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Stray Dog


May 10, 2012
Last Updated:
Apr 17, 2014
Action, Horror, Romance, Seinen, Shoujo

The story of the improbable meeting between Aki, an orphan girl, and Toru, a cursed Lycan with red eyes.

Re-discover the myth of the Beast of Gévaudan !

Beware the wolf....


I hope that my weird drawing style will please you (I drew the beginning of this stuff around 5 years ago now, so, be indulgent please with the freaking weird style of the start.....-_-°°°), this comic is a bit mature because of some trashy scenes..^^°°

As I'm fan of lycans, black magic and steampunck backgrounds, I drew this stuff.^u^=


English translation by Fausty-chan.^^

Stray Dog art gallery here !^^



¤ Be and stay polite in your comments please. Insults, strong slang langage are forbidden.^^

¤ I'm not the webmaster on the site. So, don't need to report bugs to me (in PM or in posting comments on Stray Dog's pages about it). Unfortunately, I'm entirely useless for all this sorts of things. Please report all this in using the "contact part" on this website.^^=

¤ Because of the fact that Stray Dog is a published comic series in France, in order to respect the current publisher's wish, only English translation will be present on this website.

Thankx for your understanding. *u*



The Master commands, the Dog obeys.

RELEASED:May 10, 2012

LAST UPDATED:Oct 19, 2013

BLANKS STATUS:Missing (1 of 53)

In Ishtar, the cursed city, it exists illegal arenas where fight monsters from the Old Age for Humans' entertainement. It's in this chilling area that Senri, a scientist who works on devil critters, will meet the most dangerous monster of Sharsa's arenas, "StrayDog", the mythic Gevaudan's Beast.


The Monster with Red Eyes

RELEASED:Jul 14, 2012

LAST UPDATED:May 1, 2013


First real meeting between Toru, the legendary Lycan Stray Dog, and Senri who was captured by the current Toru's master Lawrence.



RELEASED:Nov 7, 2012

LAST UPDATED:May 1, 2013

BLANKS STATUS:Missing (17 of 17)

The truth about Toru's identity is revealed.



RELEASED:Dec 19, 2012

LAST UPDATED:May 1, 2013

BLANKS STATUS:Missing (71 of 71)

To save her daughter, Senri enters into an agreement with Toru: if the Lycan accepts not to kill anymore and protects Tsubaki, Senri's daughter, after the scientist's death, he'll can re-find his freedom outside Sharsa's arenas. Warning: real nature of Toru's demonic part is revealed, so, violence, blood and torture (just a little.)



RELEASED:Feb 6, 2013

LAST UPDATED:May 1, 2013

BLANKS STATUS:Missing (57 of 57)

End of Senri's part, conclusion of the existing pact between him and Toru. Warning: Death of a main character.


Search Nice Master - part1

RELEASED:Mar 3, 2013

LAST UPDATED:May 1, 2013

BLANKS STATUS:Missing (35 of 35)

New age of the story, taking place 6 months after Senri's death. First meeting between Toru and his new master Aki. _____ Thankx Fausty-chan for her great translation, always. *u*=


Search Nice Master - part 2

RELEASED:Mar 18, 2013

LAST UPDATED:Jan 20, 2014

BLANKS STATUS:Missing (65 of 65)

The cohabitation bewteen the Lycan Toru and his new master Aki is much more difficult than expected. ************* Thankx Fausty-chan for your incredible English translation, always. *w*


Supermassive Black Hole

RELEASED:Jun 10, 2013

LAST UPDATED:Jan 20, 2014

BLANKS STATUS:Missing (83 of 83)

Black Exorcist vs Haunted Beast. English translation by Fausty. ^^=



RELEASED:Oct 3, 2013

LAST UPDATED:Jan 20, 2014

BLANKS STATUS:Missing (114 of 114)

Black Exorcist vs Haunted Beast part 2. English translation by Fausty. ^^=



RELEASED:Jan 17, 2014

LAST UPDATED:Apr 17, 2014

BLANKS STATUS:Missing (109 of 109)

Consequences of the confrontation between Toru and Tarot. *** English translation by Fausty-chan.^^ *** NB: I answer very slowly to your comments, considering the quantity of messages I receive everyday.^^ But I read each message you send me, and by advance, very thank you all for your incredible support, it makes me feel like to improve my work again and again.^^=


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