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  • I'mFemale
  • I live inMALAYSIA
  • I was born onApr 10

Hi, my name is Hawa. I was born in Malaysia on 10th April 1991. I have been in for a few months now. I’m happy that many of viewers read my manga and see my illustrations. I will do hard to improve my skill. I know that I’m not a quick updater so if you read my manga you have to wait. I’m sorry about that.

My hobbies are writing fanfictions, read manga and drawing manga. If you want to see more artworks from me, you can visit these webs:

I’m a yaoi/shonen ai fangirl. It is the first thing you must know. I am also a shotacon. I drool easily when I saw picture of cute anime boys. So, that’s it about me. I’ll update later.