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August Newsletter Tuesday 1st August 2012


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Illustration competition results
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Site Tip

We've realized that at times some of the features we release may not always be perfect and some things may be confusing at times! So, we are going to start leaving site tips for issues we see people commonly running ino!

"Errors" with your chapters

We frequently get emails from people who have run into issues when creating a chapter where somehow something is not behaving. For example, pages duplicating, page order is incorrect, missing pages, pages not updating, etc!

Our development team is constantly trying to improve the experience to make your lives easier. But just like how people say "have you tried rebooting your computer", when you run into a chapter issue, first try deleting that chapter and re-uploading your files!

Unfortunately lots of things can impact the upload process that we cannot anticipate!




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Note from the Staff

Summer is always a great time for manga and comics! Comic con and Otakon are just some of the great events that are happening! We hope you were able to attend some of them!

We hope you like our new blog! You can now access it at or just click on "blog/news" on the menu bar! You can expect to see regular articles by our premium and featured authors as well as our community manager Powil! Check it out now and let us know what you think!

As always, we hope you enjoy this newsletter and look forward to hearing from all of you!  Please do not hesitate to Tweet us, comment in Facebook, or shoot us an email! You can always reach us via our CONTACT US page as well!

Author Promotions: Featured

We are very excited to welcome two new authors to our featured group this month! These series absolutely stood out and we are really looking forward to hearing from all of you about what you think!

Manga / Comic Cover Page Manga / Comic Cover Page
  1. Horny Tails by AlisaDidkovsky
  2. Stray Dog by VanRah
May Illustration Competition Results

Thank you to all the amazing submissions for the May Illustration Competition! We received so many subsmissions and it was extremely difficult to select the winners! It is so encouraging to see so much amazing talent on our site and we hope you enjoyed drawing the submissions as much as we enjoyed reviewing them!

The submissions were so competitive so we decided to expand the prize pool to acknowledge all the amazing submissions! We increase third place to have three winners and then increased the winners pick's to eight picks! Congratulations to everybody and thank you for making our life so incredibly difficult!

Without further delay, here are the results!

First: Juice Second: deeJuusan

Third (#1): sykugen Third ( #2): sairin Third (#3): Spirafall

Staff Picks: (In no particular order)

piano-kun ENNE Peiwei Li moth
thiever Pyogo0909 Wight geori

Winners: As usual, please email us at illustrationcompetition [at] before August 15th from the email you registered your account so we can arrange distribution of the prizes!

Powil's Tip of the Week: Fan Art

Doing Honest Promotion #2: Fan Art

Hi, my name is Powil. In this section we will discuss a tip every month to help you become a better artist and take advantage of the great community we have here!

Fan art is not only a great way to express support for comic artists, but also a way to improve one's illustration skills. Any image that is created based on the story, character and elements from existing artwork can be loosely called fan art. What makes this type of activity safe from copyright violations is that fan art are not made for commercial purposes. If not for the money, then, what makes fan art awesome?

  • Creating fan art is a great way of showing support to your favorite comic artist-as long as your version is not outright offensive!
  • The process of creating fan art improves illustration skills. Taking something already existing to put your personal spin on it is a common exercise in art making.
  • Receiving fan art hints on what appeals to your readers. If you are lucky to be on the receiving end, fan arts give you ideas to explore in your comic.
  • Lastly, fan art is fun and it helps you connect with people. A perfect example is this fan art contest held by a MangaMagazine author Matsuyama Takeshi.

Artists Kevin Libranda and Cassandra Jean drew their versions of Petunia Violet. Can you tell which one is the original by Nozmo?

Until next month. Happy comicking!



Upcoming Stuff: Mini-store, Facebook, and more!

We are now in the final steps of launching a whole bunch of features we prepared in the last few weeks for you! Among some of the things we are launching are Facebook login integration; to make it easier for you to log in, as well as a mini-store for our featured and premium authors so they can show off all the great stuff they have available for sale!

Keep your eyes peeled as we will likely push it out soon!


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