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  • Akira Hikawa Profile

    Character's graphism enhancement of Chapter 1

    All mangaka begin a manga with a style, but as we go along the story this style evolves or even changes (Eiichiro Oda with 'One Piece'; Kentaro Miura with 'Berserk',...). But with my manga Gods, instead of "finding the style" after 50 chapters I've decided to use a uniform style since the beginning, and that's why I want to do these enhancements. I've already enhanced page #5, and I'll enhance 3 more pages. Also, there are 4 more pages of chapter 2 to go, and all of them will be released befo...
  • Ozzy Profile

    Plans for the future!

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    • Ozzy
    • Sep 21, 2014 4:10 PM
    9/21/14 Greetings Inkers! So today is a calm, easy, and relaxing day for me and my family. Not very much to report. Although the drawing I was going to put up yesterday unfortunetly didn't happen. the reason for this being that I did not realize the dip settings were way way to high on my wacom tablet. So I found out that this web site can't handle that much and I will have to redo the drawing. So bare with me as I am new to understanding all the secrets to my tablet and this web site:) The s...
  • Mary Goglia (MGartist) Profile

    Let's Go Now! Chapter Two Teaser Description

    The teaser description can now be read for chapter two of my webcomic, Let's Go Now! :)
  • Luminent-Soul Profile

    I Made A Patreon Account

    Hey guys~ I have made myself a Patreon account where any of you can support me. There are amounts that show what what I will when you pledge the amount you give each month. A measly dollar is all right with me anyway. :3 So thanks for checking it out and I would love to keep doing what I love, and be able to obtain the materials that I will need in order to keep on going. I might change a few things, but this is what I have for now.
  • Ncofinclusif Profile

    populaire how ??

    just asking but how do i get more populaire on inkblazers    please drop a comment donw below if you know how  or if you know someone who knows hot to get populaire .   thanks allready for reading this blog and please read my manga  (moshi moshi .) the dot is nessasery  have a nice day  
  • mely-4ever Profile

    Hello There

    So I'm a starting artist I guess you can say so I need some tips and advice. So, how do you make a manga? Do you have any advice for manga illustrations? Also what materials and supplies should a newbie like me use? Rember, any advice is helpful! Thanks to my followers, you really inspire and motivate me to keep going! :)
  • ShiromeProject Profile

    Character Bio: Axel Sunohara

    Axel:  Age: 15 //  Height: 5’9 //  Hair: white //  Eyes: ice blue // Gender: M   bio; Axel is a fun loving adventurous boy, who always sees the good in things. He makes friends easily, however,his friendly nature helps to make enemies as well. Cared for by his legal guardian, Levi, he lives in the small village of Murake with the other main characters. He enjoys reading stories of legends and heroes, and often gets in to trouble without intention. (sorry its so short, but no spoilers... sorry...
  • Bruno Kaito Profile

    Cyprus Comic Con 2014

    Well, I’m so glad that my very first blog will be about my visit at the 1st Comic Con of my little island, Cyprus! :3                                 First of all, I just want to say that the whole event was super amazing! Not only that but it was also amazing to see so many people coming for the event!  I had a lot of fun and met a ton of interesting, unique and lovely people as well as amazing cosplayers but most importantly - creative people!       All of the local artists there, were amaz...
  • da-JENKI Profile

    livestream ON 9/21

    going live come hangout
  • Fuya Ryufaei Profile

    What is your inspirational music~? 。◕‿◕。)/

    So What is your current inspirational music~ post only one~ (ノ・ェ・)ノ   Here's mine... (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧  
  • ShiromeProject Profile

    Sigh... -__-;

    heyo. So im not feeling too good, its not physical, its mental. I really feel like my art isnt going anywhere, i havent drawn anything noteworthy for almost a month. i dont feel confident in my background abilities. and worst of all, im feel like giving up... I hate giving up, especially on something i want to complete! but i just feel... its almost like i lost my style, and im searching for it again... hope i find it soon. not sure if ill be posting any pics tomorrow, as always byyyeee... by...
  • Kolohei Profile


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    • Kolohei
    • Sep 21, 2014 7:37 AM
    Ohh my god. School has been awful to me lately. Like really bad. 10 watercolor prints doesn't sound bad, but when you're laying watercolor on plexiglass you find that it's much harder to get bright color. SO you layer...and layer...and layer... and then you have to let it dry! For an hour or so. Or two. Then! You get to layer some more. :D ugh. So i've been up at school for like 10 extra hours....painting and printing. I feel like i haven't been near my computer in ages. I did manage to keep ...
  • Meda ramo Profile

    Massassin is going monthly

    So my school just started. and it's already such a hassle! and i'm moving to a new house... so i needed to somewhat ease my schedule..... I decided to upload a chapter a month around 35 pages on the second monday of the month. for all of you who are dissapointed.... i'm sorry ..  We had a great 6 weeks but massassin is going to become a monthly manga. Monthly Shounen Massassin. -Meda
  • R&A comics Profile

    100th page of Paranormal

    This Sunday's update will be our 100th Page of Paranormal S.P.P!! To celebrate this first milestone, and 1 years worth of work (just about) I want to take some suggestions from YOU, our dear readers, on how to commemorate this occasion. I have some Ideas in mind: We could take on some requests Attempt a short side story for one or more characters Or run a Q and A session Let me know what you all think, or if you have your own suggestion for our celebration :) On another quick note, THANK YOU ...
  • Kamenra Profile


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    • Kamenra
    • Sep 20, 2014 8:39 PM
    Okay Everyone this is going to be short and sweet about a webcomic site that i think needs to be known and quick. The name of this site is Saturday Am. So what makes this site so good , the answere for that is simple they are a bi weekly manga site that haves high quality work and gives away 20 issues per year meaning that you only have to pay them 5 dollars!! for 20 issues . the coolest part about them is that their Kickstarter will help them through several of things one is that they are go...