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    Isolation Code: Sad update

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    • Tori001
    • Aug 19, 2014 5:01 PM
    I also had this update in the newest page, but I thought I'd post a blod too. Isolation Code will be on a very, very long hiatus because things were just not going the way they needed to with it. It was just bad and The storyline was too hard for me to draw. BUT, I have been planning a new comic series to replace it that will be more interesting to me and in turn more enjoyable for readers. It's basically just all around better so if you still want to see my stuff, add Kaleidoscope Theory to ...
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    IAFS. Happily Ever After? Contest! Win Free things!

    Heyyy I'm holding a contest where you can possibly win: The Inadvertent printed comic, signed Super limited edition art printed on watercolor paper  The IAFS Limited Edition charm from the Kickstarter The T-shirt The limited edition print signed Buttons, Bookmarks The E-book The Poster, signed A Sketch request? (I don't even take commissions anymore!) Not all together, but these are the things in the prize pool. I'm not limiting to specific countries either. If you live on Earth, I will mail ...
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    Kid Soldier Sonya the Cat Soldier Contest

      ©   ENTER THE LINK BELOW NOW: by Takeshi Kid Soldier & © by Takeshi Characters are © by Dic® Entertainment inc & Creators. All Rights Reserved.   PLEASE SUPPORT THE FRANCHISE TO BE OFFICIAL. THANK YOU FANS.  
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    300 Fans a Celebration

    300 Fans  TODAY Thanks to all the Fans I love of all of you for all of your Support Don't to Enter the Contest & Submit Fan Art I love Fan Art on this Website's Blog & also here Mangas I worked on I Love Crossover and I'm Proud of Being a Shounen Doujinshi Artist for Children and Fans of the World. I am a Visinary Artist who is Natural at Art Never Money & I Cared Showing My Work in Public and Everyone's Eyes I Cared for them and I loved all of them. Enjoy. Freedom Fighters 2K3 Kid Soldier
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    Check my friend out! :3

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    • ~TAG~
    • Aug 19, 2014 11:39 AM
    Check my friend out! Check out my friend HunterX here: In my opinion he's a better drawer than me and has been reading (and knows) about manga/anime more than I do. We are thinking of making a manga comic together and to post it here, on inkblazers. But we are still working on it! So follow him to find out when the first page of our up coming manga web comic comes out! It'll be posted on his profile since he is drawing a...
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    Joined Today

    If you ask most kids going into highschool what they want to do for a living, they'll tell you they no idea yet. I knew, long before then, that I wanted to be an artist, and I wanted to make comics. I had illusions of grandeur that I was going to draw OEL manga for Tokyopop (Before they crashed and burned!) and my stories would get so popular that it would get it's own anime. Fast forward, ten years later; I know that I probably won't become famous, or get an anime (lol) and I'm okay with tha...
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    Back to the comics path :D

    After a long time I'm back to comics. Slowly, very slowly. During the time I was away from the comic world I learned a lot. I tried to publish a book, a collection of my short stories, by myself. To discover that friends don't take care about it :/ To discover that, in Brazil, if you sell a book (a good quatity of it) you are attracting the wrath of the gods of art upon mankind (yes, here you cannot be "commercial"):/ So, I decided to come back to my comics, recreating the Band of the Old Ner...
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    chapter 3 out D.O.W/D.O.W.N

    happy 3 week anniversary! sorry for being late but there were some technical issues that were to bad to post..... but the chapter got me excited to draw the next please read it and tell me what you think! if you like it, add it to your bookshelf. thanks for reading! -Meda P.S D.O.W=Decleration of war D.O.W.N= Decleration of war ninja/nigga. just to clear the confusion    
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    What is Togire!?

    What is Togire!? - Togire! (Toh-ghi-reh) is a slice-of-life comedy chibi yonkoma. The name is taken from what I believe is the Japanese word for 'Disconnected.' Really, the word should be 'Togiretogire' but I just decided on using half of the word. The meaning 'disconnected' relates to the fact that Monty is slow on modern culture and prefers to ignore the outside world. In real life I own an XBOX so I often see the phrase 'disconnected from XBOX Live' so in all it seemed to suit the series. ...
  • Sean K Prower Profile

    Togire! has begun

    I'm pleased to announce that the introduction chapter of Togire! has started. It's early days and there isn't much there yet but to speed things up for the intro, I'll be posting pages every Tuesday and Friday. I plan the main series for September 9th, which will then move to a weekly update. Attached is a link to the Togire! page and a big thank you to anyone who stops by! Sean
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    inkblazers vs 10 trillion lions.

    Lets restart this argument shall we? If we take 500 of the fiercest warriors on such as arma ( Fallen ) and Fabrice ( soul chaser ) and the midnight hunters  And the 10 best Shinbuki users ( add your own examples ). And pit them against 10 TRILLION LIONS!!! who would win?
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    On hiatus till 28 August

    I'm going to italy for about a week :D At first we cancelled it for various reasons but we fixed that and now we're going anyway yay ! But I won't have internet there so I can't submit drawings or reply to messages.... I gotta go now have an awesome week OuO (ps what's up with the sudden follower boom a few days ago that was awesome lol)
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    One thing after another.

    Ok,  finished the page.  Now my scanner won't work.  I'll have to go to Staples or someplace tomorrow to scan it... I'll try to fix my scanner in the meantime.  
  • Elaienar Profile

    Maria - re-uploaded pages & uploaded blanks

    We're back with a single page to start out chapter two! This flashback takes place ... oh, about two months after the pages at the beginning of chapter one? Page two of chapter two will be out this Wednesday, as usual. Update time on Inkblazers is now "whenever I wake up", but updates on SmackJeeves and Tumblr will be scheduled for 7 a.m. Chapter one has been re-uploaded; we added a character sheet, a table of contents, and a bonus sketch page to the beginning of the chapter, which necessitat...
  • Katsunai Profile

    Le Hiatus

    So... I have to fly to Saturn for a few days, and in case some of you don't know, Saturn has no Wifi. That means no comic updates. Which means no constant stream of sillyness. But don't worry! The terror will continue this Friday! Hopefully. Definitely by Saturday, there will be a new page. ^^ Also want to say THANK YOU CATS SO MUUUCH! Planet 13 really is just a comic to keep me drawing, and to keep mind mind sharp (Pffft), so the fact that there are people out there who actually like it, mea...