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July Newsletter Tuesday 2nd July 2012


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upcoming stuff: New blog coming

Site Tip

We've realized that at times some of the features we release may not always be perfect and some things may be confusing at times! So, we are going to start leaving site tips for issues we see people commonly running ino!

"Submit" your translation

There are two steps for submitting a translation to an author for approval.

1.) Click on the "translate" button and uploading your files.

2.) Going to your profile and clicking on the "translations" tab and then clicking on the right most button for each translated chapter you created.

This button submits the chapter for approval with the author. If you don't do step 2, all that happens is it sits! So don't forget about it!







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Note from the Staff

The summer is here and the MM team is working absolutely like mad to get a lot of things we have planned done! We hope you all are enjoying the translation feature we just rolled out! We've already seen some great translations come through!

Going forward, one of the things we are going to focus really hard on is providing you with more relevant and up to date content for you. We are very excited that one of our community managers Powil has offered to step up and help write some regular articles for all of you! You will be able read his articles on both the newsletter and our new blog that is about to launch!

As always, we hope you enjoy this newsletter and look forward to hearing from all of you!  Please do not hesitate to Tweet us, comment in Facebook, or shoot us an email! You can always reach us via our CONTACT US page as well!

Author Promotions: Featured

We are very excited to welcome three new authors to our featured group this month! These series absolutely stood out and we are really looking forward to hearing from all of you about what you think!

Manga / Comic Cover Page Manga / Comic Cover Page Manga / Comic Cover Page
  1. Black Tuesday Shangri-La by BlackTuesday
  2. It's a dead man's party by Cheez Hayama
  3. Thaumaturge by Elagune
Powil's Weekly Tip: Doing Honest Promotion

Profile Picture
 Hi, my name is Powil. In this section we will discuss a tip every  month to help you become a better artist and take advantage of the  great community we have here!

When I joined Mangamagazine as community manager last March, lots of new members were starting to join the  site. I met many members who have their own manga and kept asking "how can I get more readers? being asked". Here is my answer to the question.

Tip #1 - A review for a review

Find a manga that you think is really good and write a blog post of what makes it worthwhile to read. Post your blog link on the manga's page through a comment to make it work both ways: the author gains a positive testimony and you will have a link to your page. 

Even if your comment goes unanswered you will still have increased the chances of readers becoming curious about you based on what you say. If your readership does not increase you will still have broadened your knowledge of manga by figuring out what makes other's works good.

Remember, your goal is to write a review for a manga you think deserves it. Be sincere and as much as possible refrain from putting a direct link to your own manga as it will sound like you are selling it - and most people do not like receiving unsolicited advertisement. Profile page owners could easily hide your comments if you unintentionally irritate them.

That is it for this month. Happy comicking :)

Help us grow! Spread the word!

We rely heavily on all of you to help us spread the word about the great content on our site! As manga and comic fans, you are the best source and reference for helping us find more great members! If you have some time this month, please take a moment to tweet about us and mention @mangamag or like our Facebook page and share one of our Facebook updates that we post! Every new member helps every single one of our authors! We cannot emphasize how important it is for your help!

Twitter: @mangamag
Facebook: Page

Upcoming Stuff: New blog coming: July 6th!

We have been working really hard to get a new blog up for you all! The original one was maintained by just Victor and.... as you can tell things get busy... We wanted to make our blog a place where you can regularly get an insider's perspective on what artists in our community think and do. You can expect to see weekly postings by our community manager Powil on tips and tricks as well as posts by our artists on topics such as:

"If I could go back in time when I was 12, what would I teach my younger self (related to manga / comics)?"

We are in the process now of finishing up a few small items and getting all your favorite artists organized so we can regularly provide you with great blog posts! Expect a Facebook or Twitter message once we make the official switch!


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