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Official Okamirai 狼雷 Question Corner OPEN!!

by Matsuyama Takeshi 松山健

Apr 3, 2012 12:22 PM


Hey everyone! Welcome to the Official Okamirai Question Corner! Okamirai 狼雷 CHAPTER 4 is now FULLY online for you to read NOW! I'm pretty excited to post it!

There's gonna be a lot happening in this chapter and I also want to know what you guys want to talk about here? :D

First though, you can now follow me and Milky on TWITTER! \(^_^)/ Here!

The cover for CHAPTER 5 was also released TODAY! :D

So I'm very interested in what you guys think of Okamirai 狼雷 and I'm open to hearing any suggestions or questions you might have!

Let's think of these blogs as news as well as QUESTION CORNERS! (^_^)/'

Thank you for such a great month for Okamirai 狼雷! Let's make this one even better! We'll have 2 FULL chapters this month! :D



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