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    The Listening Wall - Status

    • Story Proposal
    • Angemela
    • Jul 27, 2014 11:20 PM
    Hello beloved readers of "The Listening Wall", As you all know, I havent been uploading any new pages for the past few weeks. I have a reason for that. I have school. I'm taking up 4 of my Major's major subjects right now and they're all prerequisite subjects for next semester. Although I'm not a really studious person, I'm quite serious with my academics especially when my whole life depends on it. I'm going to change the last 3 or 4 pages uploaded. I reviewed the story again and I felt bore...
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    Kid Soldier Sonya the Cat Soldier Contest

      ©   ENTER THE LINK BELOW NOW: by Takeshi Kid Soldier & © by Takeshi Characters are © by Dic® Entertainment inc & Creators. All Rights Reserved.   PLEASE SUPPORT THE FRANCHISE TO BE OFFICIAL. THANK YOU FANS.  
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    Possible manga/comic coming soon!

    • News
    • JB1608
    • Jul 27, 2014 1:46 PM
    Greetings Earthlings!    Bringing you some great news, I am single handling trying to create my very first manga! But unfortunately is taking longer then expected-haha. However I will do my best of keeping you guys posted on my creation! Thanks again inkblazers!  -Jb1608  (Jennifer Brawley)
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    Distinctive Story Idea #1 : "My weird life as a Main Character"

    Salam (Peace) to all~ 'cause I always come up with ideas that I can't make them all, I thought of sharing some of them (that I don't want to do myself)... if you want to write or draw this as Manga or Comic.. please ask for premission from me first.   for this entry I'll write the "beginning of the story" before talking about the idea. oh and used a lot of links to TvTropes that might eases understanding better but be careful that site is a black hole may ruin your life... Ok then .... ready?...
  • Han sama Profile

    Project Rookie Revival

    • Comic Review
    • Han sama
    • Jul 27, 2014 11:11 AM
    to all of my dear viewers or reader of my project rookie manga you' ll be probably wondering or confused since why each every chapter is unfinishes well its just because of the complication of my story yet a friend of mine requested me on one my chapter to make it a full pledge story and that's the chapter 3 ,"my valentine war", yes folks it is now finally decided that i will continue it as now a my brand new manga so look out for it -Han Sama
  • shenuyasha12719 Profile

    author looking for artist

    Hello everyone, For the longest time i have felt eager to write a manga story and have finally decided to make an attempt at doing so. I am in need of an artist who can compose artwork in somewhat of a melancholical noire style. My major inspiration is cowboy bebop and Big O so i would like to create my own riff on a similair atmosphere tone. Any artist interested please email me at so we can discuss further.
  • Connortoons Profile

    Pieguy Volume 0: the one shot edition

    So as you can probably tell, I'm doing a one shot for Pieguy. i already wrote and thumbnailed it and started inking It should be out later this year
  • ammehsuor Profile

    Year 2

    Hello everyone. This is one of two art sites I'm on. I'm not around much, but I do post every time I have something new. Currently I have one completed comic (A Fireside Tale) and 2 on hiatus / in progress (Chocolate Premiere and Beltane & Litha). I hope you'll stick around and see what I have to offer ^^
  • XiaoMasterCow Profile

    What would you like to see from me?

    Hi ya'll, how is everyone? What kind of art (fan art o other-wise) would you guys like to see from me? What kind of manga would you be interested in seeing me draw?
  • KiwiHorizon Profile

    Friends are awesome

    It's midnight, yet I have so much on my mind.  No, no, don't worry. It's not gonna be a long, lengthy speech (mainly because I am not particularly fond of those...). I am just stating what many people would think is obvious: Friends are awesome. My last few years in college is not really giving me any encouragement what-so-ever about careers and the future, and because of this, I have been so run down and disappointed in everything I do, even drawing. My best friend seemed to have also gone t...
  • bodaciouswhale Profile

    Small Introduction and Update... or just date since no one knows me?

    Hi i'm Thomas.  ... k Well I have a job working with hippies and their hippy kids (Co-Consuler at Eco-Friendly summer camp) this summer. I am going to use this money to buy a new computer, drawing supplies, and a new battery for my Wacom Splash tablet. yep. thats all.  bye.
  • Dark Lord senpai Profile

    Manga Goes bye bye

    It was a hard decision, but I made the choice to go ahead and join Amazon Unlimited program.  I have to remove all the manga and become exclusive with them.  Thanks for all those how supported the manga.  It has been a fun ride.
  • Tayeleah Profile

    Ghost Announcement

        Dear Ghost readers, I'm sorry that I haven't been updating the comic lately. Since Ghost is a full color comic it has been harder to accomplish pages than I thought. I also realize working on two comics is a bit much for me currently. So with that being said I decided to hold back on working on Ghost and focus on ETERNITY: Brother's Keeper. I notice that more people have that book in their bookshelf and I am also further along in that book than I am in Ghost. Don't get me wrong, I'm still...
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    Apple Black Volume 1 + Contest?

  • VonBoche Profile

    I feel like bitchin'.

    You know what ? You close yourself from the internet, more or less two weeks without uploading cos you're moving, you're ripping wallpapers, painting behind, you're sweating, you're breathing dust and still managing to pump out a few pages in all of this shit, all the while hoping, expecting some sort of news, either new comments, new watches, just anything when you'll come back that'll make you want to do more, get back full swing into the groove.   But then you connect and there's nothing. ...