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I'm just like any other fan of Manga and Anime ^_^  I'm strug..I mean attempting to write a manga of my own, hoping to be published one day.  I'm good with writing stories, but I feel that my art is lacking D:  Anywho, glad I found this site.  There's loads of talented people here.


Favorite Mangakas:

-Masashi Kishimoto


-Rumiko Takahashi

-Nobuhiro Watsuki

-Tite Kubo

-Ito (Oh!Great) Ogure

-Akria Toriyama

  • I f*cking hate Texas weather!!

    Like a few minutes ago we had a tornado drop nearby our house.  No damage thankfully, but I'm still shaking.

  • Taking a break for a while

    Hey guys, I'm just posting this to say I'm taking a little break from the manga.  With finals coming up, I've mostly been studying and I feel really tired now.  I am still working on Sapphire of Calibron and will try my best to update it every few weeks or so.  I'm also practicing more and experimenting with my art style.  Thanks to anyone who has been following my manga.  I really appreciate it.

    (/offtopic):  I'm hoping one day to publish a comic/manga, so I'm basically trying to start up a good fanbase.


    This really isn't like a hiatus or anything.  Just a few days away from drawing and I may get back into the swing of things.  Until then, Cheers ^_^


  • I feel better now and reason for deleting Akane.

    Ok, I'm going to be as frank as possible.  After numerous weeks of practice, I finally have improved my art a little YAY :D!!!

    As for the reason I deleted Samurai Girl Akane:

    It is because I am working on another manga titled Calibron.

    Calibron will be a Medieval/Fantasy manga set in a fictional world known as the kingdom of Vaal.  The story revolves around a girl named Irina.  Irina is the princess of Vaal, but she doesn't act as a princess.  She is very much a tomboy and prefers to dress in knight's clothing and train with swords. 

    That is all I can say for now since the story is still a work in progress.  Samurai Girl Akane is also being redrawn and the story is undergoing redevelopment at this time.  I'm terribly sorry if some of you are disappointed, but I was at odds with the current art of the manga and wanted to better refine it.

    Anywho... Peace ^_^


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