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    Infinite | Chosen Path Contest 2014

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    • 1H3RO
    • Oct 22, 2014 1:49 PM
    Infinite|Chosen Path Contest (Updated Revised Version)   We are all Infinite in our dreams and goals. Our abilities should never have a limit placed upon them.  We are capable of achieving so much more when we're focused. This contest calls for creators and readers of to use your abilities.  I call on you to participate in the Infinite|Chosen Path Contest. If you choose to find your path within this contest here is what will be asked of you. STEP 1 -  Read Infinite and become a part of the jo...
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    Welcome to all Black Manga Fans and World Anime/Manga Fans to Black Shounen Manga Entertainment

    Welcome to Black Shounen Manga Entertainment BlackShounenManga was Founded in 2003. Hello Manga Fans and Black Manga Fans and to people of inkblazers We here to Entertain everyone with Full Content Uncut and Uncensored with Anthropormorchic Characters aswell. We'' post Japanese African Illustrated Manga through out the Past to Present:D Enjoy the Mangas Everyone We Do not approve Private Body Parts on Manga Period.  
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    I'm back! :O

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    • Kageri
    • Oct 31, 2014 2:01 AM
    Oh dear Lord it's already been a year :O I'm so sorry for not updating for such a long time, I have been so busy with university this year -_-" Hopefully I'll be able to upload some new pages soon, I need to pull my tablet out from the abyss that is my messy drawer first though. I swear it's probably collected a fair amount of dust now :D Anyways, sorry again for the huge period of in-activeness (haha, is that even a word?),  but thanks for your support!! <3
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    Happy Halloween people's! So what are you guys going to do?

    This isn't a blog entry at all. XD I just wanted to give out a holiday shout out to everyone.  So, happy Halloween people's. :D Remember, stay safe, don't do anything too rash considering that people are carrying guns around now...._. So don't go to a random neighbor dressed a zombie pretending to eat him or her, they might shoot you. It happens a lot where I live at. I don't know if it happens anywhere else as much, but just in case, be careful everyone. Besides that, if you're a  teenager o...
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    Halloween stream
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    Following people

    I will get to reading everyones comics soon enough. I love comics and it is a fun format. And I enjoy reading them on my Ipad. If you think your comic is good let me know and I will check it out. Thanks.  So I wanted to talk about following people. I am open to meeting new people. However, I won't follow so quickly. Unless I we know each  other in some way. For example, I am following one person now, but I have known her for maybe 2 years now. I have watched her work for her passion, her comi...
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    Inktober update

    Since tomorrow is Halloween and I'll be as free as a bird from all school work, (YAY) I will be drawing and posting possibly numerous drawings and inkings. So be prepared for possible spams. And this year I'm getting the guts to finally dress up! I'm hoping to go for a victorian style from England. Sort of like how Black Butler is like since I love Black Butler so much. But I'm excited! And tomorrow I might possibly not have school. Still debating whether I should go or not. But anyways tomor...
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    Rather than apologizing every time that I can't get an update on time, I'm going to make one post to cover them all.  As long as I am still in school, please assume that, if my comic doesn't update, it is likely an exam week for me.  So, that being said, I'm sorry for any late days that I'll have in the future, but I'll always try to make extra pages later to make up for it!
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    Slayer Studios and The Great Divide!

    Slayer Studios!   Hello my art-lovin' friends! It's time you heard what Slayer Studios is all about!   Slayer studios is the name of our future studio, obviously! Created by me and my best friend and artistic partner! It's the name under which all of our projects will rise! There is so much to come, we have almost ten or so storys combined that have yet to be created. Slayer Studios defies reality and motivates others to follow their dreams, that anything is possible. A manifestation of the w...
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    Happy Halloween!!!

    Hi to all! ^_^ I feel so bad that I couldn't do a Halloween illustration. I really really wanted to but I just can't find the time T_T .....maybe I can still make it haha I will try to but if not then oh well x) I carved my first pumpkin last night. Maybe I can put up a pic of it so you can all see. This year I will be a vampire princess. what will you be? anyways, Happy Halloween everyone!
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    The Inkblazers Community

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    • wings_56
    • Oct 30, 2014 9:39 AM
    I've only been active on inkblazers a little while, and honestly I have to say this is THE BEST art/comic/manga community I've ever been a part of. Everyone here is amazing and I think the community continuously attracts even more amazing people so its amazing on top of amazing which is amazing!  Also, I want to read all of the manga. All of them. At once if I could. All manga at once. Every inkblazer is the best! Readers/Writers/Artist, everyone should be proud for this space that they have ...
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    Happy Birthday Lizzie!!!

    Hello all! So some of you may have noticed that i have updated TWO pages yesterday, and that was intentional. On October 31st, is the creator and write of Changelings, Tlgrande!  She and I are doing this project together. I , EvelynArts, am the artist and she is the everything else!!! So, wish her a Happy birthday on her Deviantart account or on smackjeeves as well!!   Thanks,  EvelynArts
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    G-pen is HERE!!!......

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    • Mangoh
    • Oct 30, 2014 6:22 AM
    YESSS!!! *fangirl squeal* Oh MAN I am so excited!!!!.....except i have to finish my huge workload before I can open it...... "yay" -_- so ya, I'll post my first thoughts after I open it and use it for a bit... MAN! SO PSYCHED!!! aight dats all byeyeyeyeyeye bye XD
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    Rainfall chapter 2

    Pages 6 to 30 of Rainfall chapter 2 are coming next week. :)  From now on, do you prefer if i release whole chapters once a month or 5 pages a week for example?  Thanks!  
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    Part2 released!!