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    Do You Have That Character...

    That you love but hate at the same time? Ohmygawd I do. Because for some reason it's hard to draw Eden's hair sometimes. I struggle because his hair isn't like the other characters I have. X'D I love drawing him, but he's a pain sometimes. What did I get myself into?(As I ask myself drawing things that I have never drawn before.)     Side note. I was a fool in thinking I could stay up.....The struggle is too real....
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    Continue reading 9 Chances for Love and CBC at Smackjeeves!

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    • Yolin
    • Dec 20, 2014 2:39 AM
    Ho!Ho!Ho! I heard the unfortunately news that Inkblazers is shutting down. So what’s going to happen to the comics?  Well if you like to read what happens next you can also find them over here! 9 Chances for Love: Canned Banana Cake: I hope to see you guy there and thank you very much for reading! Yolin
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    Shutdown and next plans

    Hello All I thought my next blog posting would be something fun or silly, but not for sad news like this. :( Well you might have seen the notice about Inkblazers from the main post or from the many others, but yes this site is ending. In all honesty i was going to bed and I saw a tumblr post saying this news. Actually took me by surpise. So yea I got to think a lot about what to do with the time thats left. :/   If anything i have somethings in mind: *Post the rest of chapter 4- At least you ...
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    Where to Find Me After Closing

    Really sorry to hear about the site closing...I had heard a lot of rumors that this site was not a priority for people who it theorectically should have been a priority for...but whatever. If you want to continue following me I have a new site I made and will be updating more often now: I also made a FB page for it here: You can also find me on Tumblr here: I met a lot of good people through this site...
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    External Links

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    • Reabault
    • Dec 20, 2014 12:57 AM
    Just to remind all my followers on here that all my links to other sites are available on my home page, my comic is still available on tapastic, smackjeeves and my main site and further support can be given via Patreon. AGAIN - ALL LINKS ARE ON MY INKBLAZERS HOMEPAGE, THANK YOU.   And otherwise I will not be reuploading my old comics anywhere for the time being, so if you haven't read them better get to it.
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    Inkblazer is Closing :(

    Dear IB artists; I just want to give a shout out of sympathy and my admiration to all these dedicated IB authors! You were my inspiration, my hope and believe in original comics and creative worlds. I was deeply in shock when the news about the shut down, I was planning to submit my chapter starting in 2015 and now I have to look for another revenue. Like Rogo says; please don't stop drawing and bringing new stories. I will also not give up and will continue to pursue the appearance of my web...
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    Find Apple Black Here, Inkblazers is No Longer...

    Hey Guys, WhytManga here, As you may know, Inkblazers will be ending in February so a lot of comics are letting their supporters know where they're moving to, where their comics will be found from now on. I noticed that there were some Inkblazers staff that weren't fans of this whole shinimaJIG, hell it was probably news to some.  While Apple Black's updating on Inkblazers had ended, I still founf myself here from time to time at least once or twice a day, I'm not back end or behind the scene...
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    • Elagune
    • Dec 20, 2014 12:08 AM
    Hey guys. Haven't been on inkblazers for a while, but that doesn't mean I've stopped drawing. Basically, what's going on is that I've started posting basically everything art-related on my tumblr instead. It's basically my go-to place for anything that's got to deal with my work at all. It took me a while to realize that I haven't really talked about it on here - the link is by the way - and I'm sorry if you guys think I've vanished off the face of the earth. Anyway, Tha...
  • Iris studio Profile

    for all who now and follow me

    given teh recent news i hear dof the shut down infebruary i will giv emy link on Deviantart here illgive news of places where i willpost my comics and drawing otherwis eon there as wellthank you guys for stickig with me so long on here! i hope that you'll stay with me on deviantart as well
  • Ayano Tanaka Profile

    Song for inkblazers community.

    Well, for some it was short and sweet, others have basically lost their jobs, but don't ever lose and don't give up.
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    Inkblazer's shutdown discussion

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    • Tacto
    • Dec 19, 2014 10:10 AM
    EDIT: This info from the "IB Emergency transition handbook" sheds light and closes the discussion about the site's future: "There is no way to preserve or save the current InkBlazers site as its IP is going to be used for other purposes in SE Asia and, therefore, will not be released by the parent company." Now we know. More info on how to transition from IB to the future is found here:       Inlbalzers' sh...
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    Re: Inkblazers Shutdown

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    • sykugen
    • Dec 19, 2014 10:27 PM
    I haven't been an active player on Inkblazers, but I daresay I do visit the site on an almost daily basis to browse comics, read comics, and catch up with the community. I haven't hosted a comic on Inkblazers but I have been working on one in the hopes that I may one day host it here. It sucks that the site is shutting down because we need this. The community needs this, the comic-reading community needs this. The independent artists, writers and publishers need this. It isn't really a matter...
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    • Peanats
    • Dec 19, 2014 10:20 PM
    Pom: "where r we going, Ginger??" Ginger" "I DONT KNOW!!" *mumbles locations and freaks out in whispers* Imagine traveling home after a worn-out semester and you've been informed that your reliable webcomic hosting site is shutting down soon. Not the greatest way to end a semester, thats for sure... Inkblazers my website host for BTW is closing on feburary 1st! This is a huge blow to alot of friends i know finacially and those who are slowly getting some feedback in their comic.... So where t...
  • MC.PAKU Profile

    I will change the base to Tapastic.

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    • MC.PAKU
    • Dec 19, 2014 9:42 PM
    Ok,now the Inkblazers will collapse, so I will shift my comic Re-agree/Indenture Of Apostles to Tapstic. Welcome to see continued.=w= LINK:Re-agree/Indenture Of Apostles You can reading my comic with music~so please enjoy it~OwO    
  • Jeshi Profile

    Goodbye and where to find me after shutdown

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    • Jeshi
    • Dec 19, 2014 8:52 PM
    I want to say I'm still heartbroken over the news, because this site gave me hopes that I can fulfill my dream of making my own manga and making a living off it and also motivation to draw it. I feel depressed but I decided not to give up on Dreamverse and comic making in general. I'll be updating Dreamverse as regularly as I can, but much less often than I've beeng doing it until now. Actually I was planning to switch to 1 page per week updates anyway, as seriously, it's gonna take ages unti...