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  • I'mMale
  • I live inUNITED STATES (Estados Unidos)
  • I was born onAug 4

I am currently a college student, but a long-time manga fan, with Naruto being of my favorites with it's unique storytelling and beautiful artwork. I've always enjoyed writing and drawing, but thought that I would just write books (novels).I recently decided to aim towards improving my artwork and also improve my storytelling skills. I'm always thinking up story concepts, so I do believe that I will end up having numerous one-shots or miniseries. I also have ideas for an ongoing series that I am still developing. As of now, I am mostly reading many books and manga to improve my storytelling skills and see what I like; also, I am working on my art skills, mostly digital, so that I can drawing many ways and develop my drawing style and more.

I hope to make many friends here, learn more about manga, and have fun doing it all.


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