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  • Naniiebim Profile

    Mephistos book 5

    Mephistos book 5 with unpublished NEW chapters is available from my etsy shop at:   Please take a look through the store for more books and merch- you can also make bundle requests if the oen you want isn't available.
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    Trouble Next Door has ended! Thank you for reading! <3 <3 <3

    Thank you <3 Thanks for reading TND, I hope y’all had fun following Ilona’s adventure through life! My last stat is 3701 readers and I think that is just amazing, reaching so many people! When I began this story I never imagined it would get so far in every aspect. And I sure never expected to become premium on IB! I was just in the mood to doodle a quirky, funny little story still feeling that nothing I ever did would top Lovesong. At about 450 pages TND is the longest comic I’ve ever done. ...
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    Rogo does the Ice Bucket Challenge

    • Just for Fun
    • Rogo
    • Aug 28, 2014 4:08 PM
    Hey wanna see me scream like a little girl for charity? Then check this out! Learn more about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge as well as donate to this good cause at Look forward to seeing your videos Loom and Ashikai :P Rogo out (and freezing)
  • Petitecreme Profile

    The Wastelands is taking a break

    Hey chickies, As I wrote over at the Wastelands announcements I'll be taking a month break from uploading The Wastelands. It's well deserved, I've been drawing this for 3 years, I think I could do with R&R. Updating will continue back on the 1st October! Patreons will recieve a fully finished chapter as their monthly reward \(^x*)/ please look forward to it! If you need to get in touch with me, I'm always on twitter, tumblr, facebook and instagram
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    Site Updates: 7/30 ~ 8/22

    Site Updates:  7/30 ~ 8/22 At long last the forum is up!  This took much longer than we ever expected, however we wanted to do it right and not make compromises especially after subjecting you all to the pain of a closed forum.  We hope you enjoy it and we've got a whole bunch of improvements coming out in the next few weeks to continue to improve the ability to comment as well as the forum so we hope you enjoy it!  The past few weeks we also fixed a couple bugs and requests by you all so hop...
  • Myung Hee Kim Profile

    Designer asked to Work for FREE by Showtime, goes viral with his response

    Artists everywhere!  Writer, Photographer, Painter, Comiciker, ALL.   Do not EVER agree to work for free! This is an article I saw in Ad Week earlier today about a graphic designer who tweeted his reponse to Showtime.  This from an interview with the artist  I don't know what it is. Maybe people think that if you went to art school you don't understand money?.....but to ask professionals to compete against each other for potential "exposure" is completely different. It's demeaning, and it low...
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    The new forum has launched!

    After a lot of hard work by the developers, the new forum just launched!  You can get to it by clicking on the “Forum” menu option in the top menu bar.  We are sorry it took so long to switch from the old forum to the new one.  This new forum is the next step in our vision to making commenting and discussion more integrated and easier to follow throughout the site.   You may have noticed that the entire forum is built with the same system as we use for commenting.  This was done on purpose fo...
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    The Importance of Show Don't Tell.

    • Other
    • Rogo
    • Aug 19, 2014 1:02 PM
    Show don’t tell. If you’ve read anything about storytelling (film-making in particular) then you may be familiar with the expression. It’s a principle that states that it is better to show your audience something than it is to tell them. Now this is a very, very basic idea but it’s one that has times where it’s okay to do the opposite. So I’m gonna talk about it in a way that hopefully will be interesting and funny. Let’s start at the beginning; Why should you show rather than tell? I think t...
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    Inkblazers Comic Book Printing at Your Service

    Did you know that Inkblazers is not only a site for hosting amazing art and comics? We also provide print-on-demand printing services! Now, before you get too excited, there are a few things you should know.   Who can use our printing services? Premium & Featured Authors gain special access to our print services & online shop services. For Regular Members, a $299.99 (USD) setup fee per book is required.   What services are included? File Preparation Digital PDF Proofs Printed Proofs Low price...
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    Ask the Artists Episode 3

    Hello Everyone! It's that time again! Time for a new episode of Ask the Artists! This episode we have a question courtesy of Katsunai, which our authors have answered with tales of cake, nudity and robot death squads! This episode stars h0lyhandgrenade, Ogawa Burukku, JigokuNeko, Rogo, Mayshing, Wave and Zelda C.W. Ask the Artists Episode 3: What element of your story would you like to have in real life?  If you have a quesiton you'd like to pose to the artists then feel free to e-mail us at ...
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    just a quick stream!

    • Just for Fun
    • Ishton
    • Aug 11, 2014 1:07 PM
  • Inkblazers Profile

    Drawing blogs: inking, coloring, and art tools

    Here are some of the helpful blogs about art that can be found on Inkblazers. Got a blog to add? Leave a link in the comments!   Drawing: Drawing/designing clothes by Alakotila Drawing Fantasy Armor: Things to Consider by Alakotila   Inking: Traditional Inking: H0ly's Inking Process by H0lyhandgrenade Ominous Ink Effects by LOOM   Toning: No More Moire! by Myung Hee Kim   Coloring: Digital Color: Digital Coloring Tutorial by Wave Wave’s Tutorial Dump: Digital Coloring and Effects by Wave How ...
  • Myung Hee Kim Profile

    Getting to Know Your Characters

    Right now I’m in the midst of tweaking dialogue for my comic and I suddenly remembered how hard it was for me at the beginning to write believable and appealing characters.  Add to that the fact that the comic was very plot heavy and I ended up with something that sounded like a Discovery Channel documentary.   My problem was I hadn't found my characters' voices.  I hadn't explicitly worked out the nuances to their personality in such a way that they became flesh and blood.  This resulted in ...
  • Studio Kawaii Profile

    We´re alive! Life goes on...

    Hi there! Just to let you know we´re still alive...Things haven´t been easy at all after our dad´s passing back in March. They still aren´t, but we´re slowly solving stuff he left unsorted and getting used to the idea now it´s just the two of us.  We want to thank all the people who have shown us their support through these last months. For those who have asked about Soul Chaser,don´t worry, we will definitely come back posting pages. Just can´t give a certain date. It´s been 4 years since we...
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    The Inkblazers Preview Program Launches

      Thanks to all the support and feedback from the community, we are proud to announce today the launch of the Inkblazers Preview Program! What is the Inkblazers Preview Program?  The Preview Program gives any comic author the option where any comic pages that are uploaded in the last two months will be available only to paying subscribers or users who share on social networks about the comic they want to read.  Each comic that joins the Preview Program qualifies the author to be paid each mon...