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Fruit's Curse


Apr 27, 2012
Last Updated:
Apr 27, 2012
Fantasy, Mystery, One Shot, Shoujo

This idea was belong to my best friend, Rie Evelyn since 2006. It was my memory to remember her idea/storyboard by remake this comic once again. This comic also had been in competition but it didn't get any good result of it. No matter how, I still remain want to complete my mission, make it more perfect^^

Thanks for watching/ reading my comic and please have a positive comment for me to improve the drawing. This story board is credit to my friend, Rie Evelyn: One Manga Shot

: 13 pages
: 2011
: Rie Evelyn (Storyboard)



Fruit's Curse (One~shot manga)

RELEASED:Apr 27, 2012

LAST UPDATED:Apr 27, 2012

BLANKS STATUS:Missing (12 of 12)

This comic is just for fun and it was about a young girl named Hanna, whom changed to a boy! After Hanna finish find her subject matter for her Science subject, she found a weird fruit and regardless, she ate it! By the next, the day, the fruit's curse had turn Hanna into a boy's body and her mom was shocked after seeing her in such a ridiculous condition. You may discover how the fruit work on Hanna if you read this comic! Find out what happen to Hanna next!


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