Getting Started with Inkblazers

What is Inkblazers?

Inkblazers is a crowd-sourced publishing company and social network built by comic fans, for comic fans. We believe that every comic deserves to be read, and that every author deserves to earn real money for their hard work. Inkblazers is where we’re making these dreams come true.

What can I do on Inkblazers?

We like to think of Inkblazers as the go-to social network for independent comics and webcomics. We’re aiming to be the #1 place to find and read the best webcomics on the internet.

As a reader, you can use Inkblazers to keep track of your favorite webcomics and connect with other fans or with your favorite authors.

As an author, you can upload your work to Inkblazers for immediate exposure to everyone in our community. As your works get more popular, you can even earn money for your comics!

What’s this “Premium,” “Featured,” and “Member” thing I keep seeing?

Inkblazers organizes comics into tiers based on how frequently certain comics update, their overall level of quality, and some aspects of their popularity. For more information on each individual tier, check out the “Tier System” section of the FAQ.

What’s a “pool?”

“Pool” is a term that we use to refer to the amount of money we pay our authors each month. There are two pools, one for Featured comics, and one for Premium comics. For more information about how pool payments work, check out the “Submit Your Work” section of the FAQ.

Do I have to pay for comics on this site?

No, you don’t have to pay to read comics on our site. All of our series and services are free, but if you would like to help support your favorite comics and authors, you may opt to purchase a subscription. The benefit is you can read the latest pages faster. Subscriptions are really cheap, and completely optional. Learn more about them in the “Subscriptions and Payments” section of the FAQ.

Subscriptions & Payments

What are subscriptions for?

Subscriptions are a way for you to help support your favorite authors and comics. Authors work really hard to produce the comics you love, and this is just one way to give back.

What do I get for subscribing?

For $2.99 a month (or $11.99 for 6 months), you get exclusive access to the two latest chapters of all our Premium series! That’s about the cost of a large coffee at Starbucks in exchange for an estimated 400+ new pages of super high-quality comics every month!

If that doesn’t sound like a lot, stay tuned. We’ll be adding more subscriber benefits as we move forward.

What if I don't pay? What can I read?

With a free account, you can read everything except for the last two months worth of content of the Premium titles. All Featured and Member titles are 100% free to read!

Is the subscription recurring?

Yes. Once you sign up, it will automatically charge you every month until you cancel.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Of course. If you sign up for a monthly subscription, as long as you cancel before the end of the month, you will not be charged for the next month. If you sign up for the 6 month subscription, you can cancel any time but your subscription will not stop until the end of the 6-month period. The 6-month subscription payment is made only once, and will not be made again until the end of the 6-month period.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Go to your profile, click on "Edit Profile" and then "Manage Subscription". You can cancel your subscription from that page. If you have any problems canceling or cannot find this page, please contact us and let us know.

Can I get a refund?

Generally speaking, we do not refund subscription payments. However, if you tried to cancel your subscription and there was an error that resulted in you having to pay again, we will refund the delinquent payment.

Why don't you keep the Premium comics free and pay authors through advertising?

We would love to! Unfortunately, unless you have millions and millions of users visiting every day, earning enough money to cover the costs of running a company is almost impossible. When we reach that level of traffic we’ll be more than happy to switch over, but until then we’re going to have to stick with subscriptions.

Tier System

What is the Tier System?

Inkblazers is crowd sourced, which means that we have thousands and thousands of comics for you to sift through. To make it easier for readers to find great comics, and to provide incentives to authors to update regularly, we implemented a Tier System.

The Tier System is organized into three sections: Premium, Featured and Member.

Premium comics are really high-quality, engaging comics that update with more than 15 pages each per month. They also qualify for payment from the Premium Payment Pool based on their traffic.

Featured comics are a selection of the best and frequently updated series on the site. Updating with a page every week, Featured series can qualify for payment from the Featured Payment Pool based on their traffic.

Member comics are where it all begins. Tons of brand new comics show up every day. The quality level fluctuates as does the frequency of updates, but there are a lot of hidden gems lurking in this section.

How does a comic get to Featured?

Our staff is constantly on the lookout for hidden gems in the Member comic tier. When we come across one, or when one is suggested to us, we review it carefully and decide whether or not to promote it.

Generally speaking, a good Featured comic:

  1. Updates regularly and often (at least once a week)
  2. Has a solid story
  3. Has good artwork
  4. Has an author that is polite and professional
  5. Has at least 30 pages of content at the time of promotion
  6. Has experienced a steady influx of growth in traffic and popularity since its creation

We understand that many of these qualifications are relative to the reader, and that’s why we always discuss them as a group. There is no “one person” who makes all the decisions about what to promote and when.

How does a comic get promoted to Premium?

All Premium comics were at one time Featured comics. When a Featured comic does exceptionally well, we reach out to the author and talk to them about the possibility of joining our Premium tier. What goes on behind the scenes varies a bit from author to author.

There’s a huge difference in being interested in becoming Premium and being able to do it. Many talented and successful authors are unable to update 15+ pages per month and decide to continue just being Featured. We cannot and will not force any author to join the Premium Tier.

What are the benefits of having a Premium or Featured comic?

Featured authors get:

  1. A share of the monthly featured pool that we pay to our featured authors based their traffic
  2. Additional exposure through social and other channels
  3. The ability to sell items through our Marketplace
  4. All costs of print on demand publishing covered by Inkblazers
  5. To have their comic viewable on our iPad app

Premium Authors get all of that plus:

  1. Access to our advertising matching program
  2. Support for creating merchandise products to sell through our store
  3. A share of a much larger payment pool based on their traffic

Can you tell us more about the sponsorship pool?

What are the Payment Pools and how do they work?

Every month, we pay our Premium and Featured authors a certain percentage of their respective pools based on traffic.

Featured authors earn a percentage of a $750 pool each month based on the amount of traffic they have.

Premium authors earn a percentage of a $20,000 pool each month based on traffic. However, payments for Premium authors vary slightly because we weight payments based on how much traffic came from subscribing or non-subscribing users.

Will the Pools get bigger?

Of course! The bigger we get, the bigger the pools get!

Can a comic get demoted?

Yes, it happens quite often. Sometimes an author experiences a life event that forces them to put their comics on hiatus, and other times their comic simply doesn’t do well and they want to try again with a new series. There are a surprising amount of cases where the author simply disappears and we can’t get in contact with them.

We always talk with the authors before demoting anyone. We want to make sure that everyone involved understands why the demotion is taking place and that all parties are in agreement. It’s actually not uncommon for authors to ask to be demoted if they feel that they are not doing well.

What happens if I get promoted and I don’t update?

Featured authors are asked to update a minimum of 1 page per week, while Premium authors are asked to upload 15 pages or more per month. If you don’t update, then you do not qualify for payment for that month.

Forgetting an update here and there is ok, but if a comic fails to update for a long period of time without talking to the staff about taking a hiatus, then we will often demote that comic.

Submission and Copyright

What happens to my copyright and rights to my work after I join?

Inkblazers doesn’t retain any rights to your work. There’s no contract to sign, no team of lawyers lurking in the darkness waiting to steal your precious comics. We promise that your rights belong to you and only you.

You can take your content off of Inkblazers at any time and we’ll retain no residual rights. That’s a promise.

Do you accept comics that read from left-to-right as well as right-to-left?

Of course. Many languages read from right-to-left, and we hope to accommodate that.

Do you only accept manga?

No. We accept any and all comics. It doesn’t matter what the influence is, or if it’s a long-form comic or a comic strip. We love all comics equally.

Get Involved

I have a series I would like to see published regularly on this site. How can I make this happen?

If the work is not already on Inkblazers, contact the author and tell them to create a profile here and upload their work. We can’t do anything with the comic unless the author willingly uploads it.

I want to work for you!

That’s great to hear. Check out our current job postings that we post on our blog from time to time. Alternatively you can also email us your resume to contact < at > inkblazers.com.

What do I do when I find a bug or error on the site?

Contact the staff as soon as you find an issue using the contact us form. Make sure to include as much information as you can. Things like the browser you were using, screenshots, and what you were doing when the error or bug appeared are really helpful.

You can also post your concerns in the Forum under Comments & Suggestions. Our mods are really active and will be glad to help you troubleshoot or to report bugs to the technical team for you.

I work for the media/publishing industry and would like to get in contact with you to discuss media/partnership/publishing opportunities. Who should I contact?

Please contact victor < at > inkblazers.com

I am interested in advertising on your site. Who should I contact?

Please contact victor < at > inkblazers.com

Notifications & Emails

How do I unsubscribe from the Weekly Discovery Email?

Go to your profile and click “edit profile”

Uncheck the option that says "Staff recommendations and highlights" under Email notification options

Click the "Submit" button and you are all set!

How do you pick comics for the weekly e-mail?

For the Featured and Premium comics, we simply compare the traffic of a comic against their updates, and pick from there. For member's comics, we primarily rely on recommendations from our readers and what is performing well.

How often can a comic appear in the weekly e-mail?

Once a comic has been featured in the e-mail, it cannot appear again for around 3 months. This means you'll see something different every time!

How do you pick the illustrations?

Every week, we gather a collection of the best illustrations, and then pick a selection from that group. If you have an illustration you think should be in the e-mail, please let us know by contacting us at community < at > inkblazers.com

How often can an author have their illustrations in the e-mail?

Unlike the comics, there's no limitation on how often an author’s illustrations can appear in the e-mail.

Can I recommend my own comic?

Sadly, no, as we're looking for the readers choice to be comics recommended by 'readers' not the authors themselves.

Community Guidelines

We here at Inkblazers want to create a lively and friendly community that encourages authors to be the best they can be both authorically and professionally. As such, we have written up a set of guidelines for our members to help them understand how we expect them to behave as part of our community.

Please take time to read these guidelines to ensure you make the best of your time as part of our ever-growing community.

Artwork Submission

We accept all types of works, but we expect your submitted works to be your own. If you submit work that is proven to be copied, traced, plagiarized or stolen from another author or author, we will take down that work immediately. Direct copying of another person’s works is considered plagiarism, and will not be tolerated (not to mention it’s illegal). Violations of copyrights will also be treated in a similar manner.

Fan art is acceptable, but if we receive a request from the copyright holders to take down the artwork, we will do so in compliance with the DMCA.

Mature Content

Inkblazers accepts mature content that features nudity, non-graphic sex, extreme violence and strong language so long as it is put behind our mature content filter. Any content deemed unsuitable that is not behind a content filter, will be put behind the filter by a mod, and the owner will be notified. Failure to comply will result in the removal of the offending content.


Pornographic work is not accepted on Inkblazers under any circumstances, so please do not post anything that could be deemed pornographic. There are distinct differences between pornography and depictions of non-graphic sex. If you are confused about the degree of censorship needed in order to be able to post your work safely on Inkblazers, please ask us.

Offensive Content

Any content that deliberately offends any person or group will be taken down immediately and the original poster will be given a strong warning. The site welcomes all people of all genders, faiths, races, sexualities and backgrounds, and deliberately hateful content will not be tolerated.

We reserve the right to remove any offensive content and shut down any accounts containing offensive content as we see fit.

Criticism VS Offensive Comments

Criticism is a vital part of the growth of any author, and as such we strongly encourage our members to engage in this practice. However, we also expect criticism to be polite and constructive. Any posts that deliberately insult the author and their work in a non-constructive manner will be treated as spam or trolling and will be deleted immediately.

Persistent rude and offensive comments will affect your chances of promotion and can even lead to account deletion.

If you or someone you know receives an offensive comment (or many), please report it to the MM Enforcer account. We do not want our members to be subject to undue stress due to persistent harassment.

If you see an offensive comment on another authors work or profile, please report it to the enforcer or a staff member. We ask that you do not try to step in or respond to the offensive comments yourself, as doing so can often exacerbate the situation.

Reporting Violations

If you find something on the site that you find unsuitable or questionable, please report it to the staff via the Contact Us form. We will investigate these works/commentaries on a case by case basis and take action as necessary. Please understand that we may not necessarily share your viewpoint on what is considered pornographic or offensive.

Artist and Author Conduct

We expect a certain degree of professionalism from our authors and authors, those who are aiming to be a Premium or Featured creator. Premium and Featured Creators are basically employees of our company, and should behave in an acceptable manner. An extreme lack of professionalism can result in demotion in some cases.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun or make friends on this site. You can (and should) be yourself and have fun with that. All we’re asking is that you don’t be a jerk. That’s easy, right?

Your Personal Life on Inkblazers

We expect our authors to show restraint when giving out personal information about themselves on the site. We understand that sometimes real life events mean you need to reach out and inform your readers of the situation, but these events should be the exception, not the rule.

Inkblazers is not a place to broadcast personal information, especially since all of our site is publicly accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Be careful on the internet. There be demons.

If you have friends that are a part of the Inkblazers community and you’d like to have a personal discussion about your life events, please don’t do it publicly through the commenting system. We urge you to take this conversation off-site to email, private chat, or instant messaging. Remember that everything on Inkblazers is available for the entire world to see. If you’re ok with anyone knowing these things about you then... that’s fine, but just be aware that having a conversation anywhere on this site is like trying to have a secret conversation with a friend while screaming through a megaphone. It could be pretty embarrassing for everyone involved.

Respect your fellow authors

We understand that sometimes authors will have disputes, and that’s completely normal. We do ask however that you limit your dispute to a private audience. If you want to tell your friends in private about a disagreement, that’s ok. However, posting blogs on Inkblazers(for example) and talking about it vociferously in public areas such as site comments or chat rooms will not be tolerated. This kind of behavior is considered unprofessional and can hurt your chances of promotion as well as your reputation.


Trolling and spamming is never tolerated under any circumstance. Troll and spam accounts are subject to deletion without warning.

We also take a firm stance against simply posting a link to your work on the profile of another author as a means of exposure or advertisement. This is considered spamming and frequently doing this will strongly affect your chances for future promotion. If you want to advertise, please use legitimate services or social networks.

Contacting Staff

If you have any issues or questions regarding the site, please contact us. We are eager to help and will get back to you as soon as we can.

Our community managers work really hard to make Inkblazers a great place for everyone, so please treat them with the respect. Being callous, rude, or spiteful to a staff member who is trying to help you can result in a severe warning and account deletion.

If you are unsure that you are talking to a member of staff, check their Inkblazers profile, as all members of staff state their position in the profile description.

For a complete list of staff members and how to contact them, visit the About Us page.


What items can I sell in the Marketplace?

You can sell any original items related to comics or manga in the Marketplace. These items include, but are not limited to, keychains, bookmarks, posters, books, t-shirts, stickers, buttons, and any other items that you have created.

How do I get paid?

All payments are made monthly through Paypal, or directly deposited into a US checking account.

How long until I get paid?

We allocate payments every month, but there is a $20 USD minimum before you will receive a payment. When you have accumulated $20 USD or more in sales, the funds will automatically be transferred to your Paypal or US checking account every month.

What does Inkblazers charge per transaction?

Listing an item in the Marketplace is free, but there will be a 2.9% + $0.30USD fee per transaction for processing. Inkblazers does not directly take a cut from any of the Marketplace sales; this fee is only to cover the cost of processing the credit card transaction.

How much will I be paid to ship my products?

You can set your own international and domestic shipping rates for each product individually. Our system will then automatically detect which shipping method a buyer will be charged.

Who can sell items in the Marketplace?

All Premium and Featured authors are able to sell items in the Marketplace automatically. However, we do allow members to apply for a seller account if they wish to sell items in the Marketplace. If you would like to sell in our Marketplace, but are not a Premium or Featured author, please email your item information and previous sales records (if any) to contact < at > inkblazers.com.

How are disputes handled?

Inkblazers is not responsible for any disputes between an independent seller and a buyer unless the dispute involves an error made by the Marketplace system. Disputes such as, receiving the wrong item, or failed delivery, will not be handled by the Inkblazers team. We urge sellers and buyers to cooperate with each other to resolve such disputes through the contact vendor system within the Marketplace.

Any disputes involving books that are fulfilled by Inkblazers will be handled by the Inkblazers team.

How fast should I fulfill an order?

We suggest that all sellers fulfill orders as soon as they can. In the case of pre-orders, we ask that an estimated fulfillment date be provided for the buyer’s reference.

If a seller fails to provide confirmation of shipment within 10 days of the date the order was placed, we retain the right to cancel the transaction. No payment will be exchanged in this case.

How will I know if I have an order?

You will be notified by email, and you will receive a notification near your name on the menubar of the Inkblazers website. You can also keep track of your orders by reviewing your order history page (accessible through the menubar or through your profile page). You can also offer order and shipping confirmation from this page.

Who do I contact if I have a problem?

Please send all emails to orders < at > inkblazers.com. Please be sure to include order numbers (if applicable), and as much detailed information as you can so we can help you more effectively.