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  • ClockworkBuzzsaw Profile

    All Manner of Witchery and Hootnizzles.

    Whilst having a chat I was accused of being a witch. The conversation carried out as follows: Person A: That's exactly what I was going to say... Me: Mwahahaha A: Witch! B: Burn the witch! A: Tie her up and throw her in the lake! Me: No burn (Person A) *Person A contemplates setting self ablaze* *I try to sneak away and am caught* Person A: I got ya! Me: *teleports away* Person A: wtf Me: *Starts flying away* Person A: *Shoots* As you can see this conversation is rather silly, but it somehow ...
  • BritishBornAmerican Profile

    Concerning My Stories

    Yeah...I have this type of drawing...It's more along the lines of a comic book drawing? I'm not sure if I should use that type of drawing since I'm bad at other types of drawing. So...would that be okay with you guys? Cause I have no idea, I mean I personally wouldn't mind, but I'm more concerned about my future readers. Also concerning the story 'It Is...' I'm terribly sorry I haven't posted anything. I thought I'd have a scanner sooner, and now my phone can't send pictures. (Technical diffi...
  • Kodichan Profile

    Character Designs

    Hey guys, im currently working on some character designs for my upcoming action manga; Wish and Pan!c. So im sorry if uploads are a little slow. When i finish with this character, ill upload the design and finish the chapter. My guess is that it'll take about 2 more weeks to finish the chapter. 
  • Gary Thorpe Profile

    LEGACY - Entry #1

    My story is based in a world that's filled with people with special abilities and powers. It follow's the life of three siblings - Ethan, Aiden and Naomi. They quickly learn that they have powers that are far more unique and different from anyone else on Earth. Soon they discover that they are only half-human, a great evil seeks to destroy them when they are discovered, because ultimately, they may be the only hope to make things right again in the galaxy. They realize that their destinies ar...
  • Katelyn McCaigue Profile

    Jade Dragon Book 1 has Arrived!

    Finally, a year after a successful Kickstarter, Book 1 has arrived!  ヽ(;▽;)ノ (well at least half of the 200 copies have haha) They will be available for purchase on the Jade Dragon Website this Saturday 4/12! Thank you all for your love and support of the series and sorry for my current hiatus.  I should be back to uploading sometime next week :) Love you all! -Katelyn 
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    Two new comics on the way

    Hello, Inkblazers community! I've been looking all over the internet for a place to host my comics. I considered going to places like SmackJeeves or ComicGenesis, but those websites didn't have what I was looking for in a hosting site. After a while, I finally found the perfect place; I mean, a place specifically for authors of manga? And it's free, too?! Yes, of course I'm going to start here; sign me up! Anyways, enough of my rambling. I have news.  Now that I finally found this heaven onli...
  • Kuzomari Profile

    Experimental Manga

       So i was thinking, instead of doing one of my storys i hold so dear to my heart i would do an experimental manga to help me practice manga more. I have a story thought up for it just not sure if i should do it. I normally do all my mangas traditional but with this experimental manga i would be doing it digitally so i dont waste any of my expencive manga paper lol XDDD an other reason why i kinda want to do this is cause i have a habit of taking very long on a manga project if i care for th...
  • SoloSetup Profile

    Commissions Open!

    First, thanks to everybody reading Iron Empress so far; I really appreciate it!   Second, I’m finally opening up commissions! Click here and my art tag on tumblr to take a look at some examples. I'm going to start with five slots; first come, first serve. Payment must be made upfront and will only be accepted through PayPal ( Prices are as follows (in USD): - 10$ busts, inks and flat colors - 15$ busts, inked and B/W shaded - 20$ busts, inked and colored - 20$ Fullbod...
  • IsaiahBroussard Profile

    Q and A Videos!

    Hey, folks I'm making monthly Q&A videos now! Check out the first one!   I've also got a handful of art videos exclusive to my Patreon supporters. But will have some cool public videos to share soon too!
  • Azure Shade Profile

    art goals

    I really don't consider myself an artist. Not yet anyway. It's difficult not to judge my own work harshly. Especially with so many amazing artists on DA and InkBlazers to compare it to. I tend to go through modes where I think, "I'll never be that good" or "There is no way I can do this" just like in sports, you can love the game, but that doesn't necessarily mean you're going to be able to make a slap shot to the goal from the other side of the rink. Using a Hockey metaphor makes me think of...
  • panaManga Profile

    New Museum Berlin IV - Special Exhibition "Underground"

    Some pictures on my blog:
  • Soranova Profile

    Been Away

    Sorry Sorry to those who follow me i have been unactive for a few months this college term is almost over so i will be getting to work in my comics again =w= <3 Will be adding a mini series along with my comic LET so in 3 or so more weeks will be active for the summer <3  Thank you for sticking with me <3
  • Geoff Trebs Profile


    Hey everyone! I know i just recently started posting here on Ink Blazers but Samurai Genji has been around for a while, and unfortunately, my funding to work on it has been cut /= if you like this series, please support on patreon so i can continue making it! you also get cool bonus stuff (=    Will post some more chapters soon! THANKS FOR READING!!!
  • benedetto Profile

    About Colliding Cosmos

    So yeah, that one comic I was doing... and it appears I've forgotten it. I would suggest sitting yaself down with some popcorn, but my thoughts are so scrambled that this actually should be quite brief. This is kind of a mix of the origin of Colcos and why in the heck it's taking so long to do. Colliding Cosmos started out as the duo, Nebula and Atom (whom I called "the galactic kids" at the time), and eventually Comet and Mercury would enter the picture. The farthest I thought I would go was...
  • Pozziman Profile

    Comic Updates

    I've already got the entire first chapter pencilled and am working on the second chapter, but I will always try to stay far ahead of my submissions.   My schedule is this:  ONE submission a day, ONE inked page a day, ONE pencilled page a day.  Though, there will be plenty of days (Many days, actually)which I don't have the time to do any of these.