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Hey guys. ^_^  Been gone for a really long time it seems, but I'm back after such an absence.  There's been alot that's gone on since my departure from MM, which is now Inkblazers lol, but I won't go too much into detail about it >.>  Anywho, if you know me, I'm just like any other fan of Manga and Anime.  Good to be back here and back behind the art desk again ^_^  So be looking forward to many more of my mangas and illustrations, and as always folks,

~Stay Gold  \m/ ^_^

A little bit about me  o3o

Favorite Mangakas:

-Masashi Kishimoto


-Rumiko Takahashi

-Nobuhiro Watsuki

-Tite Kubo

-Ito (Oh!Great) Ogure

-Akria Toriyama

Favorite Bands:

-Cannibal Corpse,
-Lamb of God,
-Iron Maiden,
-Black Sabbath,
-Napalm Death,
-Judas Priest,
-Job for a Cowboy,
-Alice Cooper,
-Sheer Terror,
-Dimmu Borgir,
-Arch Enemy,
-Suicide Silence,
-Bullet for my Valentine,
-Rob Zombie,
-Butcher Babies
-Cattle Decapitation
-Five Finger Death Punch
-System of a Down
-The Agonist
-Walls of Jericho


    Hey guys ^_^  Starting June 27th, I will be on vacation for a couple of days, but I should be back by Monday of that following week.  Uploads should be able to continue as scheduled, but if not, I will try my best to have the pages up by the beginning of the week to make up for lost time.  Many thanks to my readers and to my followers.  Every little bit of support is appreciated, and as always-

    ~Stay Gold \m/

  • Updating time for Fight Girls changed

    Hey guys.  First off I want to thank my followers and everyone else for your comments.  I really appreciate it ^_^  Anywho, since I have some downtime between here and when school picks back up, I'm deciding I will be updating Fight Girls with two new pages every Friday.  Seems more reasonable than making you guys wait an entire month for chapters.  Anyways, that's all I got for nwo.  Thanks again guys for your support and as always...

    ~Stay Gold \m/

  • Possible manga coming your way.

    So after pretty much devoting alot of my time to studying panel layout and adapting myself to a more organized and proper way to plan a manga.  I think I'm in a good enough mood to start shilling out some. ^0^ *throws confetti*  For starters, I do have a story in the works that is going to span over three volumes.  I know that really isn't much compared to alot of manga these days *coughendlessbleachcough*, but hey.  Worth a start.  Also, I'm thinking of revamping a few of my older manga projects I sacked a couple of years ago, one of those being Samurai Girl Akane, which I'm entirely rewriting the story into a one shot.  Sapphire of Calibron I'm also considering to rework as well.  Illustrations will still be posted on my profile, but as always rather sparsely apart, which I appologize for you guys following me.  Thank you though for hanging around, and as always

    ~Stay Gold \m/


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