So we're making an RPG

by ThatBrownCat

May 10, 2012 4:22 AM

Hi MMers!

I talked with an old friend yesterday and we decided to revive our 5 year old project: Elementia Story.

It was conceived in 2007/2008 as an entry to a contest in OHRRPGCE. I made the character designs while AdrianX did the entire pixel graphics. We didn't finish the project in time for the contest, but we kept it alive.  Multiple attempts were done to revive and improve the story but failed---until yesterday. We finally polished the game's plot by covering the plot holes, making the world believable etc.

We hope to fund this game by launching it via Kickstarter (but before that, we have a LOT of things to do, right Adrian? :) )

Elementia Story is a classic take on JRPG. The Hero embarks on a journey to save his foster father from a curse. Along the way, 5 sisters aid him in his quest.  I really can't spill out a lot about this game (since we're stil finalizing it), but here are some images for those who're curious as to what it looks like:

promotional poster done in 2008. Character designs by me. Hero design (in this poster), Poster and Logo design by AdrianX. 

SCREENS (2008)

Created by AdrianX using OHR :).



Created by AdrianX on his own again using GameMaker last April 2012 :)

As of the moment, we're really lacking manpower :P we would like to recruit some people into our team, but we haven't made a formal "portfolio" . I hope we can polish enough stuff so we can at least present something, proof that this project, this rpg isn't fake and that's it's real. 

I guess we just have to wait and practice the virtue of Patience. 




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