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Hey there! I'm easy! Nice to meet you! I'm in general a super-friendly, occasionally silly person who works in a small off-shoot of the gaming industry. I have also worked in a variety of industries including package design and animation. -If you live in the US, you see my work over the holidays a lot! Besides that, I'm a compulsive doodler and love talking to people.

My influences are Disney, Watase, Watterson, Sendak, Bluth and Golden-Age Dc & Marvel. I had the privilage to read the 10-20-cent issues my father kept!

I draw & write Bio-Revelation, a scifi about cloning and its societal impact packed with action, romance and a villian you'll love to hate.

Here's some things I try to play with here on InkBlazers:

Otherwise you can often find me lurking on the Inkblazers Official chat. I promise I don't bite. smackjeeves / crunchyroll/ facebook/ BioRev Tumblr / Livestream

  • 2 Year anniversary & comic updates

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    • Apr 23, 2014 12:03 PM

    Just as a holy crap 2 years (more like 18 months due to a hiatus) here on nIB and since I am approaching 500 fans for Bio-Revelation, I will be posting a page TONIGHT!

    I like to celebrate these little things since they are big to me. Also thank you to friends and folks here on nIB for giving a niche story like mine a home, and for inspiring me to push harder on myself and my comicing.

    If you also have not heard yet, the polished Chapter 1 is available to read now ONLY here on nIB. I hope you will give it a read if you have not yet. The art is fresh and there are new scenes and more info for those who have questions about the world and its politics. 

    So I'm not much one for blogs or descriptions, but I wanted to express my appreciation to everyone here.

    If you are wondering of my current schedule, I am working on buffer before resuming my polishing for chapters 2, 3, and 4. Once everything is complete for polishing, I will be ramping up production to 3 or more pages a week so nobody gets stuck on those pesky cliffhangers!

    Thank you guys again for an amazing 2 years, and here's to many more!



  • Procaster + Mac = Beware

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    • Apr 12, 2014 9:27 AM

    Hey everyone! 


    You know how I've been dealing with computer issues as of late? Well I've found my issue.


    ...Procaster for livestream and Apple computers DO NOT MIX. 

    Here's another blog talking about someone with a similar issue. So currently there will be no streaming until further notice when I find an Apple-friendly streaming site. 


  • Rerelase Delay

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    • Apr 6, 2014 6:18 AM

    Hey Guys.

    My computer is acting up again with that thing it did back in November. 


    My chapter 1 release for BioRev is going to be delayed since I have to get the computer repaired.

    No fretting. All files though are backed up. 

    Today's page is going to be late. :/ I need to resolve the computer problems here before I can move onward.


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