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  • I'mMale
  • I live inZIMBABWE
  • I was born onOct 2

Hello everyone, I'm James.The most accurate description one can make of me would be to call me a shameless hard core gamer, self taught programmer and anime lover.

I love videogames e.g Metal Gear Solid,Castlevania,Tekken,BlazBlue,Guilty Gear,Street know.

I live in,was born, and grew up in Zimbabwe, in Southern Africa ( its the country shed like a teapod :) ).I have been writting stories since I was 8 and have been drawing since I was 6. I have spent quite a while working to improve my art and storytelling skills to match the standards expected by the inkblazers community. I have a few pieces in the works that I am still polishing.