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Yen Lo Wang king of hell

Yen Lo Wang king of hell

by melted_ices

Posted On: May 12, 2012

"The God of Death and Ruler of the Fifth Court of FENG-DU, the Chinese Hell.

The Chinese version of YAMA, he was originally King of the First Court of Hell, but Heaven accused him of undue leniency. Far too many souls were crossing the Golden Bridge to Heaven and the place was getting crowded.

To prevent spiritual overpopulation, the JADE-EMPEROR put QIN-GUANG-WANG in charge of Judgment and assigned YEN-LO-WANG to the Fifth Hell of Wailing, Gouging and Boiling. Once there he developed a real relish for making souls miserable, so everyone was happy again. Except the souls, of course.

As a God of some importance, YEN-LO-WANG is far more than just a dealer of boiling oil. He rules over the whole of FENG-DU and has a team of deadly assistants. His filing system contains the records of every soul, complete with their allotted death date. MONKEY once paid him a visit and wreaked havoc, but we imagine security has been tightened up since then."

DETAILS SURELY RAPING MY LIFE IN THIS PICT, ur choice to like this pict lol


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