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tony Saavedra

  • I'mMale
  • I live inUNITED STATES (Estados Unidos)
  • I was born onOct 26

Hello, my name is Antonio Saavedra, but you can call me Tony. I'm chasing my dream of drawing comics/manga, and haven't really try to get published, i draw for fun. Until I met a very peculiar person named Rocky Garcia, and we became good friends, but later he found out that i like to draw and he told me he hve done some stories of his own. And let me tell you I was blown away by the story telling style that he has. He practicaly change my life. So we have been working on a graphic novel, but i decided to put it on hold because of my drawing skills. My drawing skills are not at the level that i wish they can be, so we decided to start another story to sharpen my drawing skills. And now i found out this page, so im gonna try a story just for this website exclusively. I'm gonna writte it myself. I have a few chapters done. But i haven't tod Rocky what im doing im just gonna get his ok and ill try to get it bublished in here and if it doesn't it just means that my drawing skills are not ready and have to push myself harder.

OPEN FOR Commission!! Click here you can find me on the chat here WARNING!!! THIS CHAT IS FOR PEPS THAT ARE FUN OPEN MINDED AND ALL THEY SAY IS MENT TO BE A JOKE. if you are offended by anything i dont think you should go there lol. Also here the link to a chat that is more popular, im not there that often but you can meet lots of cool peps


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