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    i.....i have seen and reading some stuff about school life.....and.....i kinda want to do one my self.....b-b-b-but that feels a bit girly....>/////< s-s-so i thought i should ask you guy's waht i should do! >///<
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    I apologize for uploading Nazi imagery on this website. It was wrong, even if it was not meant in any negative fashion, the image itself carries negative connotations through history, and using it in a comedy was wrong, which is why I removed it to begin with. I apologize to Ogawa Burukku for copypasting the navy seal copypasta. It wasn't meant as a death threat, simply a deflection. But nonetheless, I'm sorry. - R. Merryweather
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    Kid Soldier Fan Art Submission Weekly

        Every 24 Hrs and 7 Days Please Summit Fan Art of Kid Soldier Series & Favorite Characters in the Comments Below Impress the Creator. Kid Soldier & © by Takeshi Characters are © by Dic® Entertainment inc & Creators. All Rights Reserved.    
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    Story Ideas: Mechanova

    This is one of few story ideas that I had in mind and I want some opinions. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Title: Mechanova Genre: Reverse harem, action, adventure, comedy, school life Plot: The series follows Charlotte "Charlie" Tairo, a tomboy, naturally-gifted in building, who joins group of friends called the Virtuous Seven, after being constantly persuaded by her roommates, Kiyoshi Aiyoko and Lorenzo Pratt. When Charlie ...
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    Infinite | Chosen Path Contest 2014

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    • 1H3RO
    • Oct 21, 2014 10:22 AM
    Infinite|Chosen Path Contest   We are all Infinite in our dreams and goals. Our abilities should never have a limit placed upon them.  We are capable of achieving so much more when we're focused. This contest calls for creators and readers of to use your abilities.  I call on you to participate in the Infinite|Chosen Path Contest. If you choose to find your path within this contest here is what will be asked of you. Here is the link to read Infinite as well on inkblazers - http://www.inkblaze...
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    J.M. Reviews: Quest Line

    Comic title: Quest Line Story/Art: Reoma     Synopsis Yopa Uma is the most hadsome and talented man alive,the "Ultimate star" ...or so he thinks one fateful day a mysterious man offered Yopa an audition spot for a "special play", little did Yopa know that he has fallen into the mysterious man's ploy and that this event will  lead him to a series of Quests that will change his life.   Pros Pretty Funny Protagonist Yopa Uma, the main character of this story is one of the silliest protagonists I...
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    Kid Soldier Z

    Kid Soldier Z Debut Date: October,29th,2006 Publisher: Takeshi Developer: Takeshi Story:
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    80 Classroom Sketches!

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    • WhytManga
    • Oct 21, 2014 11:29 AM
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    Genius New Idead!! OUT OF CONTROL!!

    Ipad froze one me so now i have to retype this thing.  Okay, so sometime over the summer I wanted to create a parody of Hentai, because there isn't one. I called it Hentai Zettai. Its about a guy who lives in a Hentai world, Fucking hates it and refuses to follow the order of the world. His name is Zettai, he hates perverted anything and enjoyes preventing it through any means necessary. He is in highschool and often comes to class covered in blood. he can kil anyone and bring them back with ...
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    Coffee Shop Review

    Coffee Shop (by Karla Diaz) Review:   Coffee Shop is a powerful comic because it has a strong concept and a structure that works right at the beginning. It is not a comic I would recommend for a young public though, as the story is complex and the relationship between Raymond and Lucy is geared toward a mature public. The story is really good and the pace is smooth, there is no problem with consistency or understanding - the scenario moves on accordingly and the characters develop pretty well...
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    Leaving this account

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    • :(
    • Oct 21, 2014 5:34 AM
    So,  have this account on my old email which i don't have access to anymore, therefore i have moved to a new account with my current email... all there really is to it. i am putting my story on hold for now (possibly for ever) because i can come up with some good ideas, but i can't write for my life, so im teaming up with one of my best friends to make a new story , hope you understand, and i hope even more that you check out my new page:
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    Apparently today my Language Arts teacher got a new haircut but I was more interested in her new doorknob that was installed just a few days ago. Hahaha I guess the doorknob was a little interesting than her haircut. * Not trying to be rude. Her haircut was nice as well.* :D 
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    Incident last night

    Hey guys, if you read my previous blog post you know I am currently working at Renaissance Festivals recenly, I am a Jerlery Sails women. In the state I live in in the USA has snakes, a crap lot of  'em. SO I see them very often, and last night I was outside near my tent, I was sitting down my tent reading manga, and I didn't notice there was a copperhead snake near my feet, so when I got up, I accidentaly stepped on the snake, the snake was pissed and reared up to bite me. I shouted "OH CRAP...
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    Done With Dimension Diamond

    As the title says, I'm done with DImension Diamond due to a fight that me and the writter had. I am putting my all into my comic Super Lano that is planned for Christmas this year, as well as another comic with another writter. Any support is thanked for both me and Megaray, and if anyone is interested in continuing Dimension Diamond in my place, that would be great. Thank you very much. -Ayano
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    Act 6 Begins! . . .And. Surgery?!

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    • Xexilia
    • Oct 20, 2014 9:07 AM
      So, today Act 6 begins!  The cover is rather special; It's traditionally drawn and digitally colored.  I haven't done a piece this way since high school o_o   Bad news, though; I need another surgery.  However, thankfully, it's not related to my last surgery.  I have Carple Tunnle Syndrom, and my doctor informed me not getting surgery for it means I could lose motor function (I.E, ability to draw) by the time I decide to get it--at which point the effects cannot be reversed.  I need this su...