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  • Tayeleah Profile

    Ghost Series & Eternity Series

    Hello all! My name is Tayeleah for those who I haven't met yet. I have been working on the concept Eternity series since 2012 and now early 2014 I have determined the overall outline of the series Eternity. Lately though I have been focusing on Ghost on here to build a fan base for the series, but I notice not a lot of people been interested in Ghost. Maybe because the style that it is drawing in? I'm not sure... I am confident though if I was to present Eternity that more people would like t...
  • da-JENKI Profile

    Kawataro's future and news of a weekly stream

    okay so for any of you who remember my manga Kawataro ive decided that i really want to tell this story ive come up with many different ideas for stories i want to do but i keep coming back to this one so ive decided im going to do it. Now im ot just going to pick the story up where i left off; im actually starting from the ground up with it now i plan to keep some things the same but i really want to put as much effort into the story as i can. With this being stated i want to let you guys kn...
  • 願entertainment Profile

    Kingdom Heaven update this week

    Update info this week: 4-18 (This blog will edited weekly): I have upload 2 pages this week (if you include the sunday) Hello, Kingdom Heaven fans. I have a sad news to make. For couple of weeks I am going to upload only one page a week. I'm doing it for a good reason, you'll understand by the end of the first chapter, "Oneshot Chapter: Kazumi Tsukino".   SELF INTRO: Hi, You can call me Won. I want to call myself WonEntertainment I am Korean who lives in US. Ever since I was young I've been v...
  • Rolling girl Profile

    June 8, 2014

    This is just a heads up on a release of a short manga I'm coming up with. So far, I have originally obtained three Originals characters and will be releasing a comic and possibly a motion book piece of them appearing in the main story. Reason for this share is that I want to invite more people to help kickstart this project. That and for fun, but most likely to practice my drawing style and see if I can depict most of the background as practice. It would be fine to ask if you can pick a spot ...
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    Dreams   To me, dreams are all that matters,   No Dream is "stupid" and no dream is any better.  The only thing that differs from dreams are the perspective seen through the eyes of opinion from others.   Never let someone tell you anything that is not a positive perspective on YOUR dream. I have many dreams, dreams that people would find outmost rediculous, but I do not care :3    Having dreams that people seem to find impossible, are the best types of dreams!! To me, having those impossible...
  • shakejake Profile

    Jake took a healthy break, now I'm back.

    Yay! I'm back, and ready to drown myself in awesome stuff! I missed you guys. T-T
  • Erick Evans Profile

    Hiatus coming

    Hey to my awesome followers! I have a bit of some news to share to yo all about this page and my manga Enchanted Blade. As of today Im gonna move to a new place and have to get some important stuff done. but no worries becuse after my return will work even harder on my manga(mabey with a few new chapters done) and mabey start a patreon. so sorry about this news but again, Ill return more powerfull! lol
  • Bethany-sensei Profile


    You ever just have one panel that you just can't get right, and it drives you crazy until you walk away from it in disgust, and then you leave it alone for a reeeeeeeaaaaaally long time, and then suddenly it comes out right? ... And that's the story of how I didn't work on Discord for two months.  Oops.
  • WhytManga Profile

    My Manga "Apple Black" is in over a 1000 Bookshelves!!

    First of all, THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO ALL WHO TOOK TIME OUT TO READ MY WORK AT ALL!!! if you can't get enough, hopefully you can't, go here for more Apple Black on Saturday-AM, a NEW shonen action Manga Anthology Magazine!
  • da-JENKI Profile

    still streaming

    okay so ive been going 3hrs strong and dont plan on stopping anytime soon so if you want to come hangout listen to random songs from youtube and watch me draw just click here XD
  • RB-Illustration Profile

    20% Off Spring Sale

    Hello everyone c: I currently have a sale running in my online shops which will be active until April 30th, with 20% off everything. There's no minimum spend! Shipping costs are excluded from the discount. Please take a look if you can. I'm just about to order a new selection of posters so I'd like to make way for new stock. :D Note: I've tried to keep the prices consistent between the two shops but because one is in GBP and the other in USD, there may be inconsistencies. I apologise for this...
  • PunkCupCake Profile

    Regional Speech

    All areas have weird accents and pronunciations (like the people in my state saying "bolth" instead of both.) Or regional words (like la alberca instead of la piscina.) I just kinda want to know what the weirdest accent you have heard was, and where it was from.
  • Joashi Profile

    What makes a manga (from a novice author)

    • Just for Fun
    • Joashi
    • Apr 17, 2014 11:02 AM
    Ohayo! Joashi here and I've been a writer since I was seven but obviously I got a lot to learn before I can claim that with confidence. Anyway, first entry for me: What makes a manga? (My perspective of course) Firstly, my initial thought would have been extremely realistic art, sci-fi plot and a lot of humorous quirks or reality beat downs - but I was proved wrong when I ventured out in to the manga side of things I realized that most of that isn't true. So to make a good manga I simply thin...
  • Masterwolf599 Profile

    Phoenix Chronicles: Prologue

    Phoenix Chronicles Prologue:  Legends are born The galaxy; where new discoveries and beginnings are made. Luring the explorer, the dreamer, the scientist, and the curious to go into the final frontier to see what they could find and discover. Years went by as the humans began to colonize planets away from their own home planet of Earth. Most Colonists meet creatures that resemble the animals of Earth, but more anthropomorphic and have their own government and way of life though can be similar...
  • Masterwolf599 Profile

    Birthday today =D

    Well today is my Birthday and so far its been going well =D I really enjoy spending time with my family and having a great time with family and working on several ideas for my drawings and concept art for my series 'Phoenix Chronicles'. but so far, I am having an awesome day and tonight, I will be heading to an Irish pub to celebrate my 23rd birthday =D