November 2012 Comics Release Schedule

Note: Our authors are now posting pages as they complete them! You can expect to see around 2 pages uploaded per week and the remainder of the chapter at the end of the month. Their publishing schedule or speed has not changed. We think this gives you all more choices of how you would like to read your favorite series!

Week Author Manga Release
Week 1 Cassandra Jean Land of Lions Chapter 43
Pandapon Studio Midnight Hunters Chapter 28
Week 2 Studio Kawaii The Soul Chaser Chapter 28
Vervain We Will Draw Near Chapter 21
Nozmo Todd Allison & the Petunia Violet Chapter 12
Loom Vampire Fetish Chapter 12
Week 4 Drake Tsui SIN Chapter 29
Chloe Chan and Aliena Shoemaker Two Keys Chapter 22
Kevin Libranda Novus Karma Chapter 22
Soul Ink studios Ugui Chapter 16
Cassandra Jean Pass The Rubicon Chapter 2
Ninona Badirfilay Chapter 7