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Cheez Hayama

  • I'mFemale
  • I live inUNITED STATES (Estados Unidos)
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i draw for stress relief.


  • Dead Man's Party is going through a design change!

    You may have noticed that the new pages look a lot more different than other pages in the comic! I am currently in the process of redrawing all of my pages. During this time updates on newer chapters may become... sparse. Sorry guys! Your patience is much appreciated.

  • i can has tumblr?

    ey guys!

    i recently started a tumblr. it is mostly stuff i found on the interwebs that i find funny/inspiring/covetful and it would uber awesome if we can follow each other! i mean thats the fun in tumblr right? eventually i will be posting doodles and stuff too.

    follow me hereeeee


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