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    Launch day!

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    • atorrey
    • Jul 24, 2014 9:53 AM
    Just launched lsposto's and my webcomic! DYSPHORIA: Prequel is the prologue to the main comic Dysphoria, which is currently being published by Hollow Tree Entertainment Inc. It will introduce you to the main characters of the comic and give you some background on our unfortunate protagonist and his merry (and sometimes not so merry) troupe of companions. We'll be updating one page every Saturday and Sunday after this initial release, so be sure to check back this weekend for more pages of DYS...
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    Nobility's Sacred (10 out of 20)

    the first ten pages has now been uploaded. Next ten will come after. ♪♪
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    • lsposto
    • Jul 24, 2014 9:32 AM
    I can't figure out how to become a co-author! So flustlating 
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    After I had surgery yesterday for some dental-work, I've been a little off in my estimates and my pereption of time- Namely, on what day of the week it is. In this confusion, I accidentally updated the comic a day earlier than I thought, so I apologize greatly for that. However, I won't be taking down any of the pages, so feel free to enjoy early content!
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    NARRATION Within the depths of the earth resides a place called Hallow’s Justice that is comprise of two chambers used in the afterlife. The first chamber is called Hallow’s Lobby, a waiting room designed to keep the deceased present until their trial and the second is called Hallow’s Court, a courtroom where the dead receive judgment to be transported to their final resting place. Instilling balance was the purpose the gods created and governed Hallow’s Justice but everything soon changed wh...
  • zea webb Profile

    the winner of the OC tournament

    well guys, contestants, viewers, its been so fun to co-hold this contest and get a chance to interact more with the inkblazer community, and it was fun getting to see all the great art and writing skills, but.... all good things must come to an end the winner of the OC tournament for amazing art and original writing, always keeping it fresh,........ TIICHI PRO 2!!!!   great job tiichi and congratulations! 1st place winner, see all tiichis OCs from the contest! ROUND 1....Farcis Thaymos  ROUND...
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    The Formal "Thank you" from the Royal "We."

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    • jjfresh
    • Jul 23, 2014 8:41 PM
    I'm putting official thank you here instead of just on comments on my profile. Not sure how many will see this though... Anyway, just want to officially thank people who take interest in my work and/or follow me. Have not been used to receiving praise or attention so I'm sure it is a big deal. What I want to tell you here is why I don't bother with personal thank you's. Going to each of your profiles and thanking you seems like nice idea because I am going out of my way just for YOU but when ...
  • Sean K Prower Profile

    What is Togire!?

    What is Togire!? It’s a slice-of-life comedy chibi yonkoma.   Story Togire! (Toh-ghi-reh) is about Monty; a wanabee artist in the process of relocating to live with his four closest friends. He hopes to make a career for himself from his first series - a webcomic called Togire! The material for his stories come from the real-life situations he and his friends find themselves in. While there is a running thread of the characters living together and Monty trying to make a success of himself, ea...
  • Stomach God Profile

    No Paywall here =3

    Hi guys! My first blog post here which is kinda funny since ive been here at nIB for so long, and funnily enough, its about the rollout of the preview program.  I will keep this short for the few of you who will actually care, Scribbles will not being going under a paywall..... Unless I suddenly end up with about 5 times the pageviews/readers. XP Scribbles is here for the entertainment of its fans, not to suck their wallets dry, and as such I have decided that Scribbles shall remain free to a...
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    About Me

    In my own words I can tell you a lot of reasons that set me apart from others. That is exactly what I will do.  I am outspoken, humble and kind. By nature I care for others and treat people with respect. My parents have brought me up to be positive no matter what the situation is. On the other hand I can be enforcing, strict, and very disciplining. Many people sometimes rely on me to enforce rules. Lots of people say I am mean or spiteful but I am not. I was brought up in a manner to be kind,...
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    Blood On My Hands

    I have been working on this story for 3 years. I would really love to finally be able to work with an artist to get this story going if any are interested. Below if the first chapter of my story, and will post more chapters if requested.  Synopsis: Drowning in regret from past mistakes, a desk jockey cop, Kage, stumbles upon a report that gets him entangled with the criminal underworld. Eager to find answers, and deliver retribution, Kage aimlessly pursues the truth which may cost him, and hi...
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    To all of Wind Page followers (and everybody else)

    I would like to show my followers and good friends this my apretation for following me.    And to anybody else seeing this I ask you to not only follow them but cheack out any work that  ajifantasy24, D.A Comics, Kathryn Masi Kero,  Yukura Daichi, Crystal_Empire, rukiasan, Joker 101, Undertaker D. Zoro, Sakura Fakoya, Silvanus, Chaos-Kid, Kiiroi_Senkou, Iceandfire, _ANO, Angemela,  AlkyseeyaKC, codehimi, NamidaSama, Nekotfish, CrEaRoCk, hoshi17, Shiriko Saito, KnArt, Soundkid, shadowpen, Ukan...
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    New Manga name!???

              So I've been working on a new manga, and so far i dont have a name for it. In a brief summary, its about a boy who is transported to a new home inside of a dome when a big war is happening, where an unknown leader watches over it. He and a new friend try and solve the mystery of what the secret of this place really is, when he discovers that he is the key to changing the direction of the war, knowing that the leaders are actually planning mass genocide and are in cahoots with the en...
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    Writer wanted

    What your about to see next is a pilot manga of this series that me, the artist, and my old writers were trying to make for a contest by Shonen Jump. We lost. (cry,cry sniff.) We were in a hurry to finish this on time. Venisha the artist is a better artist than this. she was rushed and we didn’t have time to edit and polish it. I hate page 24, Karaus is suppose to grow a super power when he’s attacked by a super powered foe. He just got grabbed by the arm by a normal person and suddenly he ha...