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    First Blog Post

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    • Minilog
    • Jul 13, 2014 3:19 PM
     Yo! This is my first journal on this site. I am currently writing a manuscript for a manga in english and possibly Japanese (If my japanese improves that is o////o). It will be a Shonen manga and I hope you guys will like it. I look forward to showing everyone my work. I will be posting it within the next few months so  look forward to seeing some updates soon. Thank you for visiting my page!    YO! これは私の最初のジャーナル.私は現在、原稿英語と日本の一部では、マンガを書いています。 それは少年漫画になり、私はそれのようにされることを期待します。 私は誰も私の仕事が表示されています...
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    Back to work

    Getting back to work on the comic, finally. But sadly with a crack't screen on my laptop, and a f&")&ed up cord. That sordda dampens me mood, but that an't gonna stop me from submitting them new pages after I finnish'EM at school, hopefully.  
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    • M0dus
    • Jul 13, 2014 1:12 PM
    I'll keep this short and sweet! Thank you all who followed me! I now have 20+ followers and I truly appreciate it. 
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    Have you read ADventure God.

    Adventure God is my new Title it's about Soruh and his little brother Sei trying to accomplish the goal of all immortal beings, which is to become a title god. Soruh wants to become the Adventure God while Sei desires to be the Ninja God. Join in on Soruh and Sei with thier sibling rivalry to see who wins the race. But there is a mystery competitor Sei and Soruh are yet to discover racing for the ultimate title master of God. It's an interesting adventure if nothing else!!   Comment and let m...
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    New things to say

    YO! Finally chapter 3's finally out and posted, I say it's earned some celebration. another good news is our facebook page is out so yay! go there and like it for some updates. Not much though since it's new.
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    I've been struggling with my health now and days. I'm not sure how to get myself better. Maybe it's the heat? :/
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    Manga Jiman 2014

    The Embassy of Japan in the UK has announced that the annual Manga Jiman (which translates as 'having pride in comics') competition will be held again this year and is an opportunity to (if nothing else) go to a reception at the Embassy in London and eat really great Sushi for FREE! This year will mark the first time that entrants aged between 11 and 13 will be able to enter with a simple four panel strip. Entrants aged 14 and over will compete with a six to eight page story for the opportuni...
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    Fresh start?

    Cool. This is one way to get back to making comics. Special thanks to my super awesome frond @Cj for taking me back here again. hugs and kisses dear
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    Season 1 summery

    Well, it’s done. Over a year and a half worth of work and it’s done. The first season anyway. This is only the beginning, and I plan to be writing Raiden Legacy for many years to come. It’ll end eventually; in fact the end has already been planned, but it’s the beginning of a long road. Hell a lot has happened during this first season; I started a new job and have become adjusted to life after education. Next step is a better job, or maybe make money doing this?  Or I’ll stay in IKEA for the ...
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    Just an Update...

    Hi everyone! o(^u^)o    I just decided that I should just make an update... so, here you go!   So, I will start uploading art more often. I've just been really busy lately, and one of those reasons is really important. Okay, are you all ready? Here we go..... I'm making a manga! It's a collab manga with a couple of friends of mine. So, we've been working really hard on it. I've been doing the art and some of the story, and everyone else is doing the story too. This manga will be really cool, ...
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    SH Cover

    I know this is not interesting and important news, but just in case if any confusion or questions~   So we came to the conclusion to that we will upload the "Flat color" cover for now. And when it's time to publish the first volume of SH we will have the real traditional colored cover ready.   We yet again want to thank you all for reading our manga~!    
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    • Aspire
    • Jul 12, 2014 10:10 AM
    I am currently drawing appearances for my characters for my story,"The Year Of One."
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    Swords of Edo on Greenlight

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    • Dharker
    • Jul 11, 2014 11:19 PM
    Swords of Edo: Asumi - The Visual Novel Game Hi everyone, I am happy to announce that the Visual Novel about Asumi from the graphic novel series Swords of Edo, remains on steams greenlight service and is now in the top 50. This means it could be accepted to Steams Greenlight service within the coming weeks. Hopefully the campaign will continue to grow allowing us to release the game on Steam alongside Pc, Mac and Linux as digital downloads later this year. Please take a moment to check out th...
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    Welp, today, I've decided to start doing something new! Commissions and collabs! And guess what? It's all free! You're welcome! It's all open to the public! Even if I don't know you! Which probably won't happen because I know everyone!... I'm so lonely   Commissions: I'll do head-shots, line art, pixel art, icons (50 X 50), Pixel and Regular GIFs,(only small ones,though) and OCs! I'll negotiate some other things for people who have other ideas that they think I will possibly be able of comple...
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    Starting Purple Magic

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    • DCflame
    • Jul 11, 2014 7:07 PM
    Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know that the software I'm using for Purple Magic is still pretty new to me, as well as updating here on Inkblazers, so please be patient with me as I'm adjusting and learning. :) I hope to have the first four pages up by the end of the weekend!