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  • Dark Lord senpai Profile

    no manga

    Sorry everyone no manga update until I repair the computer.  :(
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    Added Page 4 and Illustration

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    • Hillel
    • Jul 17, 2014 7:58 AM
    Program 13 is going so great. I've very excited about finally persuing the creation of my own webcomic. I can't believe I've been publishing for a month now. Today I added both my fourth page and an illustration featuring one of the characters in the story, Nubarron. I hope everyone is enjoying the story and art so far. If you have any questions, comments, recipes, just drop me a line!   All the best,   Hillel
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    Okay, so it's Surgery in August

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    • Xexilia
    • Jul 17, 2014 7:42 AM
      My surgery date is August 6th; I'll be in surgery by 7AM!     The surgery is going to be more extensive than originally planned; My doctor finally got a hold of the surgery report from my surgery 4 (Gee--maybe 5?) years ago, and when I saw him, told me the damage that had been done all those years ago was already worse than he'd thought; I knew this already.  Originally, I was diagnosed in Stage 2 of endometriosis.  When I read the surgeon's report and did some research, I discovered I was ...
  • Fukuro Profile

    Frequent Updates

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    • Fukuro
    • Jul 17, 2014 5:44 AM
    Guys, as an author i wonder how frequent do you like our updates to be? Like, for example, do you like to read all of the week's pages at once (3-4 pages)? Or is it better reading like one every day (or every 2 days)? And if you read my series Flaming Lotus, how is the updating method working for your reading? Let me know, in general, how do you like it better. It really helps. Thank you :DD  
  • trotyiegyed Profile

    A girl in love

    Okay, I will not writing about myself, but my friend. She's with her boyfriend for two years, and she became insupportable. I have to tell, that I know her since my childhood, we were very close to each other and could talk about everything. In the first year in her relationship she only met me with her boyfriend. Do you think it's normal? I doubt it. I'm not jealous or anything, I want her to be happy, but she became totally addicted to her boyfriend. She was only in secondary school, when s...
  • WhiteCrow87 Profile

    Goji-The Complete Story Arc

    This is the entire story arc for Goji, my first finished story. I am currently in the market for an artist who would like to work with me to get the words of the story put into a visual format, if there is anyone interested, please feel free to message me.,10984.msg177526.html#msg177526
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    MR update 7.17.14

    MR's Dialouge bubbles have been improved.
  • 1H3ro Profile

    The Ultimate Path For Your Story?

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    • 1H3ro
    • Jul 16, 2014 4:54 PM
    Live Action . Or . Animated Tv Show. Or . Film/Movie The reason I bring this topic up today is because one of the artist brought a youtube video to my attention saying it inspired him when sketching out thumbnails for Infinite. His exact words were "I swear to you when I watched this I thought of Infinite."  Ofcourse he know's more about the story than you would but for him to say that got the wheels in my head spinning. (Incase you were wondering what video it was here ya go https://www.yout...
  • Bethany-sensei Profile


    I want to talk about my stories, but everyone I know has heard it already or doesn't care.
  • J.P.SanZ Profile

    I'm in Philippines right now......

    Even though I'm on vacation right now, I try my hardest to at least finish the script for the 1st chapter of God Selection...... But my family just won't stop wandering around our home city, I just want to stay in one place and work on my stories.... Few days ago on the vacation, went to a swimming pool resort with relatives. It appears that I swam too much and now my body hurts and have a stinging headache........ BEING SICK ON VACATION SSUUCCKKSS!!!!! X(.... Anyway, I hope I get well soon s...
  • Mary Goglia (MGartist) Profile

    Should I color my comic pages?

    I am thinking of making my webcomic, Let's Go Now!, in full color. However, the printing cost of the first volume will be way too much money to even print let alone me getting an okay amount of royalties from it...  With that said and before I start coloring my pages, what would you think if I were to have my comic printed in black and white with the colored pages printed in grayscale? I am thinking of having the colored version of my comic available on my upcoming patreon and release the col...
  • Maya1121 Profile

    Commissions Are Open

    That's right! Commissions are open. I'm doing from Sketches to complete manga chapters. For more information go here:
  • Xiore Profile

    New Drawings On The Way!

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    • Xiore
    • Jul 15, 2014 3:28 PM
    Hello. It's been a while since I've drawn anything for this website. All of my other drawings have been posted on Deviantart instead. You could check out my Deviantart to look at some of the drawings that I've "recently" made. Also, I will be posting up some new drawings for this website this week. Hopefully I can come up with some cool ideas. I may even have a surprise for you guys, but for now its off to work! Btw, my Deviantart name is 64killinninja 
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    I might be going on Manga Masters for a little later after i get some more of my illustration done. Anyone go on manga masters here?
  • Ukan Drawtwo Profile

    how would u begin?

    How would u begin an epic story or to rephrase what type of begining does ppl like for an epic story ?? pretty dumd i know it depends on the story but if given a choice what would u like and what would u choose??   like u will tell the end and start as a flashback of the whole story or a breif history and jump into the stiry  or right from the middle and latter explainig the future pasts