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Nakashima Ai 中島姶

  • I'mFemale
  • I live inJAPAN (日本)
  • I was born onMar 22

Dreaming of becoming published! 公開になることを夢見!

All of my work is available in Japanese, but will be translated to the best of my ability for Manga Magazine to make it more accessible to the English speakers. 私の仕事のすべてが日本語で利用可能ですが、英語話者にとってよりアクセシブルにするマンガ雑誌のための私の能力を最大限に変換されます。

  • OS: PC, Windows 7
  • Tools of the Trade: PaintTool SAI for colors, Manga Studio EX 4 for inking and toning, Adobe Photoshop CS3 for final color adjustment and resizing. I do all my work digitally, but occasionally I will sketch doodles on paper if I happen to be bored and without a computer.

I speak both Japanese and English fluently, so feel free to talk to me in either!


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