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May Newsletter Tuesday 1st May 2012


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Note from the staff
Land Of lions t-shirt for sale!
Author promotions
April Illustration Competition Results
May Illustration Competition
Great blog posts


Here are a few other things that have been happening in and around the site recently:

Translation collaboration

We have known very early on that this community is a very diverse group that speaks many languages. However, some people are unable to read/write English and we want to give our artists the opportunity to work with the community to translate their comics! Keep your eyes peeled for the ability to collaborate with artists to translate content!



We recently made some upgrades to both our fan and comment features based on all your feedback! We hope this will better allow you to see who your fans are as well as better interact with people commenting on your content or your profile!


With the addition of so many great authors and to show you our commitment to our featured authors, we are increasing the monthly featured author sponsorship pool to $750 now! This will apply starting next month's payment.



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Note from the Staff

Another great month has passed and the staff continues to be amazed by all the great high quality content we are seeing on our site! Hopefully all of you have also noticed all the great talent coming to our site and the series they are uploading!

However, we also have to remind everybody our policy on copyright and piracy. We do not allow people to post illustrations or series that are not original creations by the poster! You must have been involved in the creation process either as an artist or writer! If you have any suspicions or copyright violations please notify our community managers or contact the staff through our CONTACT US page!

As always, we hope you enjoy this newsletter and look forward to hearing from all of you!  Please do not hesitate to Tweet us, comment in Facebook, or shoot us an email! You can always reach us via our CONTACT US page as well!

April Illustration Competition Results

Thanks to all our participants for being understanding and adjusting to the rules changes we implemented this month. We are trying really hard to make this a process that all of you think are fair and hope the latest version we have is something that works well for all of you!

*drum roll* Here are the winners! Congratulations to all the winners! The premium artists had a hard time choosing from a great selection of very talented submissions!

Illustration Thumbnail Illustration Thumbnail Illustration Thumbnail

First (USD$200): deJuusan
Second (USD$100): Ymira
Third (USD$50): Eithanarr

Staff Picks (Choice of any paperback) In no particular order:
Shi Yu Yan, geori, SG Comics, Ging Niaberto, Black Lightning, Monica-NG

Winners: Please email us before May 15th at with the account you registered on our site so we can arrange to give you your prizes!

Author Promotions: Premium

We heard your feedback and are very excited to annouce another artist promotion to Premium: MAD and the awesome series SAKANA!

Manga / Comic Cover Page Profile Picture

If you are like us, you will appreciate this refreshing and great series!!! Help us wish MAD best of luck as our latest premium artist! We have high expectations!

Author Promotions: Featured

This month we saw a large number of spectacular new artists join the site! We are very excited and proud that we were not able to settle on any less than 8 promotions to featured! We have a great collection of experienced professionals and new talent joining the featured artist group. Please help us give a warm welcome to all of these great artists!!!

Manga / Comic Cover Page Manga / Comic Cover Page Manga / Comic Cover Page Manga / Comic Cover Page
Manga / Comic Cover Page Manga / Comic Cover Page Manga / Comic Cover Page Manga / Comic Cover Page
  1. Aegis Omega by Matt Johnson and Hugo Damas: Start reading the series HERE
  2. Carciphona by Shilin: Start reading the series HERE
  3. Gangsta and Paradise by Nilanandita: Start reading the series HERE
  4. Grey is... by deeJuusan: Start reading the series HERE
  5. My Sparkling Prince-Sama by Hiwatari Ki: Start reading the series HERE
  6. +New Life by Sayroo: Start reading the series HERE
  7. Quickening by Archiloquy: Start reading the series HERE
  8. Wallisaur by Whales and Walrus: Start reading the series HERE

May Illustration Competition: The Olympics

Continuing our illustration competition series, we are very happy to announce this month's competition theme: The Olympics! The London Olympics are just a few weeks away from beginning and what better way to prepare than to show some pride for your country's olympic team!

Please the competition profile for more details! We look forward to seeing all your great submissions!

Great Blog Posts

Since rolling out the blog feature last month, we've seen a lot of great posts by artists across all tiers. We thought we would share a few that we really liked!

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