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  • I'mFemale
  • I live inUNITED STATES (Estados Unidos)
  • I was born onJun 21

Lemme Just Say This Before You Go A Reading My Profile ~

No matter what anyone else says I Wuv Yah Now take my Love Hammer D:<



I love comics, manga, manwha, webtoons ,w/e you choose to call the ting you're reading! its an obsession =o=

My Favorite One's That I've Read So Far:

Nobelsse ~ Two Keys ~ Ten Thousand Flags ~ Honeydew Syndrom ~ Black Eyed Susan ~ Simon Sues ~ Land Of Lions ~ Chaser ~ and lots lots lots more =o=  just to lazy to put all of them !

More on the Manga Side Are These Lovely Titles: One Piece ~ Naruto ~ Jun Jou Romantica ~ Drifters ~ Needless ~ etc etc . teehee :3

OHOHOHOHOHO BTW i dun draw :3 my sister does though check it out and send her some love ~ and motivation god knows she needs it @.@


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