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Lola Vanguard

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Hello and saluations dear sirs and madams! My name is Christina the Elemantal Alchemist or Christina for short. Hehe. Anyways I'm going to tell you a little about myself: O was born January 27, 1990 in New York City where I live for about fifteen years then move to Orlando, Florida and contine to live here! All the while having bad allergies.

I like anime, manga, video games, magice the gather, and table top gaming (Warhammer 40,000) I like to write and draw, but since the I suck at the later; I mostly write. And I aslo want to get into sosplay!

I have an account on Deviant Art and Fictionpress. com. My DA account name is : Solknight and my FF account name is Elemental Alchemist Sol. ( HAHA such a fangirl for Full Metal Alchemsit. XD)

Welps, if you can understand any of my ramblings then that is me in a nut shell! YA! So, I hope we becaome freinds or something and chat n' stuff. But, till then see ya: Stay Gloden!


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