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Apr 25, 2012
Last Updated:
Mar 9, 2014
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, One Shot, Supernatural

In a land of endless sands, verdant oasis and powerful djinns Medina of Aavares is a swordswoman for hire. Her big mouth and bigger attitude always get her in trouble but Medina, like any cat, will always land on her feet.

It's nekomimi meets the Arabian Nights!

This project will upload much more loosely than my screentoned stuff (obviously it takes a lot of work!) and it is only 24 pages per chapter. So far I plan on making the first three chapters. :}



deadly sands

RELEASED:Apr 25, 2012

LAST UPDATED:Jul 3, 2013

BLANKS STATUS:Missing (14 of 24)

Medina receives a job from an old acquaintance. Being a little low on gold, she doesn’t really bother with the fine print. Her mission is to retrieve a box of jewels amongst the remains of a caravan currently at the bottom of a ravine full of flesh-eating undead and giant scorpions. Confident in her abilities, Medina sets forth under the scorching sun. Once there, Medina easily gets to the box. Naturally curious as to if she can fence the jewels herself, she opens the box and unleashes a cursed djinn upon the world. Which unfortunately for Medina feeds upon her own life-force and will leave her dead within a week. To make things right again Medina will have to work together with Kadash, the law-abiding, stuck-up Mage captain of the city guard. Will Medina survive it all or will she end up another skeleton in the endless sands?


Ice Woman

RELEASED:Nov 25, 2012

LAST UPDATED:Mar 9, 2014

BLANKS STATUS:Missing (25 of 25)

In the city of Aavares the cadavers of frozen prostitutes begin to turn up in the streets. Madam Night Flower of the Seven Blossoms pleasure house is not very pleased at having her girls butchered so she hires Medina to catch the killer. Medina will have to pose as a woman of pleasure to bait the murderer, a charade that will stretch her patience plenty. Meanwhile, Captain Kadash of the royal city guard is conducting his own investigation and is on the killer’s trail. But how can they catch a killer that is untouchable?


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