Please read: Inkblazers Shutdown Announcement HERE
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  • Secret Santa & the Shutdown

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    • Dec 20, 2014 4:31 PM

    Hey Everyone


    With the unfortunate turn of events, I have been terribly, TERRIBLY torn over what to do about the secret santa here on Inkblazers. Do I keep it going? Do I shut it down? What do? 

    I strongly encourage everyone to save wheir work first and formost, especially fan art! 


    I understand completely that we all have been surprised with the current events, and are scrambling to get our house in order. 


    I am absolving the deadline and cancelling the event. I do though strongly encrouage and welcome everyone who signed up to complete their assignment out of good will for the holiday season, plus it would be a lovely way to cheer up your fellow artist.


    I wish you all the best of luck, a blessed holiday season with your loved ones, a happy new year, and if you wish to keep in touch, I've moved over to tapastic where you can come play with me.


  • Bio-Revelation & IB's shutdown

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    • Dec 19, 2014 7:35 AM

    Seriously no words can express my utter shock and disappointment in the news that inkblazers here will be shutting down. 

    I had a lot of faith in this site and saw so much potential. I thought that the owners of the site were different from those business owners I have worked with in the past. Nope. 


    But I digress. Bio-Revelation will be going a full on redo starting now at Chapter 3 on my other sites, as of the new year.

    I will post the remaining pages until the site goes down.

    I will be posting ASAP the first two full chapters on the following sites over the weekend as my schedule premits.





    and I will be posting about update on facebook here:


    Please feel welcome to contact me at to keep in touch.

  • Secret Santa Winter Edition 2014

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    • Nov 19, 2014 7:52 PM

    It's the most wonderful time of the year... Food, family, for the Northern hemisphere, inexplicably snowy weather, for the Southern, broiling hot summer....

    And the Bi-Annual Secret Santa signups are open!

    So you ask, how does it work? 

    It's essentially a Pollyanna/Fanart exchange held twice a year~ Summer and Winter. 

    You draw fanart for someone and they do the same. You won't necessarily get the same person, and who knows! Draw it and get it posted on InkBlazers before the deadline, and voila! You can get some super awesome fan art!  

    And s usual, please read the rules as they have changed. I'm so sorry I've had to make these rules so strict. It's for the benefit of the artist you are drawing for. 

    Rules & Requirements:
    1. You must have a comic with at least 1 chapter and 15 pages long
    2. Color samples are required.
    3. If you only have an OC, you need a full color, full body turnaround with a full synopsis of the story your character will be in and their background. - OC's made only for the Secret Santa will be rejected.
    4. If you request other characters, provide color samples.
    5. No OCs that are not planned for a comic.
    6. No Doujinshi. (Ie, Pokemon, Digimon, Naruto, Bleach, Tokyo Ghoul, ETC oc's)
    7. Be thoughtful towards who you are drawing for. Don't draw something explicit unless they say they are OK with it. 
    8. My profile is NOT the signups page.
    9. When you are done, post your submission to your person and the secret santa blog ONLY. Do NOT leave it here like we have in the past.
    10. Go to the Secret Santa account's blog at the bottom of this entry to sign up with this form:
    I hereby have read the rules of the Secret Santa Exchange, and wish to participate.
    Comic link:
    Color references:
    Special requests, if any: 

    Deadline - MUST READ.

    The deadline for signups is DECEMBER 1. I am making assignments on December 5. 


    If you are unable to make the January 12 deadline, you MUST contact me by JANUARY 1 so I can get a volunteer to fill in.

    I make a point to make sure no artist gets left out, so I need to know asap so I can get someone else to fill in for you.

    Not contacting me before January 1st if you are unable to make the deadline will force me to disqualify you from the Secret Santa in the summer. 

    What's the holiday without PRESENTS?!

    If you submit art before the January 12 deadline, your name will be entered in a drawing for a 1-month subscription to Inkblazers. 3 subscriptions will be awarded.

    Anyone who helps me out when I ask for a fill-in and delivers will receive a subscription as well.

    The sooner you submit art, the better your chances. ;) 

    Have at it!