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Hi there! My name's Damien, last year I graduated from RMCAD with a degree in Illustration. I"ve been on a few design based jobs here and there as a freelance illustrator, (Not what I"m looking to be in but I'm paying dues *shruggs*) my real goals are in sequential art and freelance editorial illustration. My first professional experience with comics was this year at SanDiego's Comicon working at the Prism booth. It was very exciting!! Everyone was soo nice. Some of the artists I look up to currently are Christy Lijewski, Jason Levesque, Song Ji-hyung Esao Andrews, Mark Dossantos and I'm currently diggin' on Drake Tsui's sequential work. I enjoy a variety of styles but I'd have to say my favorite right now is a more graphic, comic style that shows anatomical correctness and relies on line rather than shading to describe form. Goals for the next 8 months after graduation: develop portfolio for my masters program, ACTUALLY post something on smackjeeves and get published with I'm really not as intimidating as people seem to think!! So by all means drop me a line even if it just to chat, or bounce some ideas around! I'd love to hear from ya.


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