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Hi! I'm easy, and it's a pleasure to meet you! I'm a delightfully eccentric and super friendly person that has an overactive imagination. I am a working professional in the arts, and love telling stories. Artisticallly I have a wide range of incluences, but love doing my own thing.

I draw & write Bio-Revelation, a scifi about cloning and its societal impact packed with action, romance and a villian you'll love to hate. If you enjoy it, check out Patreon so you can help me make more pages!

Here's some things I try to play with here on InkBlazers:

Otherwise you can often find me lurking on the Inkblazers Official chat. I promise I don't bite. smackjeeves / crunchyroll/ facebook/ BioRev Tumblr / Picarto (streaming is back!)

  • News and such overview? Maybe?

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    • easy
    • Oct 29, 2014 6:22 AM

    Where in the world is Easy? They haven't been in chat as much, pestering the site, or hangouts as of late. What is going on?

    Well, besides getting sucked into mindless gaming at the moment due to friends, I've been hit with a bad burnout after this past year, and trying to recover.

    It's been a rough year physically as well as emotionally, and as of right now, things are hopefully looking to turn around. Since my car accident in January and working on the redos, I've been working around the clock outside of my full-time job to keep the story up-to-date for loyal readers and produce polished, revised earlier chapters that I deem worthy of print.

    Since things are finally on the mend physically and I've been given the all-clear by my doctor, I feel like I can share a little of what has gone on to help break taboos around it so I may possibly help others. Outside  of comics and working life, my husband and I were  expecting our first child back earlier in the year until I suffered a miscarriage. It sucked, yes, but I rather a healthy child, so I'm not torn up about it.

    ...Which unfortunately then led to complications over the summer that put me in the hospital and a month later, ended up needing surgurey. ...I originally had doctors who were not intrested in doing thier job in the first place, unfortuantely. It was my naiveté to trust them, but nonetheless, someone dun goof'ed, and it sure wasn't me. But a lesson for you all: if you feel you are being blown off or made to feel dumb by a doctor, it's time to see a new one. -Especially in cases of miscarriages like mine, to spare the younger readers from too much detail, it should NEVER take over 1-2 months to recover from that.

    I'm much better now physically, but facing burnout. With these big things that have happened, I've gained a lot of insight and have grown to be a stronger, outspoken person. I'm now in the process of shifting gears career wise with more focus on Bio-Revelation while I build a family. My reasons are my reasons, but comics are a part of my life.

    I apologize for the lack of silliness, reading and other fun things I've often done here on the site. Once I am fully rested, I will be back to lovingly pestering you all in full speed.


    For those curious, Allow me to fill you in on thes stuff you're probably more interested in anyway:


  • Streaming

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    • easy
    • Sep 13, 2014 9:56 AM

    Good afternoon, InkBlazers!


    I'm going to be streaming some Bio-Revelation Reboot pages and maybe a few other things a bit later. Stop by and say hi!

  • Secret Santa 2014 Reveal!

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    • easy
    • Aug 25, 2014 8:12 PM

    Hey everyone! 


    Many many apologies for the delay! I ended up discovering I was sick through a bulk of the summer, and have been recovering. SO! Without much further ado, I want to...



    If you follow the big link, you will get direct to the reveal blog entry. Be sure to add it to your watch list and keep your eyes peeled for the next round of sign up in November! 


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