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Hi! Ahleeson here~ You can call me Ahlee-chan too! :) 

I am a 15-year-old girl who has a big dream of becoming a mangaka one day. I'm not wishing to be "that" popular in the future, but I'd like it more if I can inspire and make my readers happy! My "mangaka-mode" usually comes and goes so me being "hiatus" is very highly expected (haha!). However, if I am in the mood, I will try my very best to postupdate as often as I can! You see, it's very hard to manage time especially with school being a hindrance. (LOL)

Even so, I'm very glad to find this site wherein I feel like I belong, and to meet people who have the same ambitions as me! Hopefully, you guys would like my posted/upcoming works! 

P.S. Greetings are very welcome!(^v^)hihi~

That's all! Have a nice day everyone~ ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

  • Have a Break, Have a KIT KAT

    Hey everyone!

    First of all, I would love to say thank you for those who faved my manga "Decode" and even my profile LOL XD I really really appreciate it! I'm sorry to say this but I will take a short break from drawing manga pages for Decode...for the mean time. There's only a few weeks left before hell  school starts again. So then, I realized that I wanted to work on improving my coloring styles and techniques instead~ In the weeks coming, you might see more illustrations from than manga pages xD

    But I decided to make weekly updates on Decode now: 2 pages a week. It might be more or less than that, so we'll see. I'm really sorry guys~ Please bear with me (^^") But I do hope you'll like my upcoming illustrations! They might not be the best, but I'm really excited to show them to everyone! (^___^)

    Thank you once again! 
    And just as they say, "Have a Break, Have a KIT KAT!"..which I will be doing :D
    See you~~~~ (^ 3 ^)

    .......EH?! WHERE'S MY KIT KAT?!? ((O A O))! *cries*

  • On hiatus..

    Hi everyone! Ahleeson here~ (^o^)v

       First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has been reading my manga, "Decode"! I've recevied awesome feedbacks from you guys and that makes me very happy, so thank you so much! They all mean so much to me~ (*^^*)

       Secondly, thank you for everyone who became a fan of mine! I never thought I would even have fans! (LOL honest opinion XD) But, I feel appreciated thanks to you guys! Hopefully, you'd look forward to more of my works! :D

       And lastly, for this upcoming week, I will be on HIATUS for a certain reason: On June 5-8. I will be at our school's camp. It is a 4 day-3 night stay so I will not be able to post up anything. Also, the week right after my camp will be our studying week for our Final Exams. Then the week after that (June 18-20) will be our Final Exams week. Perhaps, I will try and post up pages for Decode during my free time, but there's no guarantee (_ _"). Regardless, I will still try and update! 

    I'm terribly sorry for being hiatus but I will give you guys a lot of pages (or maybe illustrations?) as payback. Either way, I greatly hope you guys will continue to support "Decode"! And hopefully, more people will support and enjoy it too! :)

    Have a nice day everyone~ (✿◠‿◠)


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