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I am the shimmering Vervain, located somewhere on the mysterious island of Australia. Since I was young, I've had a growing passion for art which has developed over several centuries to the point where it's at now. I hope to keep on improving and learning for centuries to come~. I love manga and currently have two of my own in production. When I'm not busy drawing, I'm usually on a coffee break. I strongly regard coffee to be man's greatest acheivement.


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Vainglory - My personal portfolio site thing




  • The Dilemma of Publisher X

    Consider the following situation--

    You've created a comic and it's gotten to the stage where it's either finished or has more than enough pages to begin the publishing process. Hooray~. This will be your first published work. You've put your heart, soul, time and commitment into bringing it to life. You are ready for this! You've done your homework. You know full well how competitive the publishing world can be. It's time to weigh your options.


    OPTION 1) The well known publishing houses who consider creator owned titles have quality control... Out of the thousands of titles they glance at each month, only one or two may scrape through to see the light of day. Should yours manage to stand out, you know your work will be getting the quality treatment it deserves. Should it manage to stand out...

    OPTION 2) Self publishing is becoming more and more accessable to anyone. You could be holding your finished work in your hands in a matter of a couple of weeks! However, distribution and advertising becomes all the more taxing when it comes out of your own pocket, especially when your fanbase is limited... It's not really the most ideal option right now.

    OPTION 3) While browsing, you happened upon PUBLISHER X. (or a few of them)

    Publisher X is a small time publisher with a few titles under their belt. They distribute both online as well as in small selection of stores and a few conventions and, at least judging by their news feed, their titles have been selling to some degree. Your comic fits within their submission guidelines and you have a feeling that your chances of being picked up by them are particularly high. The quality of their finished printed products looks pretty good.

    ...There's just one small thing holding you back from applying.


    Their titles are... Well...


    ...Not very polished.

    From an artistic perspective, they need work. Layouts need work. Covers, lettering, story in places... It's clear that if this place has any form of editing process at all, it's not very well informed. Curious, you purchase one of their cheaper titles and give it a read, and no less than three pages in you start noticing that some of the artwork is looking very familiar (ahem, traced...) and the story is riddled with cliches.

    Their most popular title also happens to be the best looking one. Although you don't find the style of art or the story very personally appealing, its clear that at least this artist knows what they're doing. Still, you have a strong feeling that your work is above par here.


    So the question remains. Do you put together a submission for Publisher X, knowing that you're pretty much a shoe-in for publication? Or do you hold off? After all, the quality of your work may be judged by the works it's displayed alongside. Can you afford to be so picky? Should you? The print quality isn't bad!

    What would you do?

  • Updates, Ad Lucem and Other Things

    Hello everyone~,

    Once again, I fail at keeping blogs going, but it isn't often that I have something particularly worthwhile to say until I can get back into the swing of voicing my ever helpful opinions, ahhaa. This time, though, I have some actual manga related news that I'm more than happy to share with anyone who is actually interested.

    I'll be brief, fear not. Click the banners, by the way, to visit the sites.



    Firstly, for those who don't know because I haven't really told many people, I've finally gotten around to opening a portfolio website.

    Vervain's portfolio

    I haven't yet set up the gallery, and there's some mroe tweaking I still haven't done.. even though I've had it for a while.. But you know. All in good time. Basically if you want to commission me or ask me to join forces with you in some way shape or form, this is the place to go to ask such things. There's a link to it in my profile, too.


    AD LUCEM-----------------------------------------------------------------------

    October 10 has been and gone. Do we know what that means?

    Ad Lucem

    Yes. Ad Lucem is finally on the net. Again, the gallery hasn't been set up properly... I guess that's a thing with me. Actual pages of the comic will be up sometime next week, and I will be mirroring the comic on here too. So.. Here's to progress. ;raises coffee mug;



    And finally, for those of you who didn't yet notice, I like final fantasy IX. I also like doujinshi.


    So, a couple of weeks ago I started this up. I doubt I'll be uploading this one to Mangamagazine, but if you're a fan of Final Fantasy, come take a look. It's also a shounen-ai,  so if you're super against that, I don't reccommend it. The actual boys love stuff takes a backseat to the rest of the plot however, although it's present... So. There's your warning.


    Thanks for your support! WWDN also updates at the end of this week, so look forward to that too.

  • Just a Normal Entry~

    Hello everyone~,

    Sorry I haven't been writing journals and things lately. You know how life can be, killing motivation as soon as it comes, pulling you away from what you want to do, so on and so forth.

    So I suppose this journal is a sort of really half hearted apology? I know I shouldn't have to apologize, but it's just that I'd really love to be more active around here-- The community is great and what we're doing is wonderful and all that. But that's life!


    Uh, I also started school today. Ah ahah I never thought I'd say that again, but yes. I'm doing courses in web design & media and administration. Also, social networking. Because that's a proper course now. I don't know why, but goodness knows I need it because I'm actually quite terrible at it. Maybe I'll learn to manage my time on this website too, ah ha ha~.

    Unfortunately I'm not settled yet, so making manga might be a little shaky. If I'm late with the weekly updates (like today / ~ \ ) I'm really sorry! Please bare with me. ;Shimmer;

    There are a lot more journals I want to write on here to help out and discuss the whole manga making type business. So I'm going to aim for a journal a month, please keep on shimmering, everyone~.




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