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Matt Johnson & Hugo Damas

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Hello! We are two guys working together to try and publish cool and amazing comics. We really hope you like what we do! Feel free to let us know, we wanna hear from you. Be well, enjoy yourself!

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  • Does the title even matter?

    Pretty sure you know what this is about.

    Dun dun dun. So, inkblazers has been a formidable vessel to ride on, even though it took a couple of turns we weren't really fans of. But a place is mostly defined by the people on it, as are experiences right? And all you people really made it what it is.

    After such a long time at hiatus, we decided to return, and were planning on a surprise update in January. With this ship going down however, seeing as though the captain and crew decided to jetpack out and away, and call whatever scavanger crew they're gonna call to repurpose this great thing into something else...we also gotta do something else.

    But we're stubborn so we're really gonna do the same thing.


    For now.

    More special things coming to you in 2015. But for now, we're setting up camp over there and see what happens.

    We set up chapter 1-3 over there and will be putting up what we have of chapter 4 at a very fast pace, at the end of which we'll post three new pages to mark the official restart of Aegis Omega \o/.

    Tired of reading yet? Hopefully not, here are my thoughts on quantum mechanics: the cat's out of the bag :D.


    No but really, we've gathered together quite the number of readers, and made quite the number of friends, and the only thing that would make us truly sad about IB shutting down would be to lose any one of you fine and wonderful people. It's a hassle to change sites, it's inconvenient, but we cerimoniously ask you to bear with it and continue to inhabit in our lives. (I'm afraid you'll have to perform the ceremony by yourselves, we're not actually there with you unfortunately.)

    On to different things. Perhaps better? We have no doubt, if all of you are in the picture.


    See ya there, cowboys. Your dedicated Duo,

    Matt Johnson and Hugo Damas.





  • Very Relevant News!

    Hello one and all.

    So, most of you might not be aware but InkBlazers has activated something called “Preview Program”. This is essentially making subscription block optional (to the authors) while extending it to any comic that wants to make money in this site. So if it’s not activated, there’s no return.

    After deliberation, we decided to not activate it. We very seldom thank a supporter/subscriber for adding Aegis Omega to their bookshelf, and we thank everyone who does. For this reason, it is our notion we would be blocking most of you, our readers, from being up to date with Aegis Omega, not to mention the initial 2 months of no updates you’d have to deal with, for a monetary gain that is not nearly enough to practically motivate a faster rate of production. There are other variables to our decision but we’ll spare you all the full explanation.

    Now we wouldn’t post a news blog saying “everything is staying the same!” There >is< news, they’re just in consequence of this situation. The fact is Aegis Omega updates will become more erratic. We will continue it, we have no intention to stop it and we wish to continue weekly updates, but it is no longer a first priority in our ever-engaged plan to be comic book authors. We’ve decided to explore other opportunities and other projects, some indeed involving Aegis Omega. Future will show what happens; as far as we’re concerned, our primary goal is to arrive at a situation where we can produce comic books full time, preferably Aegis Omega. For that purpose, we will be risking the consistency of our updates for the foreseeable future.

    Thank you so much for your support! We love reading your comments and interacting with you, and we sincerely hope you continue to enjoy Aegis Omega. Now more than ever though, if you haven’t added it to your bookshelf, you should, it will help you know about updates.


    Alright, have a good weekend you wonderful people!


    Your dynamic duo,

    Matt Johnson and Hugo Damas.

  • Slower Updates

    Hey everyone,

    I'm afraid and sad to share that Matt has had a death in his family, which was something that hammered down on a few other personal problems he's been facing with, so long story short, we will be experiencing irregular updates for a couple of weeks, if any. 

    We thank you for understanding, we'll be up to shape as soon as possible.


    Your dynamic duo,

    Matt Johnson and Hugo Damas


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