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    The Inkblazers Preview Program Launches

      Thanks to all the support and feedback from the community, we are proud to announce today the launch of the Inkblazers Preview Program! What is the Inkblazers Preview Program?  The Preview Program gives any comic author the option where any comic pages that are uploaded in the last two months will be available only to paying subscribers or users who share on social networks about the comic they want to read.  Each comic that joins the Preview Program qualifies the author to be paid each mon...
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    Ask the Artists Episode 2

    Hello Everyone! Thank you all for your support and feedback for Episode 1 of Ask the Artists! We're glad your enjoying the series and are pleased to present the second episode!  Find out what comics inspire some of our premium artists, including Loom, h0lyhandgrenade, mayshing, JigokuNeko, Matsuyama Takeshi and Rogo!  Ask the Artists Episode 2: What is your favourite comic or manga? If you have a quesiton you'd like to pose to the artists then feel free to e-mail us at community<at>inkblazers...
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    Bug fixes

    Hi everybody, As promised, the development team has been hard at work prioritizing and fixing bugs that have been reported by all of you.  The work has been going on a few days and we anticipate it continuing for another two weeks.  I wanted to give you a summary of where we are focusing our efforts on and the progress of the work so far.  I plan to keep updating this blog post as we make progress with the bugs we fix.  The first update is below! We are targeting a total of 64 bugs in the fol...
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    goddamn thunderstorms

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    • Ishton
    • Jul 20, 2014 4:27 PM
    Basically i need to inform that we've experienced a LOT of thunderstorms around here, and each time one passes by we have to turn off and unplug all computers as well as internet to avoid it being struck or discharged. That's the reason i havent been able to upload pages as regulary even after my cold has gone away u_u : sorry everyone!
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    Interview: SIN by Drake Tsui

    Drake is the creator of the Sci-Fi/Adventure comic, SIN. This is certainly long overdue, but it's great to have you here, Drake! Thanks for talking with us! No problemo! You've been with MangaMagazine since the very beginning with your comic, SIN. How has your experience changed over the last couple of years? I remember when Foster first contacted me asking if I was interested in having SIN sponsored from At the time the entire thing was just this pet project for me to take a shot at ...
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    Interview: Carciphona by Shilin Huang

    Shilin is a premium artist for MangaMagazine. She writes and illustrates the fantasy epic, Carciphona.   Hi Shilin! Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule for this interview! Hello ^^ Thank you for the opportunity!     For some time now, a lot of readers have been looking forward to Carciphona becoming a premium title. How has the experience been this first weeks? It was great! I saw a quick increase of readership, fans and comments in comparison to my previous feature status. I am ...
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    Interview: MYth by Zelda

    Zelda Wang is the creator of the original series, MYth. MYth is available to read in the premium section of MangaMagazine. Before we start, allow me to congratulate you on your promotion to the Premium tier of MangaMagazine! I think I speak for a lot of avid readers when I say that this promotion is very exciting! Thanks you! I want to apologize for putting it off for so long. I was actually afraid of taking on the responsibility and the fixed monthly updates due to my messy schedule as a fre...
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    Artist Interview Directory

    We are from all over the world and have different viewpoints and experiences. Meet some of the Inkblazers artists.   Artist Interviews: Asamiya - creator of Shinbuki Ashikai - creator of Shamrock DED - creator of Hell Kitchen deeJuusan - creator of Grey is... Drake Tsui - creator of SIN H0lyhandgrenade - creator of Rumplestiltskin Ishton - creator of Dao JigokuNeko - creator of Trouble Next Door JonLock - creator of Urban Reality Matsuyama Takeshi 松山健 - creator of Okamirai Mayshing - creator ...
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    Comic Artists Versus Summer

    Hey, all you comickers out there! How’s summer treating you? Are you spending it wisely? Are you reclining on the beach catching the burning, hot rays of the sun? Are you melting? Don’t turn the fan on too high! If you have drawings lying around, those pages may take flight.   Maybe you don’t have time to bask in the summer heat. Maybe you’re locked inside, staring excitedly (or hopelessly) at your stack of comic thumbnails, drafts, and pages.  By the way, how’s your summer tan coming along? ...
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    u_u; sorry for the delays.... Im extremely sick

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    • Ishton
    • Jul 14, 2014 4:26 AM
    I have this fever and cold which makes me super tired and drowsy... SO SORRY I HAVENT BEEN ABLE TO UPLOAD ANYTHING  tryin' my best ymy 
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    New Author Promotions (July)

    Hope you're all enjoying your summer holidays! We're proud to present to you four brand new featured series for your enjoyment! Featured Promotions  Vienda by Gabbi  Summary: Stars do not feel anything. They have no feelings. But as they turn red and slowly die, they have this  need; this strange desire...... To feel something before their light dies out. Tara is the outcast.  Read more >>      Misty Paths by Kissu, Byassu // Sparrows//  Summary: Nocturne, world blessed with incredible night ...
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    Design your own country worksheet

    For those people who needs to design their own world. This is a form I will use to help me design a fantasy country faster and more complete.  original from: droemar's journal || Edited by mayshing Country: Colors: (An example would be red, white, and blue) Symbol: (An example would be stars and stripes.) Location, geographic:  calender measure (time table): (Does their calender go by the moon, or sun? Or other planets?)  Races: (The races that inhabit the area, whether or not they're native....
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    Results of the fanart contest 2014 – Places 13 to 25

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    • Novil
    • Jul 7, 2014 4:10 AM
    I have posted the submissions placed between #13 and #25 in the Sandra and Woo and Gaia fanart contest 2014. Go check them out!
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    Women Should Suck

    (Posted this a while ago on Tumblr, but read a couple of things today that reminded me I wanna post it here too. On the popular topic of strong female characters...) I was reading an article about why someone hates a certain film… And amongst all of their intelligent points, they said that a big problem with it was that it doesn’t have strong female characters. That the women were weak and selfish and dumb; not strong at all. I’m so tired of the whole ‘we need strong female characters’ thing....
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    New Sailor Moon: Pleasantly Surprised?

    Well, about thirty seconds ago I finished watching the first episode of the new Sailor Moon anime on NicoNico Douga while a frittata bakes in the oven and my husband made cracks behind me. It's a weird experience to be able to watch Sailor Moon during its original broadcasting time...   Obviously, Sailor Moon is hugely influential to me and most people who enjoy the magical girl genre. It introduced the team aspect to magical girls and the original anime had the best magical transformation se...