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    Wow 148 people have looked at the first 2 chapters of Retro so far, I actually feel accomplished somewhat. Seeing that really makes me wanna try and make Retro something anyone can enjoy, and it makes me wanna give it my all for anyone who decides to run through the story as I put it out there. Still working on getting a scanner to scan the next 11 chapters up to my computer so I can edit and tone and letter them properly, and I hope to get a fanbase and followers who can help me live out my ...
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    Trying to fix my old followers list

    Did you use to follow my comic Nagori? I accidentally removed it last year, now it has a new title and address: If you're still interested following it, add to your bookshelf. Thank you. :)
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    Traces of The Past comic is being updated again

    TOTP comic is being updated again. The future events to ocurr in chapter 1 (now part of chapter 2) are new content, never been displayed in previous versions of the comic, stay tuned :) Also visit deviantart's official page:
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    What's to come

    Starting now I`m preparing manga chapters of various series I want to make and when summer hits I will show it to the world.
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    Thank you.

    Thank you. I know that this isn't much to most people here but within these 2 months I had finally reached 13 fans(all of them being strangers). This may be too little to be known for most of us but for me, this is really, really alot. For me, I live and is friends with people who always overshadows me. People will hardly or rarely look at my work as there are people who is much better than me.(But I still like them.) Even when I put a whole lot of effort to my comics, people will only glance...
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    I haven't posted here in a while...

    Been away for a while on here. Haven't added to Abnormal Gamer or posted any art on here to speak of. But now I am back.   I will be uploading all the art I make to the following websites: Here ( Deviantart - Facebook - Miiverse (If I draw it on the Wii U using Art Academy: Sketchpad or 3DS using Colors 3D) - (Or find me on the console itself) And if I can remember that these site...
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    What made you continue your passion?

    Passion (from the Latin verb patÄ« meaning to suffer) “Passion has little to do with euphoria and everything to do with patience. It is not about feeling good. It is about endurance. Like patience, passion comes from the same Latin root: pati. It does not mean to flow with exuberance. It means to suffer.” - Mark Z Danielewski   Now, as we all have experienced, we do not make art because of the glory nor wealth.  Like me and most of the artists, we do it because we cannot imagine ourselves doin...
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    I want to improve my writing skills, so if anyone is serious about this just comment, but I need an artist. The story is about Isshin, a kid born in a small town who stumbles on Rizer, a dragon, who trains him in combat.
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    Starting a donations/commision drive to get a drawing tablet

    here's the link for more info: [clickie here] here's my commisions page if you ae interested please donate or buy a commision ;3;
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    Bad Connection

    Okay, I am gonna make a story less centered on speed, with only a page a week. My schedule will be easier. Monday- Plan out a chapter Tuesday- Rough Pencils of page Wednesday- Inks of Page Thursday- Colors/grays Friday- Post Saturday- Other story Sunday-OFF( I'm pretty busy on Sunday, household chores wise...)
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    Darken the background and compact the header for easier reading!

    When reading manga most people want a nice dark background with a small header bar so that nothing gets in the way of the art. So I wrote a simple CSS script which makes the background dark grey and compacts the top navigation bar so screen space isn't wasted. Here's a screenshot: How to use it: 1. Download Stylish (a very useful browser addon which allows you to overwrite the CSS of any site and share CSS): 2. Install the script (you can even see all the code before yo...
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    • hotaryu
    • Apr 6, 2014 8:34 AM
    I made 3/4 of my comic and I guess I deleted it because I thought it sucked. The transition of the first part was too fast and messy and it was all handrawn. Anyway, I have a problem and no matter how much I upload the 15 pages, it won't update at all? I uploaded 15 pages in three tries and 12 pages were visible when I tried reading. It's troublesome and I really want to post the comic. Any advice would be thanked and be appreciated. ^_^
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    New Museum Berlin I - Old Egypt

    Some photos on my blog:
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    Commissions are OPEN!

      Hey there, Error here with a tad bit of bad news. Due to unfortunate events beyond my control I've found myself unemployed. I am...was...ugh!...a correctional officer, however, now I'm in a bit of a predicament. What, you might be asking, does this have to do with you? Well, that means that I've decided to open commissions in an attempt to pay my rent. I've bills to pay and four fiesty little doves to feed so, while I am hitting the pavement putting in applications, this will really help me...
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    4th page complete

    My 4th page is finally done and im happy to upload, the 1st 4 pages of chapter 1. I hope you like it :D