................     by Peachclaw       by Edan2568       by Kevin Libranda         by Niladhevan     by Francisco833     by Luke10758       by Mihael8505         by Lazendar     by J13635     by E.10122  ...
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    Promote Promote

    Hello everyone! Hope you all are having a great time here n! (So much to do here now, I felt much busier than ever...) 0_0 As much as I'd like to talk about my comic Novus Karma, I'll take this chance to promote the other manga I'm working on which is My Gangster Girl (story by jayeannev & art by me). Hope you can find time to read it as well and spread the word, add it to your faves if you haven't done yet and feel free to share some fanarts and your thoughts about our comic... Thanks...