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  • Mangoh Profile

    I'm Back!! (wait I was gone?)

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    • Mangoh
    • Dec 4, 2014 4:56 AM
    So I took an involuntary break, but now I'm back and better than ever! Frost started writing the script for chapter one. I am currently getting my grades up. And if all goes according to plan I will release 3 LoM pages over the course of tomorrow and saturday, to make up for the two weeks i missed. (sry about that btw) My Christmas Masterpiece is ready to be inked, and I'm dustin off my sketch book and getting ready for writing chapter names (man have't done that in a while) so Ya, stay tuned...
  • Ayano Tanaka Profile

    DONE with Texas Renaissance Fair(Sorry, "FAIRE")

    Hey guys, Ayano here, so I have finally finished working at the Texas Renaissance Fair(Sorry"FAIRE"), and now weekends will be free to draw and Cursed Nesiah will be updating very often during the week, daily if I can, and when I update Cursed Mesiah, I will update the comic so that one chapter will be completed every week and a new chapter will start updating every manga, basically, the more pages in a chapter, the more it will update at a time. I've got my work cut out for me but dreams don...
  • Kyle Kaizaki Profile

    Akagaku Update

    [I posted this 5 days ago on my deviantart account, I forgot to post it here too, sorry!] I already stopped my break again so that didn't last long at all, but that was expected lol. I figured out that a complete break isn't what's going to fix my anxiety. Though taking things easy for a few days definitely helped with it a lot. I'm not sure what it is I need to do to figure out my anxiety. But I started thinking about how I feel about these things when I'm not worrying, and payed close atten...
  • memelover97 Profile

    me reading webcomics

    heck yeah heck yeah hECK YEAH
  • Xonix Studios Profile

    Just a little poem song thing?

    Santa is pissed You're on his list Cause you've been bad More than a tad Gift at your door Filled it with gore Coal's just a threat You ain't seen nothin' yet Dressed all in red Don't go to bed Pray you've been good Or you'll get dead People think Hell is hot Well it's not, it's cold Deadly cold, its the North Pole Scary scary scary Christmas Scary scary scary Christmas Up on the roof  Burden of proof Locks are a waste  Your fireplace Down he will come No escape from  Sharp candy cane Brings ...
  • dedasaur Profile

    2015 Calendar

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    • dedasaur
    • Dec 2, 2014 7:55 PM
    Hi guys, we are not going to play secret santa this year, instead I thought we could plan together next year's calendar for The Pirate Balthasar. 12 illustrations - 1 per month. Desk calendar or hanging on the wall or digital one. (let me know) Just think in terms of what/who/how should represent each month and propose a list of requests by completing the following list: January: February: March: April: May: June: July: August: September: October: November: December: Cover.  
  • secretsanta Profile

    Secret Santa: the list

    This is the blog entry for the secret Santa signups!    If you are here, it's because you follow the blog, or you read the instructions. ;D  Post your art on this blog when finished, so I may keep track of them. The blog with the rules:   1: Easy Comic: Bio-Revelation Comic link: Color references: http://www....
  • Corey Mikell Profile


    CHIBIPOP, which is the kawaii version of SPACEPOP, will launch NEXT MONDAY. It will be presented as a Yonkoma, which is described below. Also, I will be posting a very small preview image. The final product will be fully colored, slice of life events that occur off screen. You will get to know the characters more and see their personalities blossum in funny and random situations. While Sebas's Riera will be handling the shonen manga, CHIBIPOP will be illustrated by the talented and published ...
  • AmberRose Profile


    Hello Readers, I didn't forget about you but November was a crazy month. My day job stresses, home life, and on top of thee icing of madness I ended up with a serious cold that knocked the energy out of me for the end of November. I couldn't even lift a pencil that how weak I was. Well now I've recovered to a sniffles state and it's back to work! I'm currently thinking of retooling my comic a little here to give it some structure. Honestly up till now the jokes I've done were just winging it....
  • pTerra9 Profile

    Wish Granter's on hold

    For the time being Wish Granter's will be put on hold. I recently got a job that takes up alot of time, but i will be keeping up with Blood Bank and Mokomen as usual 2 pages a week each. I'm sorry to any who are reading Wish Granters currently but i assure you i will be back on it soon ^^  Thanks everyone!  
  • Mushkikizou-chan Profile

    Paripety Preorders

    SO HI! Just wanted to let you all knowww.... that the deadline for preordering Vol 1 of my manga Paripety has been pushed back to DEC 30th!    YAAAY!?!?! Actually I feel bad.... XD My first proof was ick, so I had to fix a bunch of stuff.... but now people won't get blegh books!! =D SO YES YAY!   annnnd now people who didn't have time to order can order now! YAAAY! all the yays =w=    ....I'm still sorry though XD    That's all! Have awesome days, you all! >w<
  • RoxyRoo Profile

    I'm BACK, BABY!

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    • RoxyRoo
    • Dec 2, 2014 11:10 AM
    OK. I finally got internet again. Yay! I just moved out, so I've been settling in.  Good news is that I've been drawing relentlessly and will have a lot more pages for you guys real soon for both NeverFall AND The Glass River.  I miss TGR, so I'll be updating that every once in a while. I love it too much to let it die.  Also, I submitted a new, colored Chapter 1 cover art for NeverFall. Hope you like it!   -RoxyRoo
  • Wind Page Profile

    A fresh start

    Hey guys I've decided to start from scratch so I'll no longer be making Seishin fight pages or Night light pages I'm having a fresh start on a project one that's easier to do hope you all won't be to made with this decission
  • OAKTree Profile

    [1G Project] and more.   [1G Project] is basically just a little one-shot I made (I thought I could try some advertising with a blog.) This is probably what my manga will start to look more like after [GeistClock]. I will be using tones and chapters will be about 36 pages long. I'm still working on art itself and things like scene composition/direction. There's still a lot I have to work on with making comics. Hopefully by the time my ...
  • Stevie D Profile

    chapter releasing question

         Should i release 5 pages a week till the chapter reaches 15-20 pages? or release 15-20 page chapters every 2-3 months?