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Masterless Technique


Apr 17, 2012
Last Updated:
Nov 30, 2013
Martial Arts

Master Shinku is a wanted man . Shinku's fighting record is one hundred thousands kills no losses.This is unheard of by top fighters around the world. Each group of strong Vital fighters strive to find this man of myth, this master of the Masterless Technique. So it begins, fighters from around the globe, all come to the Rausu mountains to find master Shinku and see if he really exist. Just for a chance to meet in battle with this legendary man to destroy him and his legacy. Whoever defeats Shinku gains his perfect fighting record of 100,000 wins 0 defeats. They will also gain the burden of having to face any warrior who challenges them to battle.

Story by Ron Brazelton

Art work by

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Legendary Man!

RELEASED:Nov 10, 2013

LAST UPDATED:Nov 30, 2013

BLANKS STATUS:Missing (3 of 3)

Master shinku only heard of in fairy tales. The quest to find this undefeated man begins. Along the way a kid with high ambition named Fei Hung sets out to learn Martial arts. He doesn't want to be taught the traditional way of fighting from a martial arts school . He believes that he can train alone and be great. That's until his friend Jin tells him a story about a legendary Master.


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