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Creator/artist of Polterguys. Likes comics and is interested in stuff about self-publishing, manga and creativity. Got away with writing about CLAMP comics for thesis.

Xeric grant 2012 recipient. Pop culture fan and boba milk tea aficionado.

You can find out more about Polterguys on my website and you can follow along Vol. 2's progress on the Official Polterguys comic tumblr.

Other places to find me: [website] [deviantart] [twitter] [tumblr]


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  • Polterguys Vol. 1

    One girl. Five Ghosts. A lot of unfinished business!

    Bree is a smart but socially awkward college girl who ends up moving into a house that's haunted by five cute guys. She's the only one that can see these ghosts so she has to help them resolve their unfinished business.

    Pages: 192
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Mumo Press
    ISBN: 978-0985192006

    ***Winner of the Xeric Award 2012***
    Here's what reviewers are saying about the Bree's first adventure with the ghosts in Polterguys Vol. 1:

    “A lighthearted graphic ghost story with substance.” ~Kirkus Reviews

    "One of the most unabashedly fun new comics I've read this summer." ~The Manga Critic

    "Delightfully charming...A great spin on the typical harem-style of manga story-telling.

    "A solid coming-of-age piece with a great heroine..." ~Megan Lavey-Heaton, writer of Namesake

    "Uy and Go have taken one of the normally sketchy sub-genres of manga and twisted it around into something that drops all of the slightly unsettling pieces and keeps all of
    the good ones."

    More info on my website.

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