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May 12, 2012
Last Updated:
Mar 1, 2014
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Shounen

Knowledge is power. In a world where everything is made up of fourteen elements and can be manipulated through study, this is the only truth. Welcome to a place where strength lies in the hands of the studious - welcome to the World of Sophers.



The Thaumaturge

RELEASED:May 12, 2012

LAST UPDATED:Dec 3, 2012

BLANKS STATUS:Missing (32 of 32)

The frontier town of Vagas doesn't get much excitement. In fact, the place is downright boring. Nobody knows this better than Wendy Newton, daughter of the local inn owner, who is tired of the same exact routine that happens every day from sunrise to sunset. She needs excitement! She needs adventure! She needs... to learn Thaumaturgy. And it just so happens that a chance encounter at the local market will send her on her way.


The Visitors

RELEASED:May 12, 2012

LAST UPDATED:Apr 18, 2013

BLANKS STATUS:Missing (32 of 32)

Wendy's new teacher, Nomen Nescio, is a mysterious figure. Whatever his deal is, his abilities are going to be put to the test as Kentucky begins to make his move. Yet things are not as they seem; behind the pompous baron lies a darker figure...


Learning More

RELEASED:Jun 4, 2012

LAST UPDATED:Apr 18, 2013

BLANKS STATUS:Missing (33 of 33)

The world changed for a few residents of Vagas two years ago, a minor event in the grand scheme of things but so meaningful for so few people. Adults deal with their emotions by burying them, but since when is that ever the answer?


Well's Deep

RELEASED:Apr 18, 2013

LAST UPDATED:Mar 1, 2014

BLANKS STATUS:Missing (25 of 25)

The declaration of war has been made, but why? The reason that Kentucky wants the farm is still under wraps, but the truth may soon come out.


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