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    • amajiku
    • Sep 13, 2014 3:53 AM
    I live in the Philippines (Hello kababayan who might be reading this) as you may know. To be precise, I live in the mostly... urban area here. Tablets here are rather hard to find and expensive to find. Two or three years back, I bought a Hanvon Rollick something-something in the local mall here. The price was a staggering P5000 or $113.75. Now, in my previous blog, I clearly said a thing about schoolwork. I'm still a student. I have a daily allowance of either in the range of P100 to P120.  ...
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    a new manga story

    Once i finish this second chapter for my manga, i was planing on making another manga ^^ so i hope everyone likes it ^v^   oh yeah, i'm sure you noticed, but the page's for chapter 2 on The Legendary Swords were not like the other one's. it's because i lost the one thing i had to give my page's those last perfect manga touch' i wont be able to do any fancy work for quite some time
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    2nd Arc=1#?!

        So because of the complication of my first few chapters in my manga, i took a breather and decided to work on the second arc. I know im getting a bit ahead of myself, but i figured the second arc is my favourite most developed storyline, so it makes sense to have fun drawing that and get everything down instead of furiously redrawing and writing a beggining story that doesn't fit together properly yet. I know where i'd want the series to go, but its really hard to get on the right foot. I...
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    Fun News

    Mark Crilley used my comment on his "How to Handle Criticism: Your Comments!" video xD.
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    Manga Questions

    So i realised i Never spend enough Time on this website Which i Need to to Promo My Manga And gain a Fan Base. So i ask What did alot of you guys do To Build up you're fan base ? this is My first Manga i've released And im trying different things But Nothings Really grabbing peoples Attention the way i Thought that it would. What more can i do ??? just A question I hope to get an Answer too. i Would be very greatful thank You.  Also Here's a link to My Manga, i would Really Love A Little feed...
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    Cake Boss

    So I was watching Cake boss, one of my favorite shows and the group was making a tank cake and Ralph wanted to play around with the thing that shoots out t-shirts and HE'S JUST ADORABLE! The way he reacted to the thing was just too adorable. Sorry fangirling. >__<
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    J.M. Reviews: Buckle: Slave & Monster

    And so, as requesetd, a review of Buckle: Slave & Monster by Viro Veteruscy   Synopsis: When the socially isolated school bookworm "Natelle" is given a demonic collar, her life is forever changed when she battles various monsters by using Buckles to turn into a monster herself! She collects their souls for her Master but for what purpose...? * Short, sweet, and pretty much tells me what I'm in for in about the length of a tweet. It's likely because Buckle has a pretty simple story premise, bu...

    This post, is, now explained in a way that a two year old can understand it easily. And that form is, two cows. This list shall be appended and more series shall be added as I read more manga here, pretty soon I will add inks to the relevant manga/comics. have two cows, one is the artist, and the other is the reader. They fan each other and the artist get promoted. The soul chaser-You have two cows, Lacrymosa took one of them....Go get your...
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    i have a story im writing but I am concerned about putting it online before I get it published because I have heard about people stealing stories off the internet
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    Question #6

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    • Kiby
    • Sep 12, 2014 10:03 AM
    SORRY! Sorry for putting this up too late but here is your new question of the week! IF you could be part of any video game, which one would you be in? 
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    Beyond the Weeping Tree Redrawn

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    • Velnna
    • Sep 12, 2014 9:05 AM
    Hello :)  I'm currently redrawing the comic from what I have so far, on color. When I am happy enough with the new pages, I'll take the old ones down and relaunch it ^^ Thanks for sticking with me this far!   
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    Work in progress!

    Hi Inkblazers! Here's Ellie , and I'm going to present here my graphic novel "Gimkhana" ! The comic is still ongoing , and it'll be composed of three volumes of 5 chapters each! Actually I'm working on volume 2 , and I'll take the opportunity to improve the older pages before submitting them here! So , just have a little patience , and I'll add everything! Meanwhile , if you wanna take a look to my gallery and my works , feel free to take a tour in WildEllie on DeviantART ! Thank you for read...
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    The Mysterious Concept

    Hello Everyone, The first update to The Mysterious Concept has been posted since Wednesday and I hope everyone is enjoying it. For those who don't know, its a collection of short stories. Critique is highly appreciated so I can use feedback in the future. Thank you for your time. -Mysterious C  
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    livestream ON

    come hangout while i draw
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    Are you ok?-day

    Hi all I just thort I’d wish you all a happy are-you-ok?-day thow it’s late becos it was yesterday (Sep.11). Not that it reley maters. So, I know that if you don’t live in Australia you probley don’t know what I’m on about. Well are-you-ok?-day got started about 3 or 4 years ago by ouw gorvemnt to triy and get people to arks there famley, frands, piers “are you ok?” to get mentel illenes out of the shadows and in to the lite and maby save some lives. And it’s bin working I know 3 people who a...