For those of you who want to become a published author, working with has a number of benefits. In fact, our site is designed specifically to help guide aspiring artists and authors towards the goal of publishing and earning an income through their work.

From the moment you first log on and create your profile, actively expands the audience and market for your work. On our site, your existing fans can come and congregate, while new users can come and discover your work with ease. Our site is designed to help you interact with new and old fans alike.

Furthermore, as your work gains popularity, our system is designed to identify those series that have the potential to one day be published in both digital and print form. Our staff works hard to make sure that those of you with the talent and dedication get that chance with the minimum amount of hassle. Our authors keep the rights to their works, and we are here simply to make their goals of being published and earning a living through their art come true.

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Please also note that on the site we have three distinct tiers. Please read below to get a better idea!

Inkblazers Title

These titles are the premier titles by top-notch authors/artists on this site. These are carefully selected by and sponsored so that they release once a month.

Artists and authors in this category are recognized for their unwavering dedication to their art and story. They have shown that comics are what they live for, and also that they have the talent and skill necessary to produce brilliant work that deserves recognition.

Selection Criteria: There are 4 major criteria to becoming a title:

  1. The creating artist (or author/artist team) has to have created a series that currently has at least 4 chapters that reflect their best work;
  2. The series in question will also need to be planned for a minimum 3-volume run. (A volume is composed of at least 140 pages of work);
  3. The series has to be hosted on, although it can be posting on other sites as well. We will not go off our site to look on another website when considering these titles; and
  4. The series has to update a full chapter at least once a month.

Inkblazers titles are generally chosen from the feature title pool, although new member submitted titles might also be considered if they meet the criteria and show particular promise and excellence. The number of views, pace of comments, popularity and community involvement with the series in question also plays a strong contributing factor but it is not a limiting one as we know some artist/authors don't like to talk too much online.

Sponsorship and benefits: The type of sponsorship will provide is determined on a case-by-case basis, and may involve monetary compensation, financing for producing print sales, advertisement financing, eBook distribution etc. We will not answer any questions regarding sponsoring a series until the series in question is already on this site and has met our basic criteria.

Copyright and legal issues: Authors/artists of titles retain the rights to their work. will only request licenses to post and distribute the material. Other legal issues can be addressed on a case-by-case basis. We are flexible and understand that every artist/author has their concerns and we will work to make things transparent and agreeable.

Feature Titles

These titles recognized and promoted by for their quality, popularity, and/or recognition of excellence by our editors. These titles are amongst the top available on this site, update regularly, and may become sponsored if they receive enough user support.

Titles may become featured without any application necessary. The best way to get into this category is really just to put up your best work possible. Updating your comic, adding illustrations, entering journal entries, all of these help. Having a lot of views, votes, followers, and community interaction also helps dramatically, so inviting your friends or fans to come to the site to check it out is important. Needless to say, your work has to be on the site in the first place if you want it to be featured as we will not go off the site to look for your work. The only thing you should note is that we do not accept any pornographic submissions for feature titles and will not sponsor such titles either.

Any work featured by our site remains your own. You are not restricted in any sense by having your work on our site as a featured title. To be a featured title is to be promoted and recognized by us for excellence only!

Selection Criteria: There are 3 major criteria for being selected as a feature author.

  1. At least 2 chapters of work on the site;
  2. Pass selection process by authors and artists.
  3. Pass selection process by the staff.

Benefits: Featured series will be shown prominently on the site and via various channels available to Furthermore, only featured series will be considered for sponsorship so consider this the first step!

Copyright and legal issues: Authors/artists retain the rights to their work.

Member-Submitted Titles

These titles are titles our members have submitted for sharing. Please browse around and enjoy them! As a title in this section gains more popularity, views, etc, they may become featured or eventually even Inkblazers Titles!

This is really the beginning stage of working towards being published on Once you have submitted your work, you can use a variety of tools available on our website to share your comic, illustrations, journal entries, etc with your friends. The more views, followers, etc you have, the more recognition you will get and the greater the likelihood you will become featured or sponsored as a title!

We retain no rights to the work you put on this site, and you are not restricted in any sense by having your work on this site. Please note however that does not feature pornographic work and will remove any such work when it is found or reported.

Copyright and legal issues: Authors/artists retain the rights to their work.