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    Herman Hedning, a Swedish Comic-icon goes Inkblazers!

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    • Ishton
    • Jul 31, 2014 7:11 AM
    Hi everyone! I just like to point out that Jonas Darnell, a very influential and famous comic artist here in sweden has decided to join Inkblazers! I really recomend reading it if you are interested in seeing a veteran at work with his satirical Herman Hedning!   Cheers for now! 
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    Theme Music/Soundtrack to your Comic

    • Just for Fun
    • LOOM
    • Jul 31, 2014 3:39 AM
    Music is the Key to your Soul Do you have a musical "muse" in mind for your comic? Theme songs? Keep a playlist for your entire comic? Some creators have specific musical parameters for their comics ("must be in A or G minor," for example) and I thought it might be interesting to see what kinds of music you all have in mind for you comic/manga/novel. So what about you? I know @easy had an original BGM (background music) for Bio-Revelation and it's really suiting! Any musicians out there craft...
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    Getting started: writing, characters, and world building

    Here are some helpful blogs about writing that can be found on Inkblazers. Got a blog to add? Leave a link in the comments!   Plot: 7 Kinds of Narrative Conflict by inkblazers Plot basics by Easy Storytelling Techniques #2 by R3M4TCH   Creating Characters: How to design characters using complex core beliefs by Mayshing Character Writing Template by Byassu Character Predictability by Holyhandgrenade 7 ways to calm character design jitters by Loom Drawing Fantasy Armor: Things to Consider by Al...
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    Drawing blogs: inking, coloring, and art tools

    Here are some of the helpful blogs about art that can be found on Inkblazers. Got a blog to add? Leave a link in the comments!   Drawing: Drawing/designing clothes by Alakotila Drawing Fantasy Armor: Things to Consider by Alakotila   Inking: Traditional Inking: H0ly's Inking Process by H0lyhandgrenade Ominous Ink Effects by LOOM   Toning: No More Moire! by Myung Hee Kim   Coloring: Digital Color: Digital Coloring Tutorial by Wave Wave’s Tutorial Dump: Digital Coloring and Effects by Wave How ...
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    Comic Blogs: Paneling, Lettering, SFX

    Here are some helpful blogs about paneling, lettering, and sound effects that can be found on Inkblazers. Got a blog to add? Leave a link in the comments!   Planning and Paneling: How to Design a Manga Fight by Mayshing Tips on Manga Paneling by Mayshing Storytelling Techniques in Comics by Archiloquy Guide to Camera Angles in Manga/Comics by deeJuusan Composition and Paneling Tutorial by krazehh Lettering: Lettering Tips by Wave   Sound Effects Sounding off on sound effects by Ogawa Burukku ...
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    Site Updates: 7/1~7/29

    Site Updates:  7/1~7/29 This month was a big month where we fixed a whole bunch of bugs and rolled out some really significant improvements to make the site speedier and more responsive.  Hopefully you all enjoyed the results of some of these fixes! Thanks, Victor New Features:  Comments moved to below comic page Preview Program launch Speed of site dramatically improved (~50% reduction in load time) Speed of reader dramatically improved   Bug Fixes: 14 Discussion System bugs fixed 7 Comic de...
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    Bug fixes

    Hi everybody, As promised, the development team has been hard at work prioritizing and fixing bugs that have been reported by all of you.  The work has been going on a few days and we anticipate it continuing for another two weeks.  I wanted to give you a summary of where we are focusing our efforts on and the progress of the work so far.  I plan to keep updating this blog post as we make progress with the bugs we fix.  The first update is below! We are targeting a total of 64 bugs in the fol...
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    Frozen: An Analytical Review

    I know I'm late in the game here, but I finally watched Disney's Frozen. Why did it take me so long? Well... I never had much interest in it. The very first trailer I saw featured Olaf, and quite honestly he freaked me out. He was creepy, I didn't like him, and I just forgot about the movie until it came to Japan a few months ago. That's when I was bombarded by "Let It Go" playing on every radio, in every shop, and I could not walk past a music store without a clip of the international versio...
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    Comic Artists Versus Summer

    Hey, all you comickers out there! How’s summer treating you? Are you spending it wisely? Are you reclining on the beach catching the burning, hot rays of the sun? Are you melting? Don’t turn the fan on too high! If you have drawings lying around, those pages may take flight.   Maybe you don’t have time to bask in the summer heat. Maybe you’re locked inside, staring excitedly (or hopelessly) at your stack of comic thumbnails, drafts, and pages.  By the way, how’s your summer tan coming along? ...
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    Hey guys I'm livestreaming Wastelands doodles! Come on by and chat!! If folks want me to update them here via Inkblazers, let me know. I normally tag a post at my tumblr & twitter.
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    Paywall & Patreon

    Hey chickies,   With the Paywall rolling out , I've been wanting to know what my readers think about The Wastelands being on it? Obviously 2 months worth of comic (roughly 2 chapters, bewteen 15-40 pages eachish) will be withheld unless you network share and for some people who aren't subscribers, that's a lot of pages. I'd like to know if people are happy about this development? If you already watch me on twitter/tumblr/facebook, you know I have a Patreon. Where for those that are a patreon ...
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    Ominous Inking Effect with a Brush

    • Just for Fun
    • LOOM
    • Mar 17, 2013 2:48 PM
    Flexible Tools Demo: Inking with a Brush Most people know how crazy I am about ink and any kind of traditional tool... Since the last tutorials I did focused on rigid tools like technical pens and liners, I was kicking around the idea of showing a softer, more organic technique used making a flexible brush. With flexible tools, you can make  and all kinds of free, dynamic effects and lines. This technique is great for suspense and horror scenes, but the texture it makes is also great for tree...
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    Artist Interview Directory

    We are from all over the world and have different viewpoints and experiences. Meet some of the Inkblazers artists.   Artist Interviews: Asamiya - creator of Shinbuki Ashikai - creator of Shamrock DED - creator of Hell Kitchen deeJuusan - creator of Grey is... Drake Tsui - creator of SIN H0lyhandgrenade - creator of Rumplestiltskin Ishton - creator of Dao JigokuNeko - creator of Trouble Next Door JonLock - creator of Urban Reality Matsuyama Takeshi 松山健 - creator of Okamirai Mayshing - creator ...
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    The Inkblazers Preview Program Launches

      Thanks to all the support and feedback from the community, we are proud to announce today the launch of the Inkblazers Preview Program! What is the Inkblazers Preview Program?  The Preview Program gives any comic author the option where any comic pages that are uploaded in the last two months will be available only to paying subscribers or users who share on social networks about the comic they want to read.  Each comic that joins the Preview Program qualifies the author to be paid each mon...
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    Ask the Artists Episode 2

    Hello Everyone! Thank you all for your support and feedback for Episode 1 of Ask the Artists! We're glad your enjoying the series and are pleased to present the second episode!  Find out what comics inspire some of our premium artists, including Loom, h0lyhandgrenade, mayshing, JigokuNeko, Matsuyama Takeshi and Rogo!  Ask the Artists Episode 2: What is your favourite comic or manga? If you have a quesiton you'd like to pose to the artists then feel free to e-mail us at community<at>inkblazers...