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Nov 1, 2012
Last Updated:
Apr 22, 2014
Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Tragedy

A fantasy webcomic about the odyssey of Ilias Oter and his friends.   

Tensions have grown between Midgard and Cania, the home country of Ilias Oter and his friends. Ilias, though, is much more interested in his classmate Lilith, a beautiful and talented wizard, than in politics. As the students of the “Academy for Arcane Studies and Material Arts” face the final exams, they suddenly find themselves wrapped up in a web of intrigue and magic that could break their world’s fragile core. Now it’s up to Ilias and his friends to save what is most precious to them before time runs out. But is giving your “best” enough when you have to deal with forces that seem to be able to move kings like pawns on a chess board?

Gaia, a story about the nature of reality, and the answer to Lilith’s simple, meek, world-shattering question: “Will you come along?”

Gaia is written by Oliver Knörzer (Novil) and drawn by Puri Andini (Powree). It updates every Tuesday and Friday. We also create the comedy comic Sandra and Woo about a 12-year-old girl and her pet raccoon.



The Red Hall

RELEASED:Nov 1, 2012

LAST UPDATED:Feb 6, 2013

BLANKS STATUS:Missing (48 of 48)

In the first chapter of Gaia, The Red Hall, Ilias Oter and his friends face the first serious test in their life, the final exams of the Academy for Arcane Studies and Material Arts.



RELEASED:Dec 3, 2012

LAST UPDATED:Feb 27, 2013

BLANKS STATUS:Missing (92 of 92)

In the second chapter of Gaia, Shadowdancers, Ilias Oter and his friends seek the help of the legendary thieves’ guild Shadowdancers to carry out a dangerous mission.


The Tower in the Sky

RELEASED:Feb 27, 2013

LAST UPDATED:Oct 7, 2013

BLANKS STATUS:Missing (51 of 51)

In the third chapter of Gaia, The Tower in the Sky, Viviana and the Shadowdancers try to come up with a plan to rescue Lilith Caillean before her execution.


The Letter of Jael Bara

RELEASED:Oct 10, 2013

LAST UPDATED:Apr 22, 2014

BLANKS STATUS:Missing (49 of 49)

In the fourth chapter of Gaia, The Letter of Jael Bara, Lilith Caillean may or may not be rescued before her execution.


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