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Alchemic Eye

Nov 12, 2012
Last Updated:
Nov 27, 2012
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Other

In the world where the 12 zodiacs are worshipped as Gods and bestow their powers onto a child. Where the strange dwellings,Cetuscians have been around for unknown time lurk about with unknown intention.This was the world of Gods,unidentification and tension between the two.

The 13th Zodiac,Ophiuchus had no disciple to pass down his power. That was until he was given a child as an offering.However,as he was given a child to raise the Cetuscians finally took action against the Gods after centuries of peace.

War spread far and wide however there were no winners,a stalemate. Until Ophiuchus places his son ,whom he raised on his own, into the battlefield.

(updated irregularly,depends on how free i am)



Offering of a Child

RELEASED:Nov 12, 2012

LAST UPDATED:Nov 27, 2012

BLANKS STATUS:Missing (2 of 2)

(this chapt is a prologue) the 13 Zodiac was never recognized and was considered an outcast. Forbidden to be worshipped. Whoever believes in Ophiuchus were killed. The surviving couple who worshipped Ophiuchus gave their last offer before their death. It was something he had waited for millennium. (in progress)


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