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    The start of something beautiful

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    • iza jc
    • Aug 23, 2014 10:23 AM
    Welp, this is starting off slow... I honestly thought i'd get alot of people reading right away but I now learn that this is not the case. I'm super greatful that at least a couple of people are interested so far so I can't really complain! Anyway this all just tells me that i have to quickly get the first chapter out soon to officially kick-off the story but honestly speaking that's gunna take some time and i'm off to college soon... either way I still have to keep working hard! I'm honestly...
  • Revolution Comics Profile

    What is Dream heroes

    Christopher’s Dream Adventure is a Crossover video game Series idea Christopher Tyday Washington (Kirasupa Sukira) which his credit fror his Japanese Oriented Works.the series was actually an idea for sony playstation but the Creator wanted & Decided it to be an N64 video game instead simular to Super Mario 64 cobinated it the intense Melee Combat of Beat em Up Like the legend of Zelda & Double Dragon but Revolving Around Action Combat & Adventure Platform Elements with Comic Book Visuals The...
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    Hey there

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    • jaheath
    • Aug 23, 2014 9:50 AM
    Thanks for checking out the comic!  Suzi Quazar started simple digital doodle one day that caught my eye.  Not long after I started this comic, I had a realization about how I was portraying women in my stories.  You can see a difference as her shape and clothes begin to morpn over time.  Gone is the bombshell babe look and in with a more natural girl next door look. I look forward to sharing this story with you, and hearing your thought ands feelings.   jason
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    Please help me.... I draw for people who help donate $5 - $10. I'm cheap XD just like my artwork.
  • Blackmanpowas Profile

    Sorry Guys...

    Hey guys and gals, Im sorry its taking forever to update more pages. Im on a very tough schedule and its a little hard to draw more than one comic page at a time, Ive always wanted to finish my comics and truth is i need help or more time. So please just be patient and I will upload what I can whenever, please and thanks.   
  • iceandfire Profile

    heres the plan....... maybe : \

    so every friday unless one of my art projects are done ( unless i cant take it home) i'll be posting a picture that i drew through out the week i will take requests and meet them head on. you can tell me what you want me to draw and if you want me to paint, color it in, makers, ect. but please ask , tell anything and if no one replies i'll just post a random picture i did through out the week. so if you want something specific then you gotta tell me see you later iceandfire out.
  • J.M. Henry Profile

    J.M. Reviews: Code of Amanis

    Jayzus,this took forever to write!! I figured I'd help fulfill a few of the review requests in the new forums, so I'm starting with Code of Amanis, a member comic by @MesoPhunk.   Summary: As humans, we rely entirely on what we can see or touch. The truth is more complicated than that. Beyond our own world…there is another that exists. "Code of Amanis" follows four friends as they enroll into a new high school after their previous school mysteriously burns down. Once they arrive at their new ...
  • imbriaarts Profile

    Nerd Ranting

    Okay something I note when people chat with me about Fairy Tail (mainly the RPG I crafted) That urks me a bit. So here goes...  I am sick of people claiming Nastu is the main character of Fairy Tail. Lucy is the plot follows her not Natsu out of all the Shonen titles she is one of the top Female characters and is the stories main characters don't believe me? Then why in every story arc is it Lucy we follow more than Natsu, its Lucy's reactions and actions. When we follow arcs like Tenrou Isla...
  • WTAnderton Profile

    Script Mania - "Code: Hunt" Script (Issue 1, Pages 1-10)

    (Note: This script does not contain major design elements of the featured characters as those will be provided in a separate post dealing with each individual character's design, traits, personality, and abilities. These posts will follow shortly for anyone who is interested. This post simply serves to present the format style I would be using while working with an artist on a project.) Page 1 Panel 1: The issue opens with the scenery of a large city set under the light of a rising sun at daw...
  • ~TheLazyOne~ Profile

    Getting References for Story in the Making

    So like I said in my profile I will be changes majors in like two months (if my counting isn't off). An since I want to be an illustrator I kinda have an idea for a story, been in my head for awhile now. I'm just looking up references to help me out with making roughs for my characters. For I'm mixing three different cultures together, still trying to figure out how I will accomplish this but once I start writing the story i think it'll come to me. Plus I need to look up information on how to...
  • Agapi ( AI ) Profile


    Konichiwa!!  =^.^= Basically first I want to explain why my pen name is Ai Adachi when my real name is Agapi Tsiala. SO. Agapi in greek means love. And if you translate love in japanese it means Ai. So that's How I made my pen name Ai Adachi.  SO next. If you have any requests for blogs you want me to make I will. For now I will try to sketch myself. ( I love when mangakas sketch themselves in funny ways )  Anyway more importantly after I publish my second chapter I will add to my first chapt...
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    For a while...

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    • ~TAG~
    • Aug 22, 2014 6:16 AM
    For a while... There's not gonna be any illustrations for a while since I'm pretty busy at the moment. Yesterday I had get my results for my GCSE's and today i'm peforming at a charity event. Soon I'm gonna be having my first few taster days of college so they may not be illustrations up for quite some time. I'll try my best to make and post illustrations every here and there. But posts are not going to be as frequent like they were over the few couple of days. Keep checking here though! You ...
  • Clover0Project Profile

    Bad Trend in Teens

    I heard from my friend, that many of her classmates are or want to use e-Cigarette. And this is so messed up, as we are still young (middle-schooler). First of all, what is e-Cigarette? Electric Cigarette/Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems, a new cigarette type. Detailed here. Also known as 'vapor' in Indonesia. It may be more healthy and environmentally friendly than normal cigarette, but the negative sides still the same. Well, read the rest of the thing in wikipedia. e-Cigarette is kind ...
  • Terrance Avilez Profile

    Inking And Coloring A Manga Page

    Video showing the soon to come chapter cover of my manga Metora, this will be the page right before the first ever panel page kicks off! Subscribe to the channel to support the manga!
  • pandapictures Profile

    Donate to the process of university!

    Since I am back into school, I don't really have the best opportunity to make money. I would love to do this. I would like to 1) Make an offical site for my webcomic.  2) Open my etsy shop and storeenvy with a selection of items to say that my fans, are proud fans of the webcomic. 3) Make it so that there will be extra opportunities and drawing for the fans to get involved personally into the comic, suchas names, characters, merch, etc.  So, by donating to the cause of university. You will fo...