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Apr 22, 2012
Last Updated:
Apr 17, 2014
Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Josei, Supernatural

Mythical creatures have long been catergorised as fiction in the human world. Any literature that exists is seen 'Folklore'.

But some mythical creatures have survived. However, they now have a human form so that they can sucessfully blend into the modern world... Some of them are good, some of them are bad... and some would just like to be left alone.

A small group of these 'mythics' will soon become embroiled in a race against time to stop the malicious 'Crooked Man'... a meglomanic puppet master with designs on the whole of humanity...





RELEASED:Nov 15, 2012

LAST UPDATED:Mar 31, 2013

BLANKS STATUS:Missing (10 of 10)

What are mythics you ask? This prologue sets the scene for the main comic :) Enjoy


Ab Initio

RELEASED:Apr 22, 2012

LAST UPDATED:Sep 17, 2013

BLANKS STATUS:Missing (24 of 24)

Arfan Jones (The Phoenix) is desperate to get away from his new admirer, but this isn't a simple love affair... it's something much more sinister than that. The Crooked Man (a fabulous but deeply disturbed magician) is keen to capture Arfan and use his power to destroy the entire world! Unfortunately for him, Arfan escapes to a sleepy village in Wales, but living a human life and hiding from the Crooked Man won't be easy, hopefully his new found friend Jenny, will set him straight.


At the Castle

RELEASED:Sep 17, 2013

LAST UPDATED:Mar 14, 2014

BLANKS STATUS:Missing (15 of 15)

After being plagued by visions of The Phoenix, The Crooked Man and The Nidhogg, Robert reports his dreams to the King....


Back In Wales...

RELEASED:Mar 14, 2014

LAST UPDATED:Apr 8, 2014

BLANKS STATUS:Missing (3 of 3)


Special Extras

RELEASED:Feb 27, 2014

LAST UPDATED:Apr 17, 2014

BLANKS STATUS:Missing (3 of 3)

Some special extra pages


see all >>


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