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  • I'mMale
  • I live inZIMBABWE
  • I was born onOct 2

Hi there,I`m James.

I am an Independent mangaka based in zimbabwe with my team DOT_MG.

I have been drawing comics since i was 8 and watching anime since I was 10,and it is through those anime that i developed a love for story telling.that love for story telling combined with my drawing led me to path of the mangaka.


I also love videogames e.g Metal Gear Solid,Castlevania,Tekken,BlazBlue,Guilty Gear,Street know.

The team and I are currently working several projects including a fighting game and a j-rpg.

I have one manga that I`m publishing here on mangamagazine,its called Aurora Chouten アーロラ頂点、you can read it here

You can keep track of my gaming here:


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