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Ralph Saberon

  • I'mMale
  • I live inPHILIPPINES
  • I was born onDec 2

I am from the Philippines especially in the QUEEN CITY OF THE SOUTH (CEBU).

I am a college student of Asian College of Technology taking up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. I think i started to draw at the age of five if I am not mistaken. During my younger days i draw a lot of characters with bigheads and small bodies LOL!! My Mother was my first teacher in ART.. and i never expect this that this will end up here. Addicted to comics when i was in grade 5 and wasting my notebooks and papers just to make a new one.

During Highschool days i was inspired by reading manga. I've read some of the authors and illustrator only one inspired me the most and it was Osamu Tezuka which people call him the Godfather of Manga. i watch One Piece, Dragonball Z, Ao No Exorcist. etc. 

Currently I am still hooking up to explore myself fully and create a wonderful manga like tezuka become also one in our country.

and I have also another account :)


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