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Thank God For Partial Auto-Save?

by Jaluna Rolik

May 3, 2012 8:41 PM

This whole day has been one bumpy ride. I've been exhausted and lethargic all day (probably partially from depression, though I'd really hate to admit I've been depressed over the same thing as the past years when I thought I was finally getting over i t)...But...The first thing that happened today was finding out I didn't have therapy. I woke up at 8, fell back asleep and dad came in a little while later to tell me two things: One, my therapist got sick and couldn't see me...Two, the psychiatrist appointment I had the other day that I thought we'd have a cancellation fee for? Well, there is none, because I never noticed that we had a message- it turned out that the psychiatrist cancelled the appointment because, like my therapist today, she was sick. So yeah. No cancellation fee this time! Yay!

But...Here's what else is lucky (besides the psych fee thing). Earlier today, when I did finally get out of bed, I tried using my computer which turned out to be frozen. I hadn't saved properly recently for my comic, so I was like, "shit...I'm screwed." Well, I finally booted up again about ten minutes ago, opened Comipo and...Would you know it? It offered to recall what I had done before the crash! So yes. I will be more careful to save- but Comipo gave me a second chance. I'm so loved <3


Oh. In other news...My uncle needs to sue a restaurant. They for some reason have the trap-door like thing to the basement/storage area in the men's bathroom, left it open after using it, and he fell right through the trap door and broke his hand, as well as getting a mild concussion. I find my uncle somewhat nerve-wrecking thanks to stories from his past, but fact is, he's my uncle, father of three of my six cousins, and he's always been nice to me. So while he does make me nervous, it stinks to me that he got hurt like that. So...He should totally sue them, I think. o.O; Am I just being juvenille with that train of thought?