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    Thrown off

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    • IOA-999
    • Oct 14, 2014 2:14 AM
    Lectures have started this Monday... And I'm completely thrown off by my schedule - waking up at 7am and getting home around 9pm. I'm sorry for not updating yet. Please bear with me while I'm figuring out how to work on Nemesis while attending lectures, doing homework and polishing my art skills. Still, I won't put the manga on a halt. I'm actually sitting in a lecture right now, writing from my phone. m(_ _')m Guess that's it for now. I'll be writing when anything changes. Thank you for read...
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    Star Blazers

    I used to get up early before grade school to watch Star Blazers. Now I'm over fourty and posting comic book art on Ink Blazers. Cartoon Power!
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    Facebook Page

    Hello everyone! How are all ya'll doin'? Just stoppin by to let you know that I have a facebook page that you can check out here.Please Like and support it! I post the sketches of the manga on there, so feel free to check them out to see how they look before they are completed and finished pages~ Thank You all for bearing with me at the moment~ I keep changing things for Redeemed and procrastinating on it...well, no more! I've been on a role lately with it :) I hope you all look forward to th...
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    Wrote the script for Iceburg skies, brown eyes.

    I wrote the script to 'Ice Burg Skies, Brown eyes.' Now, I'm finally going to get around to making this comic. Writing the story is only a quarter of the battle though. I don't know if i'll be able to finish it. I will do my best to stick on the schedule I made for myself. Well, stay tuned for my chapter either on friday, or sometime next week. Depending on when my printer/scanner's cable arrives.  Anywho, thanks for whoever is reading my blog/comics. XD  
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    Someone today told me that I remind them of a famous tv star but they don't remember who and my friend was saying I should feel special. Apparently in my life I've never felt special before. The feeling is really awkward. 
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    Kid Soldier 80's Music

    The Music for Kid Soldier is 80's Military Action Rock Funk Jazz with Synpithysers which is Fitting Theme for Kid Soldier Series Most are Based on Stages, Characters Themes and Moments that Fit the Series in a Perfect way actually. The Music actually are true Homage to the Musics 1980's Music and Fans of the Music era of the 80's Rock Jazz. The Music Will Have Remade 80'sStyle  tracks from Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats with a JPop Style Feel aswell. For Examble Character Theme The Original...
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    My Rant

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    • FlameTwin
    • Oct 13, 2014 12:24 PM
    Ok it is time for my rant of the week. Don't you hate it when you are looking for that one viedo on youtube and you just can't remember what the name is. That makes me so mad!! Like I feel if this is one of the most used sites it should at least have something to help you find what it was. Yes I know you can just cheak your history, but history dont stay there forever. So to end the rant youtube, please help you users and get a better rememberence stytem.
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    I'm Back!

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    Fanfic to manga

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    • Lupo
    • Oct 13, 2014 8:37 AM
    So just as the title says I was thinking that some people are really good at fanfics and also if those fanfics are turned into Manga/Doujinshi that would be cool. so Who ever is intrested should get in also inform the writers who sould be intrested in something like this. love you all 
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    • 3litz
    • Oct 13, 2014 6:16 AM
    Hey Guys I will submit a new comic on October 30,2014 So please wait and read and support us!
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    Patreon support

        So I created patreon account. If you are not familiar with patreon, it's a website which allows creators (of any kind) to showcase their works, and for their audience to support them.  Support being - sharing works of your favorite artists on social media and spending as little as 1$ per month (or more if you wish), which gives you access to extra exclusive materials published only for supporters! As you may know (or imagine), living solely of art is a tough thing to do. So I turn to you,...
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    Updates Resume, X tables and guests at RavenCon 2014!!!

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    • Xexilia
    • Oct 12, 2014 9:43 PM
        Hey guys; Updates are officially back on for Eternity Concepts!  Since the manga is behind the payment wall, you need to have a supporter account to read them.  These pages will not be on my own site, or any other site, until released freely on Inkblazers, two months from now, so as not to make paying users here feel as if their support is not appreciated.  Please remember; Pens, pencils, ink, and paper?  All costs money.  A few dollars here and there really does make a big difference *A*...
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    Alice Game

    Alice game will be updated thursday. And will go on break for a little while. Cause i need a break life has been a little crazy lately and i havent even got most of the oages for chap 2 sketched out OTL... But thursday will be a 7 page update a i think? idk yet haha since these are the last pages for the chapter. I would do it today but i am soooo tired. And thrusday will cause sunday the 19th is my brithday and i rather not do anything then you know? besidesi wont be home. So yeah, thrusday ...
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    Alright, Sorry for missing two updates in a row... I feel really bad about that. I'm going to cut back updates to only tuesdays for the next couple weeks until I have a buffer for chapter three built up. I've been so busy that I haven't had any time to work on pages. So, we'll be back up to the regular update schedule hopefully within the next month, but for now it's only once a week while I catch up with stuff. Thank you for your patience. -WS
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    going live: sora no method fanart