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Seven Souls

Sara Cuervo

Jan 30, 2013
Last Updated:
Jan 18, 2014
Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-fi
Mature Term(s):
Strong Language, Violence

Once upon a space,
there was a planet called Rigel II.

Surrounded by massive planetary systems and interstellar associations in perpetual expansion, there were only three things that kept safe the independence of the "Little Empire":

The Natal technology, a lucky heritage of both machinery and knowledge, vastly sophisticated, matched to no other known in the galaxy.

An assassin squad, specially trained for precise and deadly action when it's needed.

And, maybe the most unusal thing of all:

an Emperor that truthfully cared about the welfare of his people.

This is the story of the survival of Rigel -

the story of its price.



Hello, Sara here! Updates are daily until the comic reaches the spanish version - then weekly. Currently the main website is offline, so this is your best choice to read the comic in english for free <3 I hope you'll enjoy the journey through the stars!

También podéis leer Seven Souls en español aquí ☆



MISSION 1 [data recovery]

RELEASED:Jan 30, 2013

LAST UPDATED:Jun 29, 2013

BLANKS STATUS:Missing (21 of 21)


MISSION 2 [public elimination]

RELEASED:Aug 3, 2013

LAST UPDATED:Jan 18, 2014

BLANKS STATUS:Missing (21 of 21)



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