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  • Aishii Profile

    Shutting down?

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    • Aishii
    • Jan 17, 2015 1:09 AM
    Since inkblazer will be shutting down on February 1,   if you're interested on keeping track of my artworks here's my dA and fb link ^ q ^
  • Bluefishpinkfish Profile


    ok this is really stupid, but i am confused by the update system on Tap.... I have been updating here and on there, but how do we update? Maybe im blind, but i cannot see a simple way to update, adding a file allows people to see the new page, yet the update date hasnt changed. Im worried people are not seeing the update. HELP WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!!!!!  
  • TRUEblood Profile

    first entry

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    • TRUEblood
    • Jan 16, 2015 1:16 PM
    My first entry!! Wow... so i'm writing this just for show no real meaning to it, hoping to get some reviewes on my comics and do what i always wanted to do. work on my tittles are very slow mostly coz my story writing is not of  the best! for now and im hoping for some awesome feedbacks from regular readers and people other than famaly and a hand full of friends.   thanks for the everything that is to come.
  • Ayano Tanaka Profile

    Happy Bday to me:D:D:D

    HI guys! :D As you already know from the title, today is my birthday! :D So my bday gift to you is that starting on the 20th, I will start making more Super Lano character bios, and I am doing Hiroki's over because I decided to have it set in the 2030s so I gotta change the year the characters were born, easy peasy! :)                                                                                                    So, I hope you all have a wonderful day! :D - Ayano Tanaka
  • hartchamber Profile


    Desolation Angel Tango has moved to tapastic-
  • ObsydianWardens Profile


    Dear readers, As you already know, Inkblazers is going to shut down, so we've moved -ANU- comic to Tapastic (direct link to the series can be found in the comic's description). Thank you sooooo much for supporting it here. 10 readers is not much comparing to comic giants, but even this amount is very precious. It's a pity that we couldn't come here sooner. The comic will update here as long as possible along with updating on Tapastic. Anyway, thanks again and if you like our work, don't forge...
  • Annistyn Angel Profile

    Horrible Days

    I've been feeling really down these days. After the family gathering, It just got really bad and I've just been feeling down because of that. But I don't want my family to drag me down at all! Next week will be better! :) 
  • Sean K Prower Profile

    What is your favourite art medium?

    Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing well! It's time for another Thursday question but before I get to that, I'd like to quickly announce that my new webcomic Togire! Newsroom, (inspired from the Thursday questions) is up and online. Since inkblazers is closing soon, my Thursday questions are continuing in comic form via this new series on tapastic. I wrote a blog with details of the series which you can read here. And now to today's question: Q: What is your favourite art medium to use? I do a...
  • Kiby Profile

    Question #21

    • Just for Fun
    • Kiby
    • Jan 15, 2015 7:58 AM
    For many people who do not know, it is Exam week for many people SOOOOOOOO WHAT DO YOU Like and Hate about Tests?     
  • Chance ShadowBlade Wilkins Profile

    Manga Shorts

    i want to Know what You Guys think should i Keep Doing Short manga Like Love Lamb or go for a Long lasting manga Series Leave Suggestions and Feed back on what you think
  • Bethany-sensei Profile


    Hey, I'm doing a giveaway over on my tumblr, which also happens to be where all relevant news about my art and stuff ends up appearing. Anyway, if you have a tumblr, click on over and like/reblog for your chance to win comics and tea!
  • SageMANGA Profile


    Hi All, As we know inkblazers is shutting down and everyone is moving to tapastic! But we all know that tapastic or any other comic community websites can not come close to inkblazers so I have written a post in tapastic forum talking about what makes inkblazers the best place to be and the changes they should make. These changes are the following: - Adding another page which shows thumbnail previews of latest posts which helps unknown artist increase viewers! - Also a writer's blog page with...
  • Raven Knight of the Twilight Profile

    Be Cautious of Yourself

    When we give pain a name, everything feels so much better. When we are able to point fingers, everything seems so much easier. Unless that name is our own. When we learn that the cause of the pain is ourselves.
  • Annistyn Angel Profile

    Crazy Day!

    Today I had a DECA area conference thing going on and me, being a person who HATES business had so much fun today! It was crazy and I enjoyed myself a lot! Also having a family gathering today to get together with the family. I hope it all goes well! :D 
  • Ayano Tanaka Profile

    Cursed Messiah date change

    SO Cursed Messiah WILL be releasing re-dos starting on the 18th of February latest starting with chapter 1.