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  • I'mFemale
  • I live inUNITED STATES (Estados Unidos)
  • I was born onSep 1
[ Originally l33tkit and kittalisa]
I've been drawing comics since childhood and got into manga as soon as I was exposed to it. :3
As of now, I'm a graphic design student looking to get into video gaming. I like to dawdle in 3D art as well.

K-pop also consumes a great deal of my iTunes playlists... and my Tumblr dash.
...and i try not to make my feels so obvious.

I'd love to translate my fave manga into Korean and Japanese, but I'm not very good at either language yet (esp. since I've forgotten what little Japanese I knew after 3 years. /sobs) Maybe one day...

- "No Real Premise" (webtoon) [status: on-going/storyboard]
- "Shortbox" (various) [status: current/inking]
- "Overworld Nexus:Range" (comic) [status: hiatus/redesign]
- "Project:UM" (3D/webtoon) [status: current/conceptual]

dA || Twittah || Studio Blog (coming soon) || News/Journal Tumblr || Kpop || Webtoons! || Insta

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