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    New Museum Berlin IV - Special Exhibition "Underground"

    Some pictures on my blog:
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    Been Away

    Sorry Sorry to those who follow me i have been unactive for a few months this college term is almost over so i will be getting to work in my comics again =w= <3 Will be adding a mini series along with my comic LET so in 3 or so more weeks will be active for the summer <3  Thank you for sticking with me <3
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    Hey everyone! I know i just recently started posting here on Ink Blazers but Samurai Genji has been around for a while, and unfortunately, my funding to work on it has been cut /= if you like this series, please support on patreon so i can continue making it! you also get cool bonus stuff (=    Will post some more chapters soon! THANKS FOR READING!!!
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    About Colliding Cosmos

    So yeah, that one comic I was doing... and it appears I've forgotten it. I would suggest sitting yaself down with some popcorn, but my thoughts are so scrambled that this actually should be quite brief. This is kind of a mix of the origin of Colcos and why in the heck it's taking so long to do. Colliding Cosmos started out as the duo, Nebula and Atom (whom I called "the galactic kids" at the time), and eventually Comet and Mercury would enter the picture. The farthest I thought I would go was...
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    Comic Updates

    I've already got the entire first chapter pencilled and am working on the second chapter, but I will always try to stay far ahead of my submissions.   My schedule is this:  ONE submission a day, ONE inked page a day, ONE pencilled page a day.  Though, there will be plenty of days (Many days, actually)which I don't have the time to do any of these.
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    Well Shit...

    it seems that the jpeg file i want to upload, which is the first page of the comic, btw, is too big for the site to process. So, I have to find a way to make it smaller before i can upload it. perhaps print it, scan it, THEN upload it… i guess thats just more time to work. So the first page and second page will be up for next week on the 16th. Wish me luck!
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    Livestreaming 8 PM GMT

    • Just for Fun
    • Equilonic
    • Apr 9, 2014 10:58 AM
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    New Museum Berlin III - Mummies and co.

    Some more pictures :) :
  • panaManga Profile

    New Museum Berlin II - Egyptian Blue

    Some pictures on my blog:
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    Fresh start?

    Cool. This is one way to get back to making comics again. Special thanks to my super awesome frond @Cj for taking me back here again hoho
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    When was your Passion lit?

    This is actually in response to this article that my friend sent me through facebook. lol the comment section clearly wasn't enough for what  I wanted to say so. I decided to make a blog post of my own. So yeah, When was your Passion lit? To be honest, I have no idea. I can't say it burst into flames of burning passion when I saw my sister do it and decided, oh I wanna do that too!.. no. Although, It IS thanks to her that I am who I am today. An amateur, can't say the best, but an artist. It'...
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    Sketches and Panels; Chocolate and Tea

    I'm working on Nervious Tick, Toymaker again. I've been mostly copying over what I had originally done and expanding/refining it. I just can't sit around and wait for the rest of the plot to be ironed out. I've never been a very patient person, and speed has always been my greatest skill. So I'm going to jump into production and figure out the sequencing later. I've been working with the artist blankd and explaining my plot to them. The mechanics aren't the greatest - I've never been the best...
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    Gone too long...

    I haven't been online for awhile and I'm pretty depressed about. I have so many things I have to do, but I want to discover all of your arts and work peices. Sadly, Project B, my next manga hasn't even been started. I have 15 followers and I'm happy to say that they're very encouraging, it would be great if I had some more support. I haven't worked on an icon yet &  should soon, since I promised myself. I hope I can somehow pull through because I don't like drawing when it becomes an obligati...
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    My Art My Twitter

       So for those of you who really like my art and might want to see some of my sketches and other stuff you can check me out on twitter! Heres the link check it out @u@
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    All of you are Awesome...

    Even though I don't say it a lot. I know I have a lot of followers on here, but sometimes I forget because I don't talk to very many of you at all. And that makes me sad. And even though the majority of you don't really talk to me, I really appreciate your support a lot ;~;  All your faves and comments are really special to me and every single one is appreciated ^^ BUT I WANT YOU PEOPLE TO KNOW THAT YOU CAN TALK TO ME And ya o_______o because I'm not very good at being a friend, but I'm tryin...