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  • I was born onApr 20

Hey guys. ^_^  Been gone for a really long time it seems, but I'm back after such an absence.  There's been alot that's gone on since my departure from MM, which is now Inkblazers lol, but I won't go too much into detail about it >.>  Anywho, if you know me, I'm just like any other fan of Manga and Anime.  Good to be back here and back behind the art desk again ^_^  So be looking forward to many more of my mangas and illustrations, and as always folks,

~Stay Gold  \m/ ^_^

A little bit about me  o3o

Favorite Mangakas:

-Masashi Kishimoto


-Rumiko Takahashi

-Nobuhiro Watsuki

-Tite Kubo

-Ito (Oh!Great) Ogure

-Akria Toriyama

Favorite Bands:

-Cannibal Corpse,
-Lamb of God,
-Iron Maiden,
-Black Sabbath,
-Napalm Death,
-Judas Priest,
-Job for a Cowboy,
-Alice Cooper,
-Sheer Terror,
-Dimmu Borgir,
-Arch Enemy,
-Suicide Silence,
-Bullet for my Valentine,
-Rob Zombie,
-Butcher Babies
-Cattle Decapitation
-Five Finger Death Punch
-System of a Down
-The Agonist
-Walls of Jericho


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