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The tales of a nameless boy and his tree review

by PiNK

Comic Review
May 14, 2012 3:55 PM



 I have to say, the cover is pretty amazing, with an oil paint feel to it. It has a lot of ambience to it and really draws you in.


The story is about a magical forest inhabited by monsters, a boy and his tree, and a shapeshifter, a truley unique story! The narration adds a nice fairy tale feeling to it too. 


A simple and clean verticle layout that makes reading easy and enjoyable.


The characters are amazingly unique and full of personality. There's a nameless boy who lives with a tree named Poe and a shapeshifter named Tomo. The beginning also includes a french soldier who barely speaks english who becomes more important later on. The designs are also wonderful too. Tomo looks like a masquerade dancer and Poe appears nymph like.


Tomo adds in humor nicely with his naive personality and the quirkiness of the whole story adds a sense of humor and lightheartedness. 

-Limited Coloring

Limited colors are used to make certain things pop, like the nameless boy's eyes and important scenes.



-Slight Sketchiness

 Sketchiness is part of the style, but sometimes it can feel like a panel has been rushed. This is very rare though and barely noticable.

-A few typos

 Actually, only one as I can recall. Pacient should be patient.


Overall rating A, an amazingly unique story with wonderful characters that's easy to follow and read.

Read The tales of a nameless boy and his tree here:


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