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    Forgetting what comics/manga actually are

    /rant below/ I've noticed a frightening trend going on everywhere... People seem to think that Plot!!!11! > Art in comics and manga. Most people think it's ok for the art to suck as long as the plot is good. Liking good art is shallow. Good art = shallow comic/manga. Plot, plot, plot, plot, plot. If you're willing to reduce the quality of your comic/manga to crap for the sake of the plot, just go write a book. Comics and Manga are stories told in drawings. Art is the form that the story is to...
  • Gene T Fleury Profile

    Here we go...

     Page one is up and ready for eye balls.  Here's a few details about the comic;  All the art is penciled on traditional art boards and inked with brush.  Scaning and digital work using Manga Studio.  Book one is told in five chapters, each 22+ pages  Skullina was born in 2012
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    Ah I've been really busy on art recently. I've been wanting to work on my comic for ages, I have the script and everything planned out, but commissions have been holding me back from doing personal work, such as my comic and character references. It sort of really bothers me that I can't work on it recently.
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    Writers looking for Artists: How to make your post stand out

    I originally posted this on gaiaonline back in 2011 *WOW* but its content still seems to be relevant as I see many writers making the same mistakes and this was helpful to others when I initially posted. A 'writer looking for an artist' post should generally contain the following General plot with more details that can be supplied via pm to interested artists. This should also include what rating you're aiming for (g, pg, etc.) and if there are themes that an artist may find offensive to port...
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    The Fourtectors (Earth's new beginning)

    • Comic Review
    • SCNuada
    • Oct 10, 2014 6:01 PM
    SYNOPSIS   In the year 2109, there was a 16 yr. old girl named Katie that lives a typical life in their city and also loves nature, but not their present nature but the past nature of mother Earth, why? Because the environment in their time is now a little bit less than bad.     She dreams on retrieving back the old nature, so she researched the old documents of our earth in the net. She almost read everything about it that gives her more will to pursue her dream but there is one article that...
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    The Fourtectors (Earth's new beginning)

    • Comic Review
    • SCNuada
    • Oct 10, 2014 6:03 PM
    PROLOUGE     The nose-piercing air that I’m always forced to breathe but I always cherish for I live from it. The brown sky which I look at whenever I dream of bright future.  Dead trees that touches my solitudes for those are showing death and unfinished hopes. The rain that have a specific time every month when it will come because it is deposited by a machine above our heads.   This is my world. The world I woke up with. The world that I never wanted to have. This is my time, my century. T...
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    The Fourtectors ( Earth's new beginning)

    • Comic Review
    • SCNuada
    • Oct 10, 2014 6:05 PM
    CHAPTER 1 (PART 1)     “What the hell??  Why is it raining in the middle of the month?! Is it broken?? ", I am talking about the rain machine or the so called 'hydro-dispenser' while I’m running with my bag on the top of my head held by both of my hands towards a nearby waiting shed. Ugh, I really don’t expect this. I didn’t even bring my umbrella. I guess other people in metropolitan-1 also got wet by this unexpected a**hole rain. Curse it.      Hydro-dispenser is an elongated silver flat ma...
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    Live streaming: fate/stay night fans?
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    • Journal
    • Vraehan
    • Oct 10, 2014 4:40 PM
         I think the reason why I love reading comics or writing/drawing my own comic is because I get to worry about others' lives instead of mine. Even if it's just for a little while. I may be just a little brat not appreciating her fortunes and acting irrationally but lately I have been appreciating comics now more than ever. I feel like everybody needs time away from their hectic lives otherwise we would be swallowed up and suffocate in this world we are forced to live in. Whenever I feel as...
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    Well this is something. I heard of this before and seeing this layout here. I think I might put some original fiction I have here. If any of you are interested then come read them. This is my first time using this and maybe later on if any of you artist are interested, you can draw them if you want. I hope to post a chapter here soon. 
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    SERIES ANNOUNCED!!!! I am the author of the series DIVIDE by Kirei Hikari started late november! follow the twitter: @DIVIDEinkblazer for full updates.  
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    Problems with Manga Studio 5

    I wanted to let you all know that I have to go back and re-ink what I was working on. so, that's about...3 days worth of work that needs to be redone. I would do this in photoshop, but I like the pens in MS and EX 4 is slightly smaller than photoshop. Anyway, I'm irritated about it. I was really hoping to get some pages done this week for you and have them queued up. But no.   Anyway, I am in the market for a better program and EX 5 just isn't it. It's huge, slow, laggy and while I don't mind...
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    UPCOMING TRAILER   HELLO EVERYONE ♥ I know that I've been absent from this site for some time now, and I wanted to let you guys know Light of Elysium is still running :) But currently for those who are not aware, I am working on a TRAILER ANIMATION for this comic to spread the peace and love :D I've worked on it with sweat and tears and happy to announce that SOON, VERY SOON, you guys will get to watch it once it's uploaded on Youtube.  The comic is on hold until the trailer has been finished...
  • dedasaur Profile

    Mixed up pages

    Sorry guys, A while back I uploaded the wrong pages in chapter 6 and probably the story from then on did not make much sense. I fixed the problem but I suggest you maybe begin re-reading from where Callista was dangerously dangling from the rigging and called Cat to the rescue! Sorry about that, Deda
  • MysticEden Profile

    Latino Comics Expo 2014 San Jose, CA

    Thank you to everyone who came by our table for APE this past weekend! I met some cool people and really enjoyed going to APE as an exhibitor for the first time. Also got some cool swag from other artists. Looking forward to APE next year already! Now for updates... Our next convention will be the Latino Comics Expo this weekend (Oct  11-12) at the public library in San Jose, CA. Unexpected and sudden, but very proud to represent Puerto Rico at this event.