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October Newsletter Tuesday 3rd October 2012


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Site Tip

We've realized that at times some of the features we release may not always be perfect and some things may be confusing at times! So, we are going to start leaving site tips for issues we see people commonly running into!

live feed updates

Based on your feedback we made some adjustments to our live feed and translation features. We hope this will help improve your experience!

Live feed: Will now only show new blog entries, new chapters, new illustrations, new manga, and chapter updates. Hopefully this reduces the "clutter" you all talk about




Your help needed!

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Subscription launched! We need your support!

Hi Everybody,

As you probably noticed today, we rolled out a very important feature that we think will show you our commitment to our authors as well as how we plan to continue to grow this site out! 

Today we rolled out subscription for our premium author content.  Going forward, you will still be able to read your favorite premium series, however if you wish to read at a faster pace, for either $2.99 a month, or $11.99 for 6 months, you will be able to stay up to date with your favorite premium series.  This membership fee goes into a sponsorship pool that is directly paid to all your favorite authors and helps us attract additional great authors.  We plan to launch a “counter” very soon that will show exactly how much we pay out that month to our premium authors based on your contributions!

If you have any other questions, please stop by our FAQ to see if we answered your questions.  Otherwise, don't hesitate to contact us!

Thanks again for being a great supporter and we are very excited of the opportunities this creates for our authors and bringing even more great content to you going forward!


The MangaMagazine Staff


Help us and Get a Free Month of Subscription!

In honor of rolling out subscription, we want to offer you a chance to get a free month of subscription

Here are the three options you have:

  1. Share 10 of our Facebook posts to your friends

  2. Write a blog article no shorter than 300 words on blogger/tumblr/wordpress about us and why you like our site!  You need to mention that “ is the home of top quality original manga and comics.” This helps us get a better ranking with Google! 

  3. Talk to your favorite blogger and get an article written about us!  The blogger just needs to give credit to you only!)  They need to mention that “ is the home of top quality original manga and comics.” 

Once that is done, just shoot us a message via our contact us page and send us the URLs to what you did as well as the displayname for your account and we will give you the credit! You can expect many more of these types of promotions in the future!

Author Promotion: Featured

We had an amazing amount of great series join us in the last few months and we are very excited to announce four featured promotions this month! Do stop by and check out these series and let them know what you think!

Manga / Comic Cover Page Manga / Comic Cover Page Manga / Comic Cover Page Manga / Comic Cover Page
Gravston by Rogo Hearts still beating by hana Phantomland by Maaria Rumplestiltskin by H0lyhandgrenade


Powil's Tip: Uploading the Right Image Resolution

When somebody reads a comic or manga here at MangaMagazine, the webpage automatically scales comic pages to make sure they fit on most computer screens. A width of 960 pixels is used to measure if an image is within this viewing area. This means that:

1.) Any comic page with width more than 960 pixels will, by default, lose quality and look pixelated when the webpage scales it down.

2.) Any comic page with width less than or equal to 960 pixels will not be scaled, regardless of how tall it is.

CLICK HERE to read the rest of this blog post! Until next month, happy comicking!


Have an idea for next month's article? Send them over to powil<at>! This topic was suggested by Tony Saavedra - thanks!


Survey for Marketplace

We are doing some research into expanding our mini-store feature into a much more flexible and robust option for everybody to potentially use. Before that though we want to make sure we do it right and build it to your needs! We have a really quick 10 question survey we would like your help filling out.

Please help us help you by completing it! Thanks in advance!


Manga / Comic Cover Page

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