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  • I'mFemale
  • I live inUNITED STATES (Estados Unidos)
  • I was born onFeb 13

I'm an average girl who likes manga, cats, and Nutella (in no particular order). I love to tell stories and I love to read stories (and I'm REALLY trying to get better at commenting on the stories I read ^^;). My favorites are usually fantasy or action, but I have super eclectic tastes sometimes, hahahaha~

On top of drawing FireWire, The Seven Tribes: White & Black, and The humanBEing (2Kingdoms is completed!), I also write books in my free time. Which I rarely have...

You can find me at any of the following places:
Store Envy

*Also, if you leave a comment on my profile that is only advertising your manga and/or is a copy and pasted message that I have seen on a lot of other people's pages, it will be HIDDEN. Typically I will check out your profile/work if you strike up a conversation with me, comment on any of my things, or even simply say hello, so please, no more "invites" to read things. Thanks for understanding~<3

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