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by Chocobosh

Mar 30, 2012 4:37 AM

I went to my 2nd editor this week with my most recently completed story, "Magic Mystery!" (which I am in the process of uploading now :)

I went over to talk to an editor at Square Enix's GFantasy. I'm a fan of the magazine, and thought that maybe my story would fit. 

Not sure if this is common knowledge, but in Japan, as long as you have a completed work, you can call up any magazine's editorial department and ask to talk to an editor. This is called "mochikomi." Usually they want to see a completed work that is a stand-alone story. This is called a "yomikiri." 

I'm explaining this because I think some people are curious about the process and have asked me about it.

Anyway, if you do mochikomi, be prepared to have your heart-filled work ripped to pieces in front of your eyes. More like your ears, actually. Earlier this month I had gone to Kodansha's "Afternoon" and the editor there was enthusiastic about my story and characters, but said my art was pretty terrible and said it would be years before I was commercially viable. GFan's editor pretty much was unexcited about every aspect of my story. The art was old, the story too convoluted, the pacing awkward. It's funny how differently two people look at the same comic.

One thing that editors seem to agree upon is my terrible drawing skill D; HAHA, actually in Japan, this is seen as entirely fixable if I just put more effort into it. 

Anyway, this is my life right now. I'm trying to think of a third editor to go to...I just need to think of a magazine that I could see myself in...D; 

It's hard getting up the courage to telephone the editor, go over to their company and wait; only to be told that you're terrible. But I think this is kind of the life of everyone who wants to do manga here lol.

Wow, I haven't written that much English in a while. I hope it was intelligible D;

EDIT: I just remembered something else. Apparently there's no age for when you can start mochikomi. My teacher apparently took her work to a publisher when she was an elementary schooler. I think that is adorable. Also, elementary schoolers send in contest entries for magazines like Jump! Imagine how cute those manga would be....and how many contest entries the editorial department receives!