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September Newsletter Tuesday 2nd September 2012


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Note from the staff
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Note on profile spam

Site Tip

We've realized that at times some of the features we release may not always be perfect and some things may be confusing at times! So, we are going to start leaving site tips for issues we see people commonly running into!

Responding to our system emails

Our system is set up to let you know when you get any comments on any of your uploads or you profile. They all come from our central email address. When you get a comment, if you want to respond to it, make sure you go to your profile and do so! Replying to the email just means that we get it instead of your fans ;) We love getting emails from you guys, but... these just go in the trash!





Your help needed!

Please help spread the word of us by following us on Twitter or liking us on Facebook! Every single bit helps!




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Note from the Staff

Can you believe it is September already!?!?! This summer went by in an absolute flash! We hope you like a few of the new features we rolled out a few weeks ago. The team here has also been extremely busy getting our new office set up over the summer and it is just about ready!

We are very excited about the new changes we have planned for the next few months as we try to improve the user experience on this site so it is easier for you all to find great original content on our site! Until then, here is a photo of our new office! Once it is fully set up (and full of people!) we'll put up another picture! The team is busy arguing which of the amazing illustrations you've uploaded to our site should be hung up on the wall!

As always, we hope you enjoy this newsletter and look forward to hearing from all of you!  Please do not hesitate to Tweet us, comment in Facebook, or shoot us an email! You can always reach us via our CONTACT US page as well!
Author Promotion: Premium
Manga / Comic Cover Page

It's been a little while since we've had a premium promotion so we are very excited to be able to announce this month of a new author joining our premium author group! Please help us welcome Ded and the series Hell Kitchen!

We thought we would interview Ded so you could get to know Ded better!

Tell us a little bit about yourself?  How did you get started in drawing manga / comics?

Hi, I'm Ded. To a certain part of the internet, I'm also known as demitasse-lover or just demi-luv but I officially use Ded when I'm writing Hell Kitchen. I started drawing comics as a kid, though mostly they're just little sketches on the side of my homework. I started posting actual comic (with a plot and chapters and all) back in 2008 when I started my very first webcomic "Death Brigade" at that time, I honestly had no idea what I was getting into (I originally expected it to last a few months) but 200+ pages later, plus my second webcomic Hell Kitchen, here I am.

Tell us a little bit about your style and drawing process

I start by collecting materials from the places I travel to, the books I read, etc. Then I collect them in a sort of scrapbook where I dump all my ideas. I also have the "plotbook". That's where I plan the paneling, the dialogue, the plot sequence etc. Then I draw them on an A4 paper, then edit them on photoshop.

Manga / Comic Cover Page

What do hope to achieve with your series?

I'm not really sure. I just want to see the end of it. But in order to do that, I have to create it first. hahah;;

Why did you decide to join MangaMagazine?

I was invited and encouraged by Foster. And I thought, hey, why not. Also, the people here are so nice and encouraging! I want to thank them for all the support they gave me.

Author Promotion: Featured
Manga / Comic Cover Page

This month one particular series caught our attention for promotion to featured! Nikki is a perfect example of how small this world is. After speaking to her, we realized that she knows MAD, Nozmo, and Powflip! We are very excited to welcome Nikki and her series THIS IS NOT FICTION to MangaMagazine!

Do check out her series and let us know what you think!

Powil's Tip: Doing Honest Promotion #3: Mirrors

In this section we will discuss a tip every month to help you become a better artist and take advantage of the great community we have here!

If you have kept copies of your comics at different places on the internet, you are mirroring. This enables you to reach more readers, but takes a lot of time and energy to manage. And, the more time spent on getting your work out there means less time improving your craft as a storyteller. What you might consider doing is funneling your readers to a single location. Assign one place to be your main site where the comic is a few chapters ahead of all other mirrors. Readers who really admire your work will naturally transition towards your main site. Doing this has some benefits:

  • Accurately measure how many dedicated readers (true fans!) you really have.
  • Efficiently manage your resources by focusing your efforts on one place.
  • Get credit from your main site. You probably know that there are benefits for driving unique readers to your comics hosted at MangaMagazine. These would otherwise go uncredited on other mirrors.

Until next month. Happy comicking!


Note on Profile Spam/Gaming the System

We have always focused on making the site a welcoming and friendly community that wants to help each of you succeed. That said, there has been a somewhat disturbing trend that we as well as some of you in the community have noticed; profile spam and gaming the system.

What does this mean? Well, two of our authors Vervain and Rivalhopeso did a really great job summarizing the issue and gave their take on the issue. You can read their blog posts HERE and HERE

In short, a lot of you have probably noticed two troubling trends:

1.) People asking other users through comments to check out their series.
2.) People gaming bugs in our system that allows your series to jump to the front page or the top of the live feed by just making extremely minor changes to your description or series

We want to make it 100% clear that these things have absolutely no impact on our decision making process of who to promote. In the end... If your series isn't top quality, everything else... just does not matter! On top of that, no matter how hard you try, there are just some numbers that you simply cannot mask or work around and these are obviously metrics we look at closely. So instead of spending time stalking people, spend more time making your series great! Your fans will appreciate it we promise!


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