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Hello! We are two guys working together to try and publish cool and amazing comics. We really hope you like what we do! Feel free to let us know, we wanna hear from you. Be well, enjoy yourself!

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  • 1000 Bookshelfs - Video Unlocked!

    We have reached 1000 followers! Fans! Favoriteds! Bookshelf Adds! Aherm, whatever you wanna call yourselves, you special people of remarkable taste, you number a 1000 now! Which is awesome, awe-inspiring and other such awe-cousins.


    Of course, ironicaly, only a portion has added our profile which undoubtedly means even a smaller portion will ever see this buuuuuut oh well xD.

    To celebrate this landmark achievement, we wanted to do something special. So we did a trailer, of which only 10 seconds were half-assed! It uses pages from the comic, a few quick captions and the glorious theme FoxAmoore made for Aegis Omega(edited by us to be shorter), which is the official theme of our series.

    Without wanting to go on forever, we just wanted to share our very notable happiness that Aegis Omega has retained such a following! Gratitude to every last one one of you. We cannot express it enough.

    We will be working hard to increase your numbers, you can be sure of that! We hope you're enjoying Chapter 4, and warn you to ease into your seats and also that seatbelt analogy, 'cause we're very near to getting stuff really rock 'a rollin'.


    Your dedicated duo ;)

    Matt Johnson and Hugo Damas

  • Chapter 3 is over!

    Hello one and all, if you have been waiting for the chapter to end to read the bulk of pages you have been saving, wait no longer! The chapter has reached its conclusion!

    BOY, this chapter. Speaking as Hugo, this chapter has so far been the single hardest thing I've ever written, and I don't feel I succeeded at it that much, but while it may be easy to look at it now and see wrongs and rights, it was a hard challenge to tackle.

    Meanwhile, I officialy inform you all that there's a time skip between chapter 3 and chapter 4, but after this one, no time skip it EVER in the plan, for many chapters to come. xD. It is oficially the end of time skips and back-and-forth shenanigans :D

    But most of all, we want to offer a big tall glass of gratitude to each and everyone of our readers, old and new, friends and aquaintances, for reading and for supporting this work. We are ever extremely happy to have you guys out and about and commenting and sharing opinions and taking guesses. We know this was a tough chapter to swallow, page by page, but we really think it works well as a whole ^^.

    We hope you'll continue following Aegis Omega and reading about Keiji and Nino and Rika and Jin--oh wait, he's dead already. But you know, all them guys :D.

    Trust us, folks, we're just getting started!!


    With our best regards, your dedicated duo,

    Matt & Hugo


    PS. By the way, I, Hugo, am thinking of writing up a blog entry about chapter 3 from a storytelling perspective. Why it came about, how and really how xD. This because it is, again, the single hardest thing I've ever written xD. It went through twice as much re-reads and tuning than anything else because what I was trying to accomplish was really hard. Is really hard, I believe. (I've already written future chapters completely btw). Lemme know if anyone's interested and I'll do it, cheers ^^.




  • 400 fans *confetti*

    Yay, Aegis Omega has 400 fans!


    We're very near the absolute end...of chapter 3 xD. We'll post more when that happens, we just wanted to throw a little celebratory post.

    It's been a long-time running, this comic of ours, and it warms our hearts to no end to know it's being read and enjoyed by so many.


    Thank you, all. We will continue to work hard not to disappoint you, that much, we guarantee!


    Most sincerely, your dedicated duo,

    Matt & Hugo


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