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    Writing story version of comic on

    hey, so I'm going to try and write the story version of my comic on before i start drawing it out on sai...when i can...when mom lets me use her laptop again....*Sigh*. So yeah  I finaly found a name for  the stroy that i think sounds awsome  "Welcome To Lost will be the title for it. :3 i find it very awesome becuase i think it will fit the story pretty well. so yeah, i'll update with the link once i get the first chapter written and posted up on that site. Wish me luck guys...
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    Lack of updates...

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    • Sao
    • Apr 23, 2014 6:33 AM
    Sorry for the delays on my comic...I really wanted to update faster and commit at least 5 pages in a couple of weeks but I guess putting effort on work and personal comic together isn't so easy after all... I do thank you for every follower and people who bookmarked my comic. I hope you won't think I'm dead ...haha...ha >__>)9   /back to office work/
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    Fighting with a scanner.

    So, I bought a brand new scanner about three months ago. I did so because I wanted to upload at my discretion without having to rely on using the local library; this has not panned out as I had hoped. I have been literally fighting with the configuration of the scanner to make it work. I followed the installation to the letter, yet it still says I'm missing hardware or something vague like that... Hopefully, I can figure out a way around this, and start uploading my new work.
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    R.A. Comics Direct -- printing review

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    • NAAN
    • Apr 22, 2014 5:03 PM
    Ohohoho, my second blog post here XD I also need to update my illustrations gallery. Still, this here post is pretty important! (I humbly think so, hohoho.) This is my first time writing a review for a printing company -- while I'm mainly doing it for LOOM and her sister, I hope this also helps anyone like me who wants to be sure about which printing companies and which aren't. So a like is super appreciated! This is solely my experience, as I'm sure anyone can attest to the fact that everyon...
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    Just Thinking...

    I post a page of Outside In every Tuesday, but I kind of only want to update Discord in chunks. Any thoughts?
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    going live 4/22

    im going live come watch
  • Earthfield Profile

    Review: Gatekeeper.

    [Introduction] Hello, and welcome to my comic review of Boxno's work "Gatekeeper". First off; let's start by saying that it's a really complicated piece of work, and a good one to be honest. It has a strong mood, a slow pace, and great characters to move the story forward. So let's get on with the story. [Story] The story puts us in the shoes of Olivia Kane, a criminology graduate finding a hard time to find a job, due to her introverted personality, until her father arranged a job interview ...
  • Chazilicious Profile

    Hello All! 1st

    Hey guys!  My name is Chaz, and this is a project I had started back in 2009, i actually did the first chapter then, and picked it back up in 2012. So the art work and quality is a bit off at first and evolves as the chapters progress. I'm very excited to bring this to this community and share with you guys. I had been on facebook, but that was cray, and by cray I mean didn't generate enough attention.   Anyways, I hope you will enjoy this. Regards, -Chaz Reynolds
  • 願entertainment Profile

    Open for Commission

    As my DeviantID says, I have many wishes to show and impress with my stories and art but like any poor artists, needs money. I in need of money to show my art skill at the maximum and speed. I do OCs, Chibi, Fanart in anime style. Check out my GALLERY. Open, meaning slots are empty or it hasn't been payed Worked on, meaning certain numbers of slots are filled and has been payed and being worked on Payed, meaning commission has been payed but waiting to be worked on Busy, meaning all slots are...
  • Chaos-Kiid Profile

    Luna Kingdom

    Big NEWS!!! ^~^ hehe   For any one who maybe be interested! you make like my Facebook page!  ~~ ~~ :3 I hope you can all share the love I put into my manga so far! I also wish to read all of your mangas/bolgs/pictures..ect.. ^~^   Have a GREAT DAY!!!   ~Chaos-Kiid
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    hi pepel of ink blazers

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    • k.ward
    • Apr 22, 2014 4:46 AM
                first off, this is the first time i've dun soumthing like this so i don't know what to say. but i ges i shod say hi to all the pepel that may or may not be reeding this. and thanks for not thinking that it well be a wast of your time. i shod probley warn you that i cant spel to save my life if soumthing is by soum work of the godes spelt rite than i copyed it. lets see what to say? oh! i know sins it's ester how about somthing to do with chocoleat? well win my mum vesed me today s...
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    Mes dessins manga

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    • Leemon
    • Apr 22, 2014 2:48 AM
    Hello guys, Here is my website (french) about my drawings. There is no need to speek french to understand. Pleas have a look and comment : Thank you in advance.
  • Alpharie Profile

    Record 1: Greeting

    Greetings denizens of Ink Blazers! I am Alpharie, and I am entering a point that I need to push myself to do something great. Life has much to offer, and art is a special gift that must be honed with practice. I am going to slowly release a webcomic, titled "Blighted", until it is finished. It has an interesting storyline, and I will be growing my talents as a mangaka while pushing myself to tell this tale. I am open to advice, and as we are all adults here, please refrain from making obnoxio...
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    The Elites

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    • SHARK
    • Apr 21, 2014 10:00 AM
    Ok guys! This is our first blog >.< and it is about the Elites. Don't worry, new pages are coming it's just we are doing a rather minor overhaul of the first chapter as well. So the plan is to give you guys a new page and an old page each week.  Just to let you know, we are fixing the anatomy problems and adding a bit more toning here and there. So sorry if the updates aren't completely new pages and bear with us as we have two different styles mashed together in a chapter for a short while. ...
  • Elsabe Profile

    About me

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    • Elsabe
    • Apr 21, 2014 7:02 PM
    Well,draw is like a disaster i don't know draw very well but i know act not very well but it's almost there i think it's the only thing i know I love this anime:Inuyasha because talk about Japan in the past.But i know the animes less famous is as good as the animes most famous.